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Sainbury's Malties Cereal

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Type: Cereal

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    3 Reviews
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      18.01.2010 17:33
      Very helpful



      A great supermarket offering

      At the moment I'm all for dropping a brand with my supermarket shopping. Christmas hit my bank account hard this year.... so much so that I'm in complete denial until January is over. I usually get my weekly food shopping delivered from Tesco's as I had believed that it was cheaper as it stopped my popping those impulse buys into my trolley. In the couple of months before Christmas however, my bill seemed to be creeping up and to be honest I got bored of the food available in Tesco's.

      As a result, I decided to give my other local supermarket - Sainsbury's a go in the New Year. This did mean me taking my youngest girl with me but I thought that maybe it was worth a try. Now trying a new supermarket seems to me to be like landing on a different planet. Everything seems alien and is in completely the wrong place. It has taken me a few weeks to get my head round Sainsbury's but slowly and surely I am now getting there.

      All the big supermarkets seem to have their own version of the leading brand products and Sainsbury's is no exception. I am more than happy to give them a go and more often than not there is a significant saving to be made.

      My girls get through masses of breakfast cereal. The gobble it down in the morning and often ask for seconds. Shreddies are a big favourite but they are pricey so when I spotted Sainsbury's alternative - Malties, I was happy to give them ago. They were way cheaper than Shreddies - costing only about £1.36 for a 750g box compared to the real deal costing over £2. I had a quick scan of the ingredients and they seemed pretty much indentical, so into the trolley they went.

      Next morning I served them up for both my girls, the only noticeable difference as far as I could see were that the Malties were perhaps a little more haphazard in their shape. They lacked the uniformally squareness of Shreddies but this didn't seem to bother my girls. Tastewise they certainly didn't notice any difference and happily gobbled them up and asked for more. I also had a taste and to me they also tasted exactly the same.

      I would definately buy these again and think Sainsbury's have done a great job with this cheaper alternative to the leading brand.


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        15.12.2009 13:36
        Very helpful



        Fantastic, tasty, healthy and affordable cereal

        In the interest of saving pennies lately, party due to the state of the economy and partly because it's very close to christmas, I have decided to make small changes in our grocery shopping, where I feel we won't have to compromise on quality.

        We love Shreddies in our house, they taste great and are a healthier alternative over sugar and chocolate coated cereals. However, Shreddies aren't cheap unless on offer, and I figured that due to having very few ingredients, it is unlikely that supermarket own brands of Shreddies aren't likely to be that dissimilar in the taste department.

        The Product
        The product is Sainsbury's 'Malties'. It comes in a 750g box with an attractive picture of a bowl of the cereal in a sunny field of wheat, promoting the natural goodness of the product. The cereal inside the box is packaged in the standard clear plastic packaging.

        The box also offers an alternative fun serving suggestion, titled 'Why not try...' the recipe on my box, is Mini Chocolate Style Wafers, an idea for making a dessert by coating your Malties in melted chocolate and serving them in a sundae dish of ice-cream. Sounds delicious, I think the kids would enjoy making these.

        Price and Availibility
        Clearly the product is made for and sold only in stores of Sainsburys, and I bought my box yesterday for £1.34. Which I thought was great value as the same size box of Nestle Shreddies would cost £2.47. ( A massive £1.13 saving) The description says that this provides approx. 25 servings.

        Product Evaluation
        The individual malties look just like Nestle Shreddies, they are rectangles of grid-like wheat. ( I imagine that these too were knitted by Grandma's! maybe even Grandads)
        They smell just like Shreddies, a natural wheaty smell.
        And taste just like Shreddies! The little firm malties have a good crunch to them, and if left in milk a while go soft. They taste natural, and you can tell that there are no artificial flavours or colourings in them. They are also very filling and will quite easily last you to lunchtime.

        Great for Children and Adults
        They are a great breakfast cereal for everyone, as they contain:

        *Vitamin B6 - which allows the body to store and use energy.

        *Iron - helps make red blood cells, which carries oxygen around the body.

        *Niacin - helps keep nervous and digestive system healthy.

        *Thiamin - helps keep nerve and muscle tissue healthy.

        *Pantothenic Acid - helps release energy from the food we eat.

        *Riboflavin - helps keep skin, eyes, nervous system and mucous membranes healthy.

        It doesn't tell you these health benefits on the box, just the names of the vitamin - I researched them because I think it's always useful to know what you're eating, especially if you're giving them to children. It can be a worry when you see all those scientific names on the box.

        Great for Slimmers
        This cereal is also a great start to the day for slimmers, as it is a naturally low fat food, is high in fibre and contains wholegrain. Aswell as keeping you full til lunchtime.

        All in all, a great cereal - a fantastic saving on the leading brand ( and tastes the same I promise!) wonderful health benefits and a tasty breakfast.


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        15.11.2009 23:11
        Very helpful



        A must try!

        I love cereals and I find it to be the most important meal of my day as I eat it before I go for a major work out at the gym. If I don't have it not only do I snack all day long like I'm trying to catch up on missing my brekkie but I also under perform!

        I get through a lot of cereals as I need a hefty breakfast and for this reason my Mother is sick of buying a premium brand cereal at the rate I consume it so rather often she will buy me a shops own brand or something on offer and a couple of weeks ago she purchased me this costing £1.34 a box.

        I love Shreddies and in general malty cereals so was rather pleased with her choice on this occasion as it's rather like that in appearance!

        The Packaging:

        750g large squarish box and on the front there is a picture of the cereal on there. I'm told it Sainsbury's Malties 'A crunchy wholewheat cereal' and that it contains wholegrain, is high in fibre and is naturally low in fat, there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there, I'm told it is suitable for Vegetarians and the size is stated. Other information on the box includes a full nutritional rundown, ingredients and allergy advice is given, I'm told how to store the product, the best before date is clearly stamped on there and finally contact details for Sainsbury's are listed. The cereal comes in a white plastic bag that is easy enough to open and all in all it's a nice looking and informative box and doesn't appear cheap and/or nasty.

        The Cereal Itself:

        I absolutely love and adore this cereal and at this moment in time it's my favourite! Made from wholewheat, in appearance they look like Shreddies but are smaller squared and a bit more flat. Rows of wheat make the squares up and they're deeply crunchy and light brown in colour. Add milk to them and they remain with a slight crunch to them and don't go too soggy though good enough to be digestible but they don't go to sludge!

        Yes they have a light malty taste along with the wheat and they have a wonderful natural sweetness to them and taste a little salty too.

        I think these are a wonderful breakfast and my only issue is that they are not all that filling and I find with my appetite I needs to eat loads! However I so enjoy this wonderful cereal that is what it is and that's a really nice, healthy tasting cereal which tastes rather natural! Lovely Sainsbury's I'm officially a Malties addict!

        Allergy Advice:

        Contains: Wheat gluten, and barley gluten.

        Nutritional Information Per 30g serving with 125ml semi-skimmed milk:

        Calories: 164
        Fat: 2.7g
        Sat Fat: 1.5g
        Salt: 0.35g
        Total sugars: 10.4g

        Only available in Sainsburys stores in this one size my Mother purchased and it costs £1.34 a box.


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      • Product Details

        Food Type: Breakfast Cereals / Manufacturer: Sainsbury's

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