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Scott's Old Fashioned Porage Oats

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Brand: Scott's / Type: Oats

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    2 Reviews
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      03.03.2009 09:17
      Very helpful



      A satisfying breakfast

      I have porridge for breakfast every morning ( except when it is really hot - not happened for a long time !! ). After a lot of experimentation I have come to the conclusion that these are the only porridge oats to buy .

      It goes without saying that people ( especially the Scots ) have very strong views about porridge and there is a school of thought that says oatmeal gently cooked overnight in an Aga is the only way to go - particularly with salt added to the finished product ( uggghhh ). I don't agree.

      I have tried a lot of the easy porridge mixes on the market ( oats so simple etc ) and what you get is something with the texture of wallpaper paste and very little taste.

      The old fashioned oats are big ( the review below tells you how they are milled so I won't repeat the details ) and they make porridge with a nice solid, almost lumpy texture. 45g of oats ( and after a while you will find you can do it by eye ) and around 200ml ( again you can usually just guess ) of either milk or water. In a pyrex jug and in the microwave for 3 minutes. Let it cool , add brown sugar and fruit or ( yum yum ) golden syrup and you have an easy , hot and very healthy breakfast. I find it really does fill you up and lasts to lunch time. If you believe the health gurus oats are good for lowering bad cholesterol and are low GI so it gives a good start to the day.

      A box holds 1kg and they cost around £1.55 so last a fair time ( I will leave you to do the maths - I can't without a calculator ! )

      The advantage of the old fashioned oats is that the size meams they keep more of the shape and texture getting away from the 'pap ' feeling of some of the other brands.

      There is usually a recipe on the back of the box - almost always for flapjacks - which looks good but I have never tried.

      The packaging is comfortably old fashioned and Scottish and really rather quaint and I approve of cardboard boxes which can be recycled.


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        01.12.2008 18:46
        Very helpful



        A large oat which makes a porridge with more texture

        Scots Old Fashioned Porage Oats are thick Scottish Milled Oats and claim to give "the true taste of Scotland." I quite often have porridge for my breakfast as it fills me up and sets me up for the day. My husband was doing the shopping and I asked him to get some more porridge oats and instead of buying the normal shop brand bag he came back with these which I had never tried before.

        They differ from ordinary porridge oats by their size they are much bigger than your average oat and this is due to way they roll them apparently! They come in a cardboard box, mine was 1kg and cost £1.45 from Tesco. They were actually 4p cheaper than the standard Scots Porage Oats but double that of Tesco own brand! The packaging is quite distinctive as on the front is a painting of a Scottish man in white vest and kilt tossing a metal ball and showing off his bulging arm muscles (presumably gained as a result of eating his porridge!) I was actually glad to discover from the packet that the oats are actually milled in Cupar in Fife so they are actually an authentic Scottish product. On the back of the packet is a handy recipe for Flapjack which sounds quite nice but I haven't tried it yet.

        The box is easily opened at the side, you simply tear along the perforated lines and lift open the cardboard flap, you can then close the box again by pushing the little tab back. They do however suggest that if you don't plan to consume the oats within 2 months then you should store them in airtight container.

        The box contains, you guessed it - oats! 100% rolled oats although they do state that it may contain traces of wheat and barley due to farming practices. The oats as mentioned before look much like any other oats but are simply larger and thicker than your standard oat.

        Instructions - Different people have different ways of making porridge to their liking but this is how they suggest you do it. To serve 1 you need 45g oats which is ¾ cup and 220ml milk/water which is 1 ¼ cups. There are two methods one is using a microwave and the other is the traditional on the hob method.

        To microwave mix the oats with the milk or water and microwave uncovered on high for 3mins in a 650W oven or 2 ½ mins in a 800W oven. Then let it stand for 3 minutes then serve.

        The traditional method you stir the oats and milk or water and bring to the boil in a saucepan on the hob then simmer for 6 minutes and serve immediately.

        I personally always make it on the hob then I can add the right amount of water/milk to make it to the perfect consistency.

        Toppings - The traditional Scottish way is to serve the porridge with salt however the most common way is to have it with sugar. Personally I always like a bit of sugar on mine. However to vary it you can try some syrup, golden or maple or some chopped fruit for a change.

        I like these oats, I like my porridge to be really thick so for me these make the perfect bowl. The finished product tastes like porridge made from any oat but they have a bit more of a texture and you almost get a slight chew when you are eating the porridge. Perhaps if you cook it for longer you won't get this but I cook for the recommended 6 minutes. I think it's really tasty.

        Porridge is a really great cereal for breakfast as it really fills you up and releases energy slowly throughout the morning so you don't feel hungry. On a winters morning it's also very warming. Depending on what you add to the porridge it is also a very healthy meal although I have to confess the sugar I add isn't exactly good for me but I do try to keep it to a minimum. I also use a mixture of water and semi-skimmed milk so again it's healthier than just using milk by itself and I still get a nice creamy bowl of porridge.

        I would certainly buy them again although probably just now and again for a change as they are more expensive than ordinary oats and really the main difference is the texture rather than the taste.


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