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SunnyBisk Wheat Biscuits

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Brand: Sunnybisk / Type: Cereal

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    2 Reviews
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      03.07.2013 21:33
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      Definitely worth a try

      There are 3 things should should know about me in relation to this review. Firstly, I generally hate cereal. I find them all to have a very similar background sugary flavour. Secondly, I'm not a massive fan of milk on its' own either, and thirdly, I am one of these people that needs a really decent breakfast in the morning, or I am exceedingly energyless and grumpy.

      You may look at those first two points and think, well why did she buy cereal then? *Face-to-palm moment*. The reason: First year of Uni was taking its toll on my waistline, so I was on the look out for a healthy, filing, low calorie breakfast option, when I came across Sunnybisk in Aldi. They have stopped selling it there now, which saddens me greatly, but I see they sell it in Asda now, which is good.

      This was the first thing that drew me to this product. It was unbelievably cheap. I can't recall the exact price, but i think it was about 80p for the 36 biscuits, which is obviously incredible. For 80p, even if I didn't really like them I figured I could probably afford to throw the last few away if I really wasn't a fan. They were sat next to the more expensive 'Wheat bisks', which were about £1.50 I think, but student mode kicked in and I went for the cheaper option

      The first thing that struck me about Sunnybisk, and this is an opinion that has stayed with me, is that they look very much like compressed sawdust. Unlike Weetabix or copies of the brand, the appearance is flaky rather than crumbly, and they appear in rectangular, brown pretty flat flaky blocks that in all honesty look very unappetizing!

      I decided to team these with low fat yoghurt (I'm a massive yoghurt fan) and some dried fruit. ON first taste, I wasn't a massive fan. But 3 bowls later (on 3 separate days obviously, lol) I was feeling a lot more positive about sunnybisk. I discovered it was good to leave the yoghurt to soak into the biscuits for a few minutes, or the texture was also a little 'sawdusty.' I also discovered that, when teamed with a piece of fruit, these biscuits kept me going for a good few hours before hunger struck, which is extremely rare in most breakfast foods I come across. As a result, these are now my weekday breakfast staple!

      For those of you not on a tight budget, for a more appealing appearance and texture, I would probably recommend you stick to either branded weetabix or the supermarket own-brand. However, for those of you with blurry eyes in the morning, the taste of these biscuits is very similar to those. THe sunnybisk in Asda are a little more expensive than the 80p I payed, but are still the cheapest 'wheat biscuit' around in supermarkets, so for those of you feeling the pinch give these a try!


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        25.01.2011 08:36
        Very helpful



        Very good for the price.

        I love Weetabix but I don't like the price of the branded product, so on my hunt for a cheaper alternative, I came across this cereal in my local Asda. I have never seen this in any other shop so I believe it may be exclusive to Asda.

        For about £1 you get 36 wheat biscuits which are roughly 4cm x 8cm x 1.5cm that are rectangular in shape. In comparison to the branded Weetabix, these are a bit smaller and are a different shape. The box that they come in is yellow with a picture of the cereal on the front. On the sides it contains the nutritional information and some interesting "facts" about the cereal.

        Although they are different in shape to normal Weetabix, once you add milk to them to taste similar. I find that "Weetabix" is very smooth to eat, however these ones are a little bit rougher, which is most likely due to the texture of the biscuit itself. This does not take anything away from the taste or quality of the cereal though as they are still made from wheat, just like Weetabix is. Normally I would have 2 "Weetabix" however I have 3 of these due to them being smaller. Once they start to add milk, they do go a bit soggy but they will hold there shape. With a bit of sugar on top, I find these to taste really nice and they do seem to keep me fuller for longer.

        On the side of the box it says that it is:
        High in carbohydrates
        High in fibre
        High in iron
        Contains vitamins B1, B2 and B3
        Low in fat
        Low in sugar

        All of these help to make it a healthy cereal to eat in the mornings and a look at the ingredients shows that they contain no unnecessary extras. They contain: Wheat, Sugar, Salt, Barley Malt Extract, Vitamins and Iron. These would be great for anyone who is on a diet as they do keep you fuller for longer and so they should help you eat less during the day.

        I think that I have found a substitute for the branded Weetabix as these satisfy my hunger in the morning, taste nice, cost a lot less and you get more biscuits per box. If you have a local Asda shop, buy a box of these the next time you go. You will be pleasantly surprised.

        I have to give these 5/5 as they are truly brilliant for the money and they are also very good for you.

        Thanks for reading!

        This review may also appear on my blog and on Ciao under the same username.


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