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Tesco Crunchy Oat Cereal With Tropical Fruit

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5 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Cereal

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    5 Reviews
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      30.11.2013 10:09
      Very helpful



      Tasty cereal that can be just a topping or a cereal

      I have always bought both these Tesco Crunchy Oat Cereal packs, ( Tropical and the one with coconut and raisins in ) mainly for breakfast cereal topping and or as a snack.

      I was surprised when I read the reviews that people use this just as a cereal on it's own, so I had another look at the packet and the levels of nutrition etc. It does has a fair amount of sugar and fat but also has protein and fibre in good levels. These levels are similar to other cereals that you would eat as stand alone cereals, like Alpen.


      I use this Tesco crunchy oat Cereal as a topping for other cereals like Alpen, oat type cereals or cornflakes and add fresh fruit as well. It seems there is a lot more sugar than I though in the 'healthy cereals' and this one is very tasty and has similar levels of fat and sugar.

      I tend to just grab a handful of these oats and sprinkle them on my cereal. I also get some if I need a snack as they give you a good boost of energy if you haven't eaten. This oat Cereal can get clumpy and stick together in big clumps , while the rest is just grains, so you have to even it out by breaking up the big bits.

      You get a big heavy 1 kg bag for £2, and if you use it with other cereals it should last a few weeks at least. I have never had it on it's own as I thought it was to 'sugary'. It does fill you up though as a snack or with other cerals.


      These are 'sweetened toasted Oat clusters'

      Oat Flakes (54%),Cane Sugar ,Sweetened Banana Pieces (8%) ,Coconut (5%) ,Vegetable Oil ,Sweetened Pineapple Pieces (4%) ,Sultanas (3.5%) ,Glucose Syrup ,Sweetened Papaya Pieces (1%) ,Sunflower Seeds (0.6%) ,Honey ,Colour (Plain Caramel) ,Sweetened Banana Pieces contains: Banana ,Coconut Oil ,Sugar ,Natural Flavour (Banana) ,Coconut contains: Coconut ,Antioxidant (Sulphur Dioxide) ,Sweetened Pineapple Pieces contains: Sugar ,Pineapple ,Antioxidant (Citric Acid, Sulphur Dioxide) ,Sweetened Papaya Pieces contains: Sugar ,Papaya ,Antioxidant (Sulphur Dioxide)

      According to Tesco's Website the nutritional amounts per 100g are -

      Energy 450 k
      Protein 7.9
      Carbohydrate 64.6
      Sugars 16.3g
      Fat 16.3g
      Saturates 8.3g
      Mono Unsaturates 5.4g
      Polyunsaturates 2.6g
      Fibre 6.7g
      trace of sodium


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        29.05.2010 11:15
        Very helpful



        Makes a change from cornflakes

        I've been buying bags of Tesco Crunchy Oats cereal quite a lot recently. I think my reasoning is based upon a need for some kind of novel alternative to the many flake based cereals.

        Tesco Crunchy Oats mainly consists of oats and oat flakes that are clumped together in sticky uneven 1cm balls. No doubt it is the cane sugar which binds these oat clusters together. Interspersed with the main ingredient are pieces of dried fruit: banana (8%); pineapple (4%); papaya (1%); sultanas (1.5%) and coconut (5%). You'll also find the odd sunflower seed (0.6%) thrown into the mix but you'll have to look hard to find one.

        One thing I would mention here is that if you look at the picture on the packet you might think that Tesco are being generous with the amount of dried fruit contained within the packet. Unfortunately this is a cunning deception for this cereal contains far less fruit than one is led to believe. Now although I'm not a great fan of raisins and sultanas in my cereal, I would like more tropical fruit pieces please.

        In terms of texture Tesco Crunchy Oats can be a hard crunchy experience. You need strong teeth (or at least some teeth). Those with dentures or sensitive gums may find it an uphill struggle. You might need to let it soak in the milk a while to soften up those crunchy oat clusters. On the plus side (in my opinion) this cereal is unlike muesli in that it lacks that powdery residue that you often find in such cereals. You do get the usual 'debris' at the bottom of the packet but on the whole the cereal presents a pleasant crunchy experience.

        It's a pity then, that like so many cereals Tesco Crunchy Oats is over saturated with sugar. Now I agree that the taste of any oat cereal probably benefits from some sweetening but there really is too much sugar, glucose and honey in this cereal, so much so that I often look upon it as a sweet desert rather than a cereal. 100g contains over 26g of sugars which is far too much for those trying to maintain a healthy diet. One way I dilute this sweet excess is to often have my Tesco Crunchy Oats with a cup of strong unsweetened freshly ground coffee. Simple delicious!

        In conclusion Tesco Crunchy Oats is a welcome alternative to the usual flake based cereals but it could do with less sugar, more fruit and Tesco really should stop skimping on the sunflower seeds.

        Purchase Location: Tesco Store Deysbrook Barracks, Liverpool
        Date: 17 May 2010
        Price: a 1 kg bag cost me £1.48.


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          12.12.2009 18:45
          Very helpful



          Great cereal

          My taste in cereal changes incredibly quickly - but my current breakfast choice is the best that I have tasted for some time. Tesco's 'Crunchy Oat Cereal with Tropical Fruits' is simply delicious. It consists of toasted oat clusters, interspersed with pieces of pineapple, papaya, coconut, banana, and sunflower seeds.

          Costing £1.48 for the 1kg bag, the packet has now changed a little bit to the one shown in dooyoo's picture - it's now more subtle in design, and features the words 'New Formula' on the front.

          - - - - -
          The overall taste is delicious, just the right level of sweetness without being sickly. It's one of those cereals which you could just as easily eat dry from the packet, as you could with milk. The amount of fruit is very generous, and the dried banana in particular is very tasty.

          The clusters measure a couple of centimetres across, and seem to be just the right size for munching on. If you've never eaten this stuff before, you may find your jaw aching a bit afterward, as it is quite a chew-intensive eating experience. An arguable downside is the fact that when you come to near the end of the packet, the clusters will no longer be in cluster form, and will be loose like traditional muesli - but it still tastes great, and for me this isn't an issue.

          - - - - - - - -
          The cereal contains;
          Oat Flakes (56%), Sugar, Sweetened Banana Chips (8%) (Banana, Coconut Oil, Sugar, Flavouring), Vegetable Oil, Sweetened Dried Pineappe (4%) (Pineapple, Sugar, Citric Acid), Raisins, Honey, Sweetened Dried Papaya (1%) (Papaya, Sugar), Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, and Flavouring.

          Final Word
          - - - - - - -
          Tesco Crunchy Oat with Tropical Fruit is a delicious cereal which I would highly recommend. It's low in salt and high in fibre, and would undoubtedly represent a healthy start to the day.

          Nutritional Info Per 50g
          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
          Calories: 208
          Fat: 6.9g
          Saturated Fat: 1.1g
          Sugar: 13.1g
          Salt: Trace


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            09.12.2009 14:18
            Very helpful



            A good cereal to have if you want real fruit in your bowl or to try something new.

            I'll start this review by saying that I HATE muesli! I'd rather starve than have that for breakfast or any other meal for that matter. On the other hand I do enjoy a dish or cereal for breakfast at the weekend or even before bed. One day while I was on the cereal isle this caught my eye.

            Even though I detest muesli & wouldn't normally buy a cereal like this, I thought I would give it a try. This was mainly because it has tropical fruit inside & I like tropical fruits a lot, plus it it said that it had oat clusters. I like crunchy nut clusters so thought I might like it.

            The cereal consits of Oat clusters & dried fruit, this being raisins, papaya, pineapple & banana. The bag contains 1kg which will give you 4-5 bowls & costs around £1.70 per bag.

            The cereal is very nice. The oat clusters are crunchy & stay crunchy even while eating them. They are easy to eat not very sweet nice tasting & not too hard. All the fruit inside is very nice too & works well together. The pineapple & papaya are both soft, sweet & slighty chewy. The raisins are juicy & the dried banana flakes are crunchy too. There is a good bit of variety in here & the fruit acts as a good natural sweetener meaning you don't need to add sugar. Tjhere is also a decent amount of fruit in here too & you don't feel let down or dissapointed.

            On the negative side, I would like to mention 2 things. The longer you have the packet for, the more the clusters break up & the smaller they get. Not a really bad thing but worth a mention, as is the fact that when you first open the packet, you don't seem to get much fruit in your bowl. It seems to sink to the bottom for some reason, because the last bowl always seems to have loads of fruit.

            I would recommend the cereal to anyone who wants to try something a little more natural or eat a cereal with fruit in it. I'm not sure how healthy it actually is, but to be fair I'm not that bothered. I eat it because it tastes nice & I like it. A nice cereal & something different.


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            05.08.2009 18:11
            Very helpful



            A tasty and delicious snack, cereal or addition to fill out a good bowl of porridge or yoghurt.

            My mum has been buying these types of cereals for the last few years and despite working my methodical way through various brands and types of alternative cereal I still always keep a stock of Tesco crunchy oat cereals nearby in case I get a craving for something hard, sweet and crunchy.

            So what's the big idea?

            The big idea is actually fairly simple. Get a medium sized bright orangey-yellow packet and fill it with lots of healthy clusters of oats and fruits. The packet reads 'Crunchy oat cereal with sweetened banana chips, raisins, sweetened pineapple and sweetened papaya.' It's simplicity is its strongest point.

            So what's it look like?

            In a nutshell, it looks like oats and fruit. In diet terms, it looks healthy and more specifically, it looks really tasty. As you pour it into your bowl it tinkles into the milk The coat flakes are light brown and you can see all the different chunks of dried fruit- yellow banana, black raisins and yellow pineapple or orange papaya. So, it's fairly colourful.

            So what's the taste like?

            The texture is very good with a combination of hard oats and soft fruit which taste great on the palate. Personally, I don't really like the dried banana and usually end up automatically searching them out and pushing them to one side of the bowl. Apart from that it really does taste very good. It's just sweet enough to not need any additional sugar, probably because of the fruit and because of this you can keep pouring out more and you won't really get sick of the taste.

            So what else can you use it with?

            I usually eat it on its own. However, I've often mixed it in with porridge to thicken it out and give it a tasty twist. (If you've never tried this it really is pretty good!). You can also add it to yoghurt or just eat it as a healthy snack straight out of the packet.

            So what about all the technical stuff?
            In order of quantity, ingredients are: Oat Flakes, sugar, sweetened banana chips, Vegetable Oil, Sweetened dried pineapplae, raisins honey, sweetened dried papaya, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flavouring.

            100g provides 417kcal, 7.8g Protein, 65.3g carbohydrate (26.3g of which sugars) 13.g of fat ( 2.3g saturates, 5.3g mono-unsaturates, 3.4g polyunsaaturates) fibre (6.1g), Sodium (trace)

            So what's not so good?

            As you get to the bottom of the bag the cereal gets really small and broken up. Children may take one look and go urrgh, and reach for the next new packet but as long as you're not too fussed about the cereal getting a little worse in quality it's not that bad.

            So what am I really trying to say?

            This is a tasty and delicious snack, cereal or addition to fill out a good bowl of milk, porridge or yoghurt.


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