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Tesco Healthy Living Bran Flakes

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3 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Flakes

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    3 Reviews
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      21.06.2012 00:29
      Very helpful



      A tasty way to get your fibre.

      The product I have reviewed is Tesco Bran Flakes - the Healthy Living ones seem to have been phased out so I am assuming these are one and the same as they are the only bran flakes sold by Tesco apart from their Everyday range.

      ---Why I Bought This---

      I enjoy cereal at breakfast and as a snack throughout the day so always have an assortment of cereals in the house.
      Bran flakes are one of my staple store cupboard varieties.

      ---The Brand---

      Tesco's own brand.

      ---The Product---

      The 500 grams of Tesco Bran Flakes comes in a cardboard box with a blue background and a large bowl of cereal on the front with an image of wheat on the lid.
      'Flakes of wholegran wheat and wheat bran.'
      Wholegrain, a good source of fibre and low in fat - also fortified with vitamins and iron.
      Contains wheat and gluten.
      Suitable for vegetarians.
      Produced in the UK for Tesco.
      Box has the 'Assured Food Standards Wheat' logo.
      The cereal inside is sealed in a tough white plastic bag.


      £1.36 for 500 grams but only £1.79 for 1 kg.


      ---Tesco Branflakes---
      Wholewheat (75%), Wheat Bran, Sugar, Barley Malt Extract, Salt, Niacin, Iron, Pantothenic Acid, Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Vitamin D,Vitamin B12.
      A serving of 30g contains the following of your guideline daily amount:
      Calories 110, 6% of your GDA
      Sugar 5g, 6% of your GDA
      Fat 1g, 1% of your GDA
      Saturates Trace, 1% of your GDA
      Salt 0.2g, 3% of your GDA

      ---Kelloggs Branflakes---
      Wholewheat (65%), Wheatbran (21%), Sugar, Barley Malt Flavouring, Salt, Honey, Niacin, Iron, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin (B2), Thiamin (B1), Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12
      A serving of 30g contains the following of your guideline daily amount:
      Calories 166, 8% of your GDA
      Sugar 13g, 14% of your GDA
      Fat 3g, 4% of your GDA
      Saturates 2g, 8% of your GDA
      Salt 0.5g, 8% of your GDA

      ---My Opinion---

      Durign the winter I enjoy hot cereal such as porridge or wheetabix but when the weather is warmer I prefer cereal with cold milk and tend to return to bran flakes and corn flakes. I find these Tesco Bran Flakes every bit as good as the Kelloggs variety and actually when doing a comparion of the ingredients and nutritional content I was very surprised at how much less healthy the Kelloggs one is - so as well as being cheaper the Tesco Bran Flakes are also better for you as they have less salt, fat, sugar and calories - amazing!
      When you open the box you have a lovely nutty fragrance. These are good large flakes and are not too hard or soft. To me they are just the right consistency. I will eat these on their own with cold milk but my favourite way is to have them with a sliced banana as well - a delicious snack. If you do not leave them too long they are still nice and firm and are just the right consistency for my liking, but last night visitors called and I put my cereal aside until they had left and found it was not too mushy at all.
      These are a much more filling cereal than corn flakes and actualy I still have the corn flakes unopened in my cupboard but I have gone trough three boxes of these Bran Flakes lately - so they must be flavoursome.
      I also like tHe fact that they are a healthy cereal and not one of the sugar laden ones.
      We all know that most of us do not get enough fibre in our diets so this is a quick, easy and tasty way to have a little extra. The BUPA website recommends 18 grams of fibre a day, but some other websites recommend as much as over 30 grams. With a bowl of bran flakes amounting to 4 grams it a good contribution to your daily intake.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 stars.

      ---Would I Recommend?---





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      10.03.2010 01:00
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      theres a lot to love about Bran Flakes

      I know that own brand products tend to have a bit of a bad reputation, but I really believe this is unwarranted these days - most supermarkets, especially those such as tescos, are really nice and almost match up to the household names in quality, for a better price! Bran flakes is one of those products; you really can't tell much difference and they are such a healthy choice for a breakfast cereal. Now if you've never tried Bran Flakes, chances are you'll hate them first time and won't understand what the fuss is about with them. But have them another couple of times and you'll feel completely different. They're sort of an acquired taste in that you come to find them really moreish and as they're so healthy that's not a problem! They're also nice and crunchy which I think is a good texture for a breakfast cereal - check you don't have any stuck in your teeth after though! A serving has like 100 calories if that in it, and bran is good for the digestive system, whilst being quite filling so it should put you off snacking a bit further into the morning! Definately worht getting into Bran Flakes for a healthy start, and Tesco's brand is as good as any other!


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        07.03.2010 21:00
        Very helpful



        Good way to start your day

        Bran flakes are seen as one of the more healthy options which are available for us to have at breakfast time. This Healthy living version of Tescos Bran flakes certainly are a way to start your day in a healthy manner.

        Many people often critise bran flakes stating it is boring and you feel like you are eating a cardboard box, however while it is not the most of exciting tastes they do taste good and it is also easy to add to the flavour by adding such things like Bananas, strawberries and any other fruit that takes your fancy.

        Tescos healthy living bran flakes are also far cheaper than Kellogs bran flakes. This means that even if you are not concerned about he healthy living aspect of it you will get a better deal if you were to purchase this Healthy living version of the cereal.

        Overall this is a tasty cereal, which is healthy and will leave you with extra money in your pocket


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