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Tesco Strawberry Crisp Cereal

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7 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Cereal

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    7 Reviews
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      01.03.2012 10:36
      Very helpful



      Just far to yummy to stop eating!

      As mentioned in my other reviews I have cereal for my breakfast every morning. And as mentioned I have been trying some of the Tesco own brand products to do a bit of cost cutting and the Tesco Crunch Cereal was one of them. We used to but the Jordan's Crunchy Crisp and the Tesco Strawberry Crunch is pretty much the same.

      The cereal is oat clusters and dried strawberry pieces. It is priced at £1.49 for a 500g box. The box itself is red in colour and has a bowl of the Strawberry Crisp on the front. It is a nice looking box and looks as attractive as the Jordan's range. The oat clusters vary in size a lot, which differs from Jordan's as they are normally the same size (roughly). Tesco's clusters vary from the size or a 50p coin to practically crumbs. I didn't mind this at all, in fact I did quite like the smaller chucks. The Strawberry prices are dried, but when you add the milk to the cereal they do fluff up a little.

      The cereal is very sweet and filling. I have found it even nicer with warm milk which turns it into a stodgy oaty mix. The Strawberry Crisp has 225 cal, 9g Sugar, 8g Fat based on a bowl with semi-skimmed milk. I find it much more filling than any traditional cereal like cornflakes or rice crispies and it keeps me going all morning. Tesco also do a 'Crunch' cereal with Pecans, and a Chocolate version.

      It is well worth trying if you like Jordan's Country Crisp


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      08.03.2011 22:20
      Very helpful



      Not as good as I hoped

      My mum rarely gets it right when she goes food shopping. By this I mean she usually gets the wrong thing for the wrong the person because most of the time she doesn't listen. When she bought home the Tesco Strawberry crisp cereal I wasn't sure if it would taste any good. She bought it because she knows that we love the Oats and more cereal and this looked similar.

      Cereal is the quickest and easiest way for me to eat breakfast. I start everyday with breakfast because if I didn't then I wouldn't be able to make it past 10am and also I need my energy to get me through the morning. When I am working I eat cereal unless I get up super early. There isn't a particular cereal that I always eat. As long as it is nutritious (i.e. not full of sugar, fat and empty calories) then I tend to try it at least once. I have tried the Oats and more cereal by nestle and loved it but this was when it was on offer. Normally it is £2.30ish for a 500g pack but when its half price of BOGOF then I stock up them for a while. These look very similar to the Tesco variety except the Tesco one has strawberry.

      The cereal is made up of oat clusters together with dried strawberry pieces. I always have cereal with milk (full fat in our house because of Dad). The first thing I noticed is that the oat clusters and the strawberry colour immediately separate. I think it is the seeds from the strawberry that comes off and makes the milk very pink. Some of the oat flakes come off quite quickly as well and this has never happened with the oat clusters.

      The strawberry is very sour and I am a person who has a tolerance for sour tastes so some may find the taste overbearingly sour. The strawberries make up about 10% of the cereal so if you don't want to eat them they are easily removable. The strawberries just make the overall taste sour and don't add any flavour to the cereal so it seems rather decorative. The clusters didn't taste as sweet as the oats and more cereal and they are larger. I don't like very sweet food so this didn't bother me. I did like the clusters but they seemed more chewy and in a way more wholesome than oats and more. They say that the longer you chew your food the less you eat and the more satisfied your hunger so you don't put on more weight.

      It costs £1.09 for 500g and I think this is a good price. 50g with 125ml of semi skimmed milk gives 290 calories, 15g of sugar, 5g of saturated fat and 0.2g of salt. One quarter of the daily allowance of fat is used with one bowl of the cereal which I think is a bit too much.

      Overall the clusters tasted sweet, wholesome they where satisfying. The strawberries did ruin the overall taste for me though. This is like porridge but for the summer.


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      10.10.2010 21:17
      Very helpful



      Pleasant oat cereal

      "Oat clusters with real strawberry pieces"

      They say that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" - but I guess it depends on what it is that you are eating for breakfast. I personally try to have a fairly healthy morning meal, with my regular cereal of choice being Tesco's 'Crunchy Oat Cereal with Tropical Fruit'. I recently started eating Tesco's similarly oat-based 'Strawberry Crisp', which consists of sweetened and toasted cereal pieces, interspersed with slices of dried strawberry. Sound tasty? read on to discover whether the cereal is a hit or a miss.

      PRICE and AVAILABILITY - how much does it cost, and where can I buy it from?

      Being a Tesco product, Strawberry Crisp is obviously only available from Tesco stores throughout the country - that said, I have seen it in both the larger Tesco Extra and the smaller Tesco Express shops, meaning that it is generally easy to get hold of (due to Tesco's world domination plans, there seems to be a number of stores crammed in to every portion of the UK). In terms of the price, the 500 gram box retails at £1.28, which I personally feel is good value for money considering the fact that the similarly sized Kellogg's alternative ('Crunchy Nut Clusters') is more than twice as expensive at £2.69. Another option for those who refuse to buy the supermarket's own brands, is Jordan's 'Country Crisp' which again is more expensive at £2.49.

      PACKAGING DESIGN - what does the box look like?

      The cereal comes in a predominantly red cardboard box which features a photo of the product on the front. Both the front and back of the packaging are exactly the same, with the sides used for displaying the ingredients, allergy advice, and nutritional values. Inside, the cereal is located in a standard plastic bag which keeps its contents fresh and is generally easy to open. Overall, it's an effective piece of packaging design which does the job very nicely indeed - no wasted materials or excessive wrapping.

      INGREDIENTS - what does the cereal contain?

      In terms of its ingredients, the cereal comprises;
      Oat Flakes, Wheat Flakes, Cane Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Puffed Rice, Wheat Flour, Glucose Syrup, Freeze Dried Strawberry Pieces (2%), Honey, Sea Salt, Flavouring, Colour (Plain Caramel), and Cinnamon. Puffed Rice Contains: Rice Flour, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, and Salt.

      The above list doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary for a cereal, and there doesn't seem to be any hidden nasties to be overly concerned about - that said, the actual flavouring isn't specified which is a definite shame. It's interesting to note the inclusion of cocoa powder, as I couldn't actually detect it in the taste, and I would class the use of a colourant (plain caramel) as an unnecessary addition.The cereal should be praised for not containing any e-numbers, hydrolysed fats, or monosodium glutomate, which is a rarity these days, and the fact that it contains oat, wheat and corn, means that it's good for those who are keen on maintaining a high fibre diet. The strawberry content of 2% may sound a little stingy, but it seems to be just the right amount when you're actual eating the cereal, and it does actually feel like a generous amount.

      APPEARANCE and FLAVOUR - arguably the most important part of the review

      It's no use writing masses about packaging design and ingredient lists if I'm not going to analyse the flavour - so here's the part where I tell you whether I liked or disliked the taste. To be honest, the cereal exceeded my expectations, making for a moreish and very pleasant breakfast. The bulk of the cereal is made up of clustered pieces of oat, which also have what look like Rice Crispies embedded into them. When you first open the box, the cereal at the top is in larger clusters, whereas (when then cereal is running out) you'll find smaller pieces toward the bottom of the packet.

      So what does it smell like? - well, the aroma isn't especially strong, but there is definite strawberry smell which is very pleasant and inviting. The smell seems to increase in strength when the milk hits the cereal, and I would describe the general bouquet as a fruity sweetness.

      I often find that my regular cereal (as mentioned in the opening paragraph, Tesco's Crunchy Oat Cereal with Tropical Fruit) is a little bit too chewy for my liking and frequently leaves me with jaw ache - thankfully, Strawberry Crisp is easier to chew, and dissipates in the mouth with a satisfying crunch. The flavour comes complete with a cinnamon aftertaste, which is something that I especially appreciate as I'm a big cinnamon fan. The strawberries which are scattered throughout the cereal add much needed colour to the ensemble, and are actually fairly large in size. Of course, being a cereal, the strawberries are of the 'freeze dried' variety, and when left in milk for a short time become soft and moist once more - they have a tangy taste and really transform the cereal into an interesting breakfast. In fact, I would go as far as saying that these particular freeze-dried strawberries are the nicest I have tasted in a cereal to date - perhaps it's because of their larger size.

      Whereas Coco Pops turn the milk chocolaty, Strawberry Crisp will leave your milk with a pinkish hue - that said, it doesn't seem to affect the flavour of the milk too much, and those expecting strawberry milkshake will be disappointed! The cereal remains fairly crispy even when it has been left in the milk for an amount of time, and this will be something which will ultimately please the anti-cereal-sogginesss-brigade. On the whole, Strawberry Crisp is a fairly sweet cereal, but not too sugary to be sickly, and the overall sweetness levels are just right. Of course, for the sake of a thorough review, I consumed two bowls worth in order to make sure that I had commented on everything I needed to from a flavour perspective - perhaps it was a bit excessive considering the fact that I had also had some toast!

      Although I always recommend eating cereal with some ice-cold milk poured over the top, this particular breakfast tastes great straight from the box - it's actually a decent alternative to popcorn whilst watching a film. Unfortunately, consuming the Strawberry Crisp in this way doesn't help with its longevity, and I can only get around six bowls of the stuff before the packet has run out.

      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION - per fifty gram serving

      Calories: 225 (11% of an adult's guideline daily amount)
      Sugar: 8.6g (10% of an adult's guideline daily amount)
      Fat: 7.7g (11% of an adult's guideline daily amount)
      Saturates: 3.3g (17% of an adult's guideline daily amount)
      Salt: trace (less than 1% of an adult's guideline daily amount)

      The above info is about standard for a cereal nowadays - it's good to see only a tiny amount of salt (cereals often have more than you would expect), whilst the calorie count is very similar to that of 'Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes'. Actually, the cereal holds it own when compared to designated diet cereals like 'Special K', and there isn't much difference between the two in terms of the fat, sugar, and saturates levels. It's definitely good to see nutritional values printed on the box for a fifty gram serving, as most cereal show the data per thirty gram serving.

      ALLERGY ADVICE - anything to avoid?

      Like all foods in these cautious times, the box features a list of ingredients which may or may cause to the potential eater. The cereal contains wheat and gluten, and although there aren't any nuts listed in the ingredients, it can't guarantee being completely nut free - it is however suitable for vegetarians.

      FINAL WORD - the all-important ultimate analysis

      Personally, I really enjoyed Tesco's Strawberry Crisp and will certainly buy it again - the flavour is spot-on, whilst the texture is lovely and crunchy. As mentioned previously, I like the fact that it not too difficult to chew, and breaks apart in the mouth with minimum effort. Price-wise, the cereal represents very good value for money as it's no worse from a taste-perspective to the Kellogg's version which costs considerably more. I would actually like to see Tesco's make a few different versions of this cereal - perhaps a 'Banana Crisp', or a 'Blueberry Crisp' option - I would certainly buy it, and I'm sure many others would too. Overall, I would certainly recommend giving this delightful stuff a go - I've certainly been impressed, and I'm usually very fussy when it comes to cereal choices. The box is nicely designed and contains all the relevant information relating to the product, and I honesty can't find anything of note with which to criticise the cereal. So, all that's left to do is a quick bit of marking - four out of five for taste, four out of five for the packaging, and three out of five for the ingredients and nutritional value - I think an overall score of four dooyoo stars would be a fitting rate - highly recommended.

      I'll conclude with the wise (and topical) words of Francis Bacon - "Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper"


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        17.08.2010 14:00
        Very helpful



        Definitely will be buying again!

        How easy was it to buy?

        I found it very easy to buy. I went to my local Tescos store in Egham, and it was located in the cereal aisle. There was plenty available stock and I purchased it for £1.28. Not a bad price for cereal, and similar products are much more expensive too.

        What did I like about it?

        I loved the smell. As soon as I poured the cereal out I was hit with the aroma of fresh strawberries, which I love! They are dried strawberries, not fresh, but they taste just as good! I found I was picking the strawberries out of the cereal just to eat on their own!! That's not to say that the crispy bits aren't nice too! There's a really nice contrast between the sweet, tangy strawberries and the crunchiness of the cereal clusters. The cereal is very moreish, and I found myself pouring more and more into my bowl! Maybe that is a bad thing! I like it once it got a bit soggy and absorbed the milk in my bowl. It was really cold and helped to wake me up in the morning, by giving me a bit of a shock! A delicious shock!

        What didn't I like about it?

        Not a lot, to tell the truth. I have no complaints about the taste, I did have an issue with the picture on the packing as discussed below, as well as the ingredient list not being fully descriptive as it could have been.

        What about the packaging?

        I like the packaging. It's vibrant and attractive and the bright colours really catch your eye as you browse the aisle. It was easy to open the box, and easy to seal it back up, and my cereal was kept fresh for the week that I ate it for. The packaging is a bit misleading as it shows fresh strawberries in the bowl... The "serving suggestion"! But obviously there are not fresh strawberries in the box. It would have been nicer to have shown an ACTUAL picture of how the cereal looks.

        How does it compare to rivals?

        i am, of course, talking about Jordan's country crisp. This is a cereal I've eaten and enjoyed for many years. It is about a pound more expensive that Tescos own brand and I can honestly say I can't taste any difference between the two! They are both of excellent standard, and an healthy alternative to fattening breakfasts! For this reason i will probably purchase Tescos version in the future as a way of saving a bit of money!


        The box states that it contains the following ingredients:
        Oat Flakes,
        Wheat Flakes,
        Cane Sugar,
        Vegetable Oil,
        Puffed Rice,
        Wheat Flour,
        Glucose Syrup,
        Freeze Dried Strawberry Pieces (2%),
        Sea Salt,
        Colour (Plain Caramel),

        I have my reservations about "flavouring". I think that it is bizarre not to mention what the actual flavouring used is. Do they have something to hide? Is this cereal not, in fact, as healthy as the manufacturers claim?

        Would I buy it again?

        Definitely! I would definitely recommend to friends! A cheap healthy option for breakfast that tastes DELICIOUS!

        *Also written on Ciao under the same username*


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        05.08.2010 22:51
        Very helpful



        A mix between Special K and Jordon's but cheaper!

        Since living in halls at University I have had to fend for myself where food is concerned. I have quite liked having a budget and I am very good at finding bargains and getting the most for my money. I am known at uni by the guys as 'the bargain queen' (whether this is highly embarrassing or not I'm not quite sure). I always check out the Money Saving Expert website for discount vouchers etc and this is what led me to trying out this particular cereal from Tesco. The Money Saving Expert website lists many ways in which to reduce costs on all everyday items. Since it has been found that most of supermarket branded items/foods are more or less identical to the more upmarket/premium brand foods it seemed worthwhile to try it out.

        I have always been used to Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Clusters (honey and nut) just from being at home living with my dad before uni. They were never really a cereal that I enjoyed having for breakfast each morning because I prefer ones with fruit in like Special K and red berries but to be honest I am not too fussy so stuck with them. However when I came to uni Tesco was just around the corner (luckily... I'm not one for long walks) and I checked out all the Tesco value and regular Tesco products. I was going to pick up the Tesco's version of Special K but decided I'd opt for Tesco's mix between clusters and fruit.
        The box of Tesco's Strawberry Crisp costs a very reasonable £1.28 for 500g compared to Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Clusters which are £2.00. There is not a massive difference in price but to be honest since trying this Tesco Strawberry Crisp I much prefer having the strawberry pieces in it than honey and nut. The box of Tesco Strawberry Crisp also claims that they are real strawberry pieces... but you certainly won't eat enough of them in an entire pack to make up one of your five a day in my opinion since there is only 2% of the box which equals strawberry pieces. I think this is a bit cheeky in all honestly especially as these are the bits in the cereal which make it a little more interesting and which people love...

        ... When I was younger I remember having Lucky Charms, whenever we got a new pack my dad would try and hide them from me. I would go into the box and pick out all the multi coloured marshmallow bits, so the next person to come to have a bowl (usually my brother) got very few if any marshmallow bits which for him was very upsetting! However I am older now and I eat the extra bits in cereals as they come when I pour them into my bowl. So with this cereal that means I tend to get about 6 pieces of strawberry per bowl, which is probably why I add my own fruit on top if I have time in the morning.

        ***What the cereal actually contains... ingredients wise***

        * Oat flakes and puffed rice which makes up the clusters
        * Sugar
        * Frozen dried strawberry pieces
        * Honey
        * Then all the typical added ingredients like colourings, vegetable oil etc.

        ***What the cereal tastes like with each bite***

        1. First of all the clusters are extremely crunchy but with the milk it gives the right balance

        2. When you take a bite of the divine little strawberry pieces it instantly lifts the taste of the cereal (even though these are far and few between they are really good). You could be sad like me and reward yourself every three or four mouthful with a little strawberry piece. Mmmm.

        3. Or otherwise if you do add any extra fruit this gives the cereal a fresher burst and the mix of the dried strawberries with fresh strawberries is also very nice.

        ***How I eat them***

        Well I tend to have them for breakfast and occasionally if I have forgotten to pick up anything for lunch or would like an afternoon snack I have a small bowl. I have been known to eat them without milk when I have forgotten to buy some... but that is students for you! (I didn't enjoy them without milk though... far too dry!) I also add strawberries, raspberries or blueberries if they are on offer by sprinkling a few over the top to make it seem a little healthier.

        Despite the picture on the box making the cereal look very healthy we all know that there are so many preservatives in the box, for example, to keep the strawberries dried etc that it is not really all that much better for you than indulging in a cereal with chocolate pieces. Plus the puffed rice and oat flakes are fused together to make clusters with the help of sugar and honey... so again more naughty ingredients are added which I certainly did not even think about when I purchased the box for the first time.... whoops now I can't resist them! I'm hooked!

        Another cereal which is almost identical to this cereal is Jordon's Country Crisp but these are £2.49 so £1.21 more per box than Tesco's which can add up to be a lot of money with the amount I seem to get through. A box of 500g of Tesco Strawberry crisp lasts for around 8 bowls for me, but if you were to have full bowls every morning then I think it would fill around 6 bowls. I also believe that if two cereals taste the same just like any other food products that it is pointless to just buy the more expensive version because of the label/brand.

        My mother would say my previous statement is a total contradiction of what I am like because I am really into brands... like I love my premium cosmetics and clothes. However there are certain things which I believe that you can cut down on prices with. Similarly if I saw a very similar top in Primark to House of Fraser I would buy the cheaper top in Primark. It just makes sense! If the Tesco cereal did not taste as good as Jordon's or Kellogg's versions then I wouldn't mind about paying a little bit more but I really cannot see a difference between Jordon's and Tesco's.

        ***Product details***

        Calories - 290 (15% of your daily allowance)
        Sugar - 15g (16% of your daily allowance)
        Fat - 10g (14% of your daily allowance)

        Saturates which were unsurprisingly quite high at 5g (24% of your daily allowance)

        And a very small amount of salt.

        What I think is key to remember when looking at the guidelines for these daily allowances is that the percentages I have given above relates only to each 100g serving so it does equate to five times more than that for the entire box. Plus if you are weight conscious then you would need to add on the values that milk would add to sugars and fats.

        A very good point about this cereal is that it is suitable for vegetarians which makes my life easy in the new house I am moving into in October with three vegetarians, it means they can dig into the cereal too which I don't mind about since we will be sharing food costs etc. Whereas Kellogg's Crunchy Nut is not suitable for vegetarians.

        ***My verdict***

        1. It is a quick and easy breakfast meal

        2. It tastes great with milk and fruit on top (it makes me look forward to my breakfast as well as preparing me for the entire day)

        3. It leaves me full for at least 2-3 hours afterwards which is a result because I am always hungry

        4. It is a great cheap price - occasionally there is half price on the Jordon's or Kellogg's cereals but I still stick to this one because I can't tell the difference.

        ***Minor Negative Points***

        As you can see I have no negative view points on this cereal so far... however to give a balanced review I must point out the one annoying factor with it however this factor is similar with most cereals. That if milk is left in the bowl too long before the cereal is eaten it goes quite soggy... especially the strawberries pieces which turn the milk a pink colour.

        The only other very picky point I could make is not to leave any of the cereal in the bottom of the bowl for too long because it is very hard to wash the bowl afterwards, the cereal sticks to the bottom and the strawberry pieces become very sticky and messy. However if you love the cereal as much as I do there shouldn't really be any of the cereal left in the bottom of the bowl! The only time this has happened to me is when I have been too rushed in the morning to finish the bowl. Luckily this does not happen to me too often because I usually get up far earlier than is necessary to make time for breakfast.

        ***The newer box to the cereal***

        Just in case you are influenced into trying this cereal there is a more up to date version of the box that you will see in Tesco stores. Rather than the box being an orange red it is now light pink at the top of the box and red at the bottom. The picture of the cereal is very similar, they have just tried to modernise the box to give it a more fancy appearance with some fresh strawberries and milk in the background.

        Be spontaneous try something new for breakfast!! Mmm Tesco Strawberry Crisp!!


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          02.08.2010 19:56
          Very helpful




          Tesco Strawberry Crisp Cereal

          Cereal, cereal, cereal. There are so many different choices in the supermarkets nowadays, you just never know which box to choose. The breakfast aisles are almost overflowing we're just so spoiled for choice. You've got your sugary snacks like Sugar Puffs and Coco Pops, you've got your old school Cornflakes or your boring old Weetabix. You walk a little further down the row and you'll come to the healthier options; Special K, muesli, all that kind of thing - I'm not even going to go into talking about the breakfast bars they have out for us these days. Reading the backs of every box would take literally hours, perhaps even days if you read it all really carefully.
          So we, well the majority of us anyway, have to just judge by packaging or perhaps the price on the label, but there worry is always there that you could be missing out on something healthier, tastier, and luckily even cheaper.

          A safe choice I feel that me and my family can always rely on has to be Tesco Strawberry Crisp. It is really delicious, all my family love it, and it even comes at a reasonable price. In my opinion this is one of the best cereals out there, and it is excellent value for money.


          This cereal comes in a bright, vibrant red box. The Tesco logo is featured at the top of the box, then underneath this it says 'strawberry' and then underneath that it says 'crisp'.
          There is an image of a bowl of the ceral, in a white bowl and with a few more strawberries poking out than what I usually get when I pour myself some. Around the bowl of cereal you can see that Tesco have tried to present it so it looks very appetising as there is bits of wheat and strawberries.
          In the bottom right corner there is also some very handy nutritional information, which gives you the percentages for every serving of the cereal with milk, compared to that of the Daily Guideline Amounts.

          Although I think that the box looks attractive and is well presented within itself, and draws me towards looking at the cereal and makes me want to buy it, I don't think it is any better a cereal box design than the average cereal box design.
          You see, I have tried a lot of different cereals in my time and I have seen a lot of similar boxes to this one - to be honest it looks very much alike to the boxes of similar cereal from other brands, like Asda.
          So in specific criteria I couldn't really say that it is unique. But just because it isn't unique doesn't mean it looks good. I do like it, I just wouldn't say it is unique or completely amazing.


          The texture of the cereal is crispy and crunchy and I think that it is really, really yummy and very moreish. After eating one bowl of this I could easily demolish another one - in seconds!
          My favourite bits of this are the crispy oat clusters in it. They taste so oaty and I really love the taste of oats which is probably why I like them so much. I also like them because of their rough texture, and because they are so crunchy. When the milk has been poured onto them, they don't go soggy like a lot of cereals do. Instead they just taste a bit milky.
          I suppose if you left them in the bowl for hours then they would get soggy and lose their crispy, crunchiness, but you wouldn't do that if you were about to have a bowl for breakfast.

          There are lots of little bits of dried strawberries in this, too. They make the milk go a tiny bit pink and they are just as delicious as the oaty bits.
          I think the cereal needs these dried strawberries in it to be complete, otherwise it is just too boring. I can only describe the way they taste as being very strawberry-ish(!) so I guess they are real strawberries. I think for sure they are real, actually, because the texture seems so real, and once I remember having a green bit on one, like it hadn't quite ripened yet.
          They are really delicious - in all in all this is a VERY tasty cereal. It is nice with milk and without milk. I love it!

          The cereal doesn't smell that much, really. If you sniff in the box then it smells ever so faintly of strawberries, and of oats.
          It isn't that clear of a smell, or strong a smell, but it is there. If asked to describe the smell I would say that it is a pleasant smell.

          How Healthy?

          The cereal is not that good for you, which is is something that really surprised me as my first impressions of the cereal, probably after seeing the strawberries, were that this cereal would be really good for you.
          It isn't the most healthy or slimming cereal that you could find on the shelves in the supermarket but it is definitely better for you than a lot of other cereals on offer, for example Coco Pops and Sugar Puffs (which I think are probably the worst two cereals you could eat for your breakfast especially if trying to be healthy).

          There is just the right amount of calories - approximately 265 calories in a 50g serving with 125ml of milk -in this cereal to balance out your daily guideline amount of calories. But there is a lot of sugar in this as in the serving described you will also get 15.3g of sugar. This is bad! If you are on a diet then you should probably stay away from this as sugar is one of the worst foods to eat if you are trying to slim down. In the 50g serving described there is also 3.3g of saturated fat and 0.5g of salt. So basically, not as healthy as you may first think.

          Product Quality

          In my opinion this cereal is top quality and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, and there is nothing for me to complain about in this review. As I have already talked about, the packaging is good and the taste is very delicious and moreish, and the smell is pleasant. So everything about this cereal is, I feel, exactly the way it should be and in in my opinion it is really great quality. I am going to be really picky, though, and say that this would be a lot better if it was healthier and more slimming.

          Value For Money

          Obviously as this is Tesco Strawberry Crisp Cereal it can only be bought from Tesco, where it costs just £1.28 - so much cheaper than most of the cereals that they have put on the aisle. Asda sell a similar cereal that costs exactly the same price. Jordan's Country Crisp Strawberry Crunchy Clusters is a very similar cereal to this one - I have tried it as well and I would say that it tastes very similar, there isn't much difference between the two and when this is the case I would always go for the cheaper one, and as it costs £2.49 then the cheapest is Tesco Strawberry Crisp.

          Considering everything that I have written about in this review, and then considering that this cereal costs £1.28 I have to conclude that this is an excellent value for money choice of breakfast cereal. I would definitely recommend it to all families or anyone reading this who hasn't tried it yet. It is very tasty and I'm sure that most people will love it!


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          25.02.2010 00:11
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Very tasty overall

          Strawberry Crisp is my favourite cereal, and the way I start the day each morning. It's made from oats and puffed rice, so basically it's a cross between a muesli and a cereal like Rice Krispies. Yum! The oats and puffed rice are stuck together in clumps of different sizes, with honey and sugar which makes this cereal a little bit naughty, coming in at 290kcal per 50g bowl (with semi-skimmed milk). When the milk goes on, some of clumps stay crunchy, so it's a really nice mix of textures.

          The best bits of all are the freeze-dried strawberry pieces. Normally cereals skimp on the expensive fruit bit, but in this cereal you get loads of really big pieces. In the milk they rehydrate and go all squashy and nice, and the fruit works really well with the crispy clusters. I find the oats fill me up quite well and I don't really need to snack until lunch.

          The only bad bit is when you get to the bottom of the bag and it's all squashed up oats, with no clusters left. I noticed too that the price has gone up loads on this cereal - it was 99p before Christmas (not a promotional price) and has shot up to £1.28.

          I still think it's good value for what is overall a very tasty product.

          ETA - I forgot to say how often I eat this in the evening as a bit of a snack in front of the TV!


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