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Tesco Value Rice Snaps

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Cereal

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    2 Reviews
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      24.02.2012 12:15



      This is the worst cereal I have ever tasted. They should be renamed Rice Bullets as they are not hollow and are white and tasteless. I couldn't stomach more than two spoonfull. I didn't realise Rice Krispies could be this bad, such a poor alternative. Do not buy. The packaging sets the standard for the rest of the product. Awful. Taste is non existent and these certainly do not snap crackle or pop. I think Tesco should really try and improve this product because even at this low price it is an absolute rip off. It has put me off buying any other Tesco own brand cereals as if you can make rice krispies wrong what hope do you have for any other cereal. At first I thought the cereal was actually stale but to my horror they were just freshly open.


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      11.03.2010 11:14
      Very helpful



      a miss

      I never actually realised Tesco made this product until I properly surfed the breakfast isle for a change in cereals for my kids. Rice Crispies are quite expensive and right next them I saw these Tesco rice snaps, and at 72p for a 440g bag I didn't really have nothing to lose.

      The packaging is very basic as you would expect from a value range, it has the name of the product on the front and then a picture of the rice snaps underneath.

      You will find all the nutritional information on the back of the bag plus other bits and bobs of information like storage instructions ECT

      The actual rice snaps look very much like dried pieces of rice, and I have to say they also looked very unappetising.

      Ok so the taste test, I really find these hit and miss with my kids, sometime they will wolf them down and other times they will barely touch them.

      I have found the best way for them to eat them is if I add a little bit of melted chocolate to them as otherwise they do taste rather bland and boring.

      I had a try of some one morning and it's not something I would like to eat for my breakfast everyday. I did find one good use for them though, they are good cheap way of making chocolate rice Crispies cakes, for some reason my kids think these are amazing even though they won't eat them for their breakfasts.

      All in all I won't be buying these again unless I intend to use them for baking, as they are pretty tasteless on their own.

      At the moment I am finding Tesco Value a bit hit and miss, these are definitely a miss.

      +++++ Nutritional Information +++++

      Per 30g with 125ml semi skimmed milk:

      Energy =175 kcal

      Protein = 6.7g

      Carbohydrates = 30.8g

      Sugars = 7.2g

      Fat = 2.7g

      Saturates = 1.6g

      Fibre = 1g

      Sodium = 0.1g


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