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Weetabix Oatiflakes

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Type: Flakes

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    2 Reviews
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      30.08.2007 18:13
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      a healthy start to the day, but not necessarily the best tasting

      Oatiflakes was recently developed by Weetabix due to increasing interest in the benefits of Oats.

      The ingredients include wholegrain oats, maltodextrin, oat bran, sugar, malted barley extract. salt, potassium chloride and vitamins.

      Nutritional Information
      Oatiflakes contain.....
      381 kcal
      9.5g protein
      73.2g carbohydrate
      5.6g fat
      6.2g fibre
      0.1g sodium
      0.3g salt equivalent

      The packaging is a traditional recyclable(thumbs up) cereal box with a white plastic bag inside. It is bright and colourful, as packaging should be, and uses a heart presumably to symbolise healthy hearts.

      Personally, I think oatiflakes taste quite bland and could be alot sweeter, but they are a healthy cereal, and if you add fruit that can give them alot more flavour. Or you could just buy the version that comes with fruit....


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        27.06.2007 09:36
        Very helpful



        A way to get lots of oaty goodness at breakfast time

        It seems there is a never ending growth in the range of breakfast cereals on the supermarket shelves these days. Life was very simple when I was a child and there were few options - in recent years there seems to have been a huge explosion in choice.

        Not for me the sugary sweet cereals detined to appeal to the children's market. I want something more adult which promises to help me in my quest to stay healthy so I was quite interested when I spotted a packet of Oatiflakes on the shelf. They looked expensive at £2.58 for 550g but then I spotted the 'buy one get one free' label and I decided to pick up a packet.

        Their boast is that they are wholegrain, high in fibre, low in saturated fat and that natural oats can help to lower cholesterol. This sounded good so, like a good consumer, I read the back of the packet. The nutritional information told me that there was the following Nutrition per serving per 100g ( a 'normal serving' is considered to be 30g)
        Energy (Kilojoules) - 1613kJ
        Energy (Calories) - 381kcal
        Protein - 9.5g
        Carbohydrate - 73.2g (of which sugars) - 14.3g
        Fat - 5.6g (of which saturates) - 0.9g
        Fibre - 6.2g (soluble) - 3.5g (insoluble) - 2.7g
        Sodium - 0.1g
        Salt Equivalent - 0.3g

        Thiamin (B1) - 1.2mg
        Niacin - 15.3mg
        Folic Acid - 170µg
        Riboflavin (B2) - 1.4mg
        Pantothenic Acid (B5) - 5.1g
        Vitamin B6 - 1.7g
        Vitamin B12 - 0.9µg

        Iron - 11.9g

        This was interesting and told me that although there is some added sugar and salt the amounts are not excessive. In fact the ingredients list looks like this:
        Wholegrain Oats (63%), Maltodextrin, Sugar, Oat bran (10%), Malted Barley Extract, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Niacin, Iron, Pantothenic Acid (B5), Thiamin (B1), Vitamin B6, Riboflavin (B2), Folic Acid, Vitamin B12.

        Rather surprisingly I discovered that this cereal is not suitable for vegetarians, vegans or kosher and although it does not contain nuts it can be unsuitable for people with a gluten problem or an allergy to milk products. However as I don't fit into any of these categories I was happy to put a box into my shopping trolley and take it home to see how it actually tasted. I should say there are two options in this range - plain Oatiflakes and a variety with Raisin, Cranberry & Blackcurrant. I settled for the plain variety as although they were both priced the same the fruit variety was a smaller packet! (450g)

        How did they taste?

        As you pour them into the bowl they look similar to cornflakes but more bulky. I poured milk over them and dived in with the spoon. They are quite pleasant and although I felt they were quite bland at first as I worked my way through the bowl I soon started to enjoy them. They do become more interesting if you add a sliced banana or a handful of dried fruit but they are quite acceptable plain.

        They did leave me feeling quite full and not looking for a mid-morning snack which was encouraging so for anyone trying to watch their weight they could be useful (but you do still need willpower to resist).

        It is certainly a tasty breakfast cereal well worth considering if you are looking for something oaty and it should help a little if you are trying to control your cholesterol. It is made by Weetabix which is a respected brand so I was confident that the quality should be good.

        Would I recommend it?

        Yes I would if you want an oat cereal. To be honest they are not as delicious as Optivita nor as crispy and crunchy but they do make a pleasant change and to be honest they are probably better for you. This section of the cereal market seems to be growing quite a bit at the moment as more and more people look for oats rather than wheat for their breakfast. Certainly worth a try - especially as they seem to be on offer at the moment. Whether I would pay full price for them is debatable but maybe by the time I finish both packets I will have become addicted? If I haven't I will let you know what I try next!

        (C) laramax 2007


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      • Product Details

        Breakfast Cereals. Natural wholegrain oats are a great source of energy and fibre, making Oatiflakes a breakfast that helps to keep you going until lunch.

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