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Weetabix Weetos

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Type: Cereal

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    5 Reviews
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      14.10.2008 21:43
      Very helpful



      An unhealthy choice for breakfast.

      The Weetabix Food Company is still based in Kettering, Northamptonshire and has been producing breakfast cereals since 1932. It was founded by two South Africans who introduced their breakfast cereals to the UK. The company now exports a range of cereals to over 80 countries worldwide. According to their official website: "Weetabix accounts for 8% of the country's total cereal sales with annual sales worth over £89 million (2006)", making it the most popular breakfast cereal in the UK. I've always associated Weetabix products as a healthy food choice, but I'm beginning to change my mind.

      The original Weetabix is a breakfast cereal consists of oblong biscuits of crushed dried flakes and fragments of wheat. Weetabix Weetos are a marketing variation on the Weetabix theme. They can be seen as direct competition to Kellogg's Coco Pops. Like most cereals they are easy enough to consume: just pour on a little cold milk and they're ready to eat. After a short while they will go soggy and the milk will turn brown for a truly disgusting breakfast experience.

      In the words of the manufacturers: "Weetos are irresistible wholegrain hoops of crunchy, bubbly, chocolately yumminess, fortified with essential vitamins and iron to help keep your kids healthy and happy".

      In the words of Zmugzy: "Weetos are highly resistible wholegrain hoops of crunchy, yucky, sickly sugary, chocolately pukiness, fortified with essential vitamins and iron so as to fool you into thinking their a healthy food to give your kids."

      Surprisingly for a cereal these ugly pieces of sh... over processed wheat contain very little fibre. There is only just over 6g per 100g compared to 10g in regular Weetabix. The total sugar content per 100g is over 23g, so therefore virtually a quarter of the weight of this breakfast cereal is made up of pure sugar. Not exactly a healthy choice. May as well just buy a bag of sugar, pop in some vitamin pills and add some pieces of cardboard for that added fibre.

      A 500g box will cost you a whopping £2.60 or thereabouts - an expensive way to maintain your obesity levels. A putrid way to start the day.


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        19.08.2008 16:12
        Very helpful



        A good cereal for an occasional treat

        Weetos is my boys favourite choice of cereal at the moment. These mixed with Coco pops never fails to make their morning!


        The box is a brown colour and has a picture of 4 of the weetos at the bottom and the name of the product in orange writing across the middle. At the top of our box there is an advert for Kung Fu Panda as there is a free memory card game inside the pack. The back of the box is just covered in info about Kung Fu Panda. The sides have all the nutritional info and also the ingredients. Here you can also find details of how to contact Weetabix if you are unhappy with the product.


        Upon opening the box there is an overwhelming smell of chocolate which is find to be very strong and does put me off eating them slightly.

        The individual weetos look very similar to cheerio's as they are round and hole in the middle. They are a dark brown colour as they are covered in chocolate. Individually they are about 1cm wide and ½ cm thick. Before adding milk they are very crunchy but once the milk has been added they do go very soft and almost soggy.

        The taste is quite pleasant and there is a strong taste of chocolate also they do remind me of the taste of rice crispies. The milk which is added to the weetos will go chocolaty as the chocolate from the cereal mixes with it. This is quite a bit sickly for me and I do end up leaving the remainder of it in the bowl. My boys do think it is very tasty and always drink whatever is left in the dish!


        A 30g serving of this cereal contains the following nutritional values:-

        Calories 113kcal
        Fat 1.5g
        Saturates 0.3g
        Total Sugars 7.1g
        Salt 0.07g
        Fibre 1.9g

        Although this cereal is quite high in calories and sugars I do let my boys have these as I limit them to one box per month as I like to give them a wide variety of cereals.

        According to the side of the box a 30g serving of the cereal contains 26% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and iron. Also here you will find the recommended guidelines for adults, unfortunately they have not included the recommendations for children which would have been far more appropriate as the cereal is indeed aimed at them.


        The cereal do contain wheat and milk so are not suitable for people who are allergic to these two products.


        This cereal is widely available from most supermarkets and we paid £2.64 for a 500g box from Tesco which states that is contains an average of 16 servings, we do find we get more than this from the box as we do not put so much in the dish and usually my boys mix these with another cereal.


        The box has been made from 80% recycled board so is helping the environment and it can also be recycled again once finished. My boys have great fun recycling them and making models before finally ending up in the recycling bin.

        I would recommend this cereal as an occasional treat, especially when it is on special offer in the supermarket as I do feel it is quite expensive and not too healthy.


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          15.06.2007 16:36
          Very helpful



          Delicious cereal !

          My children love cereal,so i,m always on the look when i go to the supermarket for different cereals for them to try .

          Weetos are sold in various supermarkets and are sold in different sized boxes, and various prices depending where you buy them from.

          This week i went to somerfields and bought the 375g box , they were 1.99 , but were on a buy one get one free offer.

          The box is very noticeable as its got weetos in big yellow letters on the front, and a picture of a girl which looks like she has a hoop around her belly , there is also pictures of the chocolate hoops on the box.

          ~ What they look like ~

          They look like little hoops.

          ~ What they taste like ~

          They have a wholegrain taste, and the hoops are covered in chocolate to my surprise they tasted quite nice, and didn,t leave an aftertaste in your mouth, they were quite tasty.

          When my children have had chocolate cereals before , a lot of them have gone soggy as soon as they have put milk on them, but these didn,t and they stayed hard and crunchy.

          The milk also went a nice chocolate flavour , which my children really enjoy.

          My children have evn eaten them straight out of the box without milk lol, just for a snack , they aqre nice like that too.

          ~ Nutrition information ~

          Its a wholegrain cereal .
          Fortified with vitamins and iron.

          A normal serving of cereal is 30g.
          It has 113 calories and 1.5g.

          Its low in saturated fat.

          Thanks for reading x


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            05.05.2005 14:22
            Very helpful



            Weetos are a sort of Cheerios in chocolate and are made by Weetabix. Weetabix have been around for nearly 75 years and condsiered one of the leading cereal manufacturers. They also make popular cereals like Ready brek and Alpen.

            Weetabix has been honoured 3 times now with appointments to Her Majesty The Queen, H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.
            They have also been awarded the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement 3 times so you can imagine how big a company they have built to become.

            Enough about the company, what did I think to Weetos.

            The one I purchased is 500g at a cost of £2.09 but I believe that you can buy different sizes boxes elsewhere. They are also available as a cereal bar now but I haven't tried these yet.

            An average serving is defined as 30g, but I found that for an adult, or me at least, 40g was a bit more realistic.

            Each weetos is approx 1cm across and basically look like a chocolate circle or wheel. An average spoonful consists of about 12 weetos. After pouring over some milk, I have to say they are delicious. They are crunchy and very tasty. They didn't loose their crunchiness even after taking my time eating them and letting them stand in the milk for up to 5 minutes. After that the edges started to go a bit softer but were still crunchy when bitten into. They are nicer for me anyway if eaten with milk as I find them a bit dry if not taken with milk.
            They taste nice and sweet without being sickly or too chocolatey which is not a good thing first thing in the morning. The other thing I have found with them is I can let my son have them and they don't 'send him off the wall' like some other popular children's cereals can do.
            The bag inside the box is best re-tied to help the weetos keep their freshness or stored inside a cereal box would be fine.

            How good are they for us? Well I certainly don't think they are the worst cereal you can buy but here is a breakdown of what the box informs us.

            Each serving of 30 g provides:

            Energy - 115 kcal
            Protein - 1.9 gm
            Carbohydrates - 23.5 gm
            (of which sugars) - 10.9 gm
            Fat - 1.5 gm
            (of which saturates) - 0.4 gm
            Fibre - 1.7 gm
            (Soluble) - 0.4 gm
            (Insoluble - 1.3 gm

            It also has the following vitamins and minerals:
            Thiamin B1
            Riboflavin B2
            Vitamin B6
            Folic Acid
            Vitamin B12
            Pantothenic Acid
            A 30 gm serving of these vitamins provides 26% of your recommended daily allowance.

            The box states that 'this pack contains at least 16 30gm servings'.

            The Ingredients apart from the vitamins are listed as:
            Ground Wheat
            Cocoa Powder
            Vegetable Oil
            Milk Powder
            Salt (0.21 gm in 30 gm serving )
            There is a note on the box about allergy advice which states ' This product contains wheat and milk'.

            Right now the techichal stuff is over, I would definately recommend them as a family cereal which all the family can enjoy and they are filling enough not to be starving by lunchtime.


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              23.10.2004 12:11
              Very helpful



              Weetabix are the company, which produce Weeto's. Weetabix First started in 1932, they first produced Weetabix and Alpen, now they have a much wider range. Weetabix is based in over 80 countries worldwide.

              The product
              Weeto's are chocolate Wheat Cereal, which are in the form of the letter O. There are about 1 centre meter in diameter round and they are about half a centre-meter thick. Weeto's come in different sizes, 500gram box cost about £1.30 from the super market. While A 30g boxes you buy this in packs of 50's, these cost in-between £8-10, mainly for businesses use e.g. hotels and b & b’s.
              Per 100 Grams - energy 1625kl 384kcal.
              Protein 6.2 - Carbohydrate 78.4g (of which sugar) (36.3g) - Fat 5.0g (Of which saturates) (1.2g) - Fibre 5.6g - Sodium 0.3g.

              Weeto's come in a rectangular shaped box, The box is brown with a Picture of a old mad scientist on the front with a bowl of Weeto's in front of him with the milk falling out of the bowl. The word Weeto's is across the centre of the page in a orangey red colour font. The Cereal is inside a box in a sealed plastic packet.
              The Ingredients and nutrition information is on the right hand side of the page, and on the back is the information on Weeto's in 6 different languages.

              How to use
              You need a bowl, a spoon, and some milk, Open the cereal pour into bowl, then pour milk over the cereal, and then they are ready to eat.

              Taste test
              The first you notice when you open the packet is the smell of the chocolate. When you put a spoonful of these into your mouth you can feel the chocolate melting in your mouth which can be quite an overwhelming taste, the Weeto's are very crunchy in texture, and tasty.

              I think Weeto's are a good cereal and taste of a good quality, and at a reasonable price, but I wouldn't eat these everyday because they would damage my teeth too much, plus they are quite unhealthy. The price of Weeto’s is quite reasonable compared to other cereal. I would recommend these for kids or for people with a sweet tooth. I couldn't eat these everyday. I give these 4 out of 5 stars.

              I Never added any information about the vitamins or good nutritions this provides these are listed below. These nutritions are the daily recommended amoung you need.
              Per 100 gram
              Thiamin(b1) 1.2mg - RiboFlavin (b2) 1.4mg
              Niacin 15.3kg - Vitamin b6 1.7mg - Folic acid 170.0kg - Vitaamin b12 2.9kg - Pantothenic Acid (b3) 5.1kg - Mineral Iron 11.kg.

              So i guess these are not quite as unhealthy as i first thought, but i still wouldn't personally eat these every day.

              I first wrote this on Ciao under the name Jamesmonkey4u on 21.10.2004.


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