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Belkin AV Cable for 4G/5G iPod (Color LCD)

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    1 Review
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      26.06.2010 16:28
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      Turn that 2.5 inch screen into a full TV

      Back around the time I bought this cable I was looking absolutely everywhere to find a cable that could connect my iPod to the TV so I could watch my movies on a bigger screen.
      I found a package on the internet that is free to convert normal AVI movies into an iPod format (or otherwise known as MP4 format) so I could watch it on my iPod when I'm away from home and on the road, well after watching a few movies on the iPod (let me just clarify that when I say iPod I mean an iPod not an iPod touch and you know how small those screens are to watch things on) I decided that movies (especially good ones) shouldn't be watched like this.

      But like I have mentioned in previous reviews I do a lot of travelling and I am away from home a lot and stay in hotels or B&B's and that sort, so I have lots of access to a TV and it's too much agro carrying my laptop everywhere I go to watch a movie, so I take my iPod with me and just wanted to be able to put lots of movies on my iPod and be able to some how watch them on a TV through some sort of cable.
      And then I found my miracle wire.

      The Belkin AV Cable is a grey wire with a normal iPod jack at one end that plugs into your iPod socket and at the other end it splits off into three different wires or if you prefer, attachments. Just where the three split wires start it has a silver metal attachment (that doesn't actually do anything) on it which kind of just highlights for you where that part of the wire starts and as you go up to the heads (the parts you would plug in) they are in a colour order and the actual connectors are caped in a silver metal.

      There are three colours associated with the wires/attachments; the first is a yellow wire, which is to be able to watch the film so that your not just looking at a black screen and the Red and white is for the audio. So whether the hook ups are at the front of your TV or the back you put the colours into they're allocated places and make sure it's plugged into the iPod, sit back and press play.
      It is as easy as that, well on the wires side it's as easy as that, on the iPod you have to navigate into the right areas and make sure you have the right settings activated or otherwise it wont play through the TV.

      I have a lot of films on my IPod (which is an 80gb iPod) so you can imagine how many films I have on this tiny, slip in your pocket device. Who needs an external hard drive when you can have this?
      Having used my cable more times than I can count I know for a fact these cables go into any TV old or new (when I say old I don't me 1950, I mean more like 2000) if you find your TV doesn't have these hook ups there is an attachment you can get that basically goes into your scart plug and then you plug the red white and yellow wires into the attachment, hey presto your done

      This Belkin AV cable comes in a very recognizable smart belkin case but it uses more transparent plastic so you can see more of the cable you are dealing with.
      While it is in it's packaging case sit weighs 454grams once you take it out it weighs 382grams, so there isn't much difference and it does seem to weigh more than you would expect but to be honest that doesn't bother me because it's not exactly a back breaker to carry.

      A bit of techy stuff

      Product Description: Belkin AV Cable for 4G/5G iPod (Color LCD) - video / audio cable - composite video / audio.

      Cable: Video / audio cable - composite video / audio
      Technology: Shielded

      Left Connector(s): RCA - male

      Right Connector(s): Mini-phone 3.5 mm 4-pole - male

      Additional Features: Nickel-plated connectors, colour-coded connectors.

      Final Thoughts

      This cable is perfect for things like, if your away from home and your computer a lot, if you like to just have all your movies stored on one iPod and running off this amazing, life saving wire, perfect for sleep over's or even presentations if its for work or fun.
      If ever I take my iPod my Belkin AV cable is never far behind.
      This cable doesn't work for all iPods but if you get a more up to date cable, maybe from apple then it should be fine.

      This product is only £7.98 from Amazon
      You can get used ones for cheaper, but what I would like to stress to everyone is that if you are buying electrical goods whether a device or a simple cable, never get a second hand one, you never know how long it was used for and how long it has left to last.


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