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Nikkai A28GY Wireless TV/Video Link

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Brand: Nikkai / Type: Wirelessly sends video from your AV equipment to a TV in another room

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2011 16:29
      Very helpful



      A decent introduction to the product, but you may want to get a higher spec model

      Once upon a time, watching a programme from your downstairs AV equipment on your upstairs TV involved running metre upon metre of cable all over the house. It also meant that you would have to come downstairs to change the channel or select another recording.

      Then products such as the Nikkai A28GY Wireless TV/Video Link came along and made all this a thing of the past.

      Commonly known as a Video Sender, this sort of device is mains powered and re-routes content wirelessly from units such as your SKY box, PVR or DVD Player. SKY users who purchased their Magic Eye will be very familiar with the concept.

      The Video Sender consists of a transmitter that connects to the scart socket of the source device and a receiver that connects to the scart socket of the upstairs TV. The signal will appear on the AV channel, so after connection, switch on your TV and select this channel. Each hand sized unit has four wireless frequencies, so a little trial and error is experienced when setting up, while you find which frequency the signal is being transmitted and picked up on. It is advisable for two people to be involved in this to save on the leg work up and down the stairs. It will be the same frequency on both units, so try '1' on each first, then '2' and so on.

      Another useful feature is the infrared extender cable that runs from the transmitter to the infrared sensor on the SKY box, PVR, DVD Player etc. This allows you to use the remote control for these devices upstairs, the commands being fed back through the receiver. The user manual warns however, that this is not possible with the Sky+ remote.

      The picture and sound comes through so well, that most of the time, you will not be able to tell it apart from one of the normal TV channels.

      It can however pick up interference. We have found that other wireless devices such as your router, sudden movements around the house, atmospheric conditions and even your microwave can cause the picture to break up and the sound buzz. The more walls and floors the signal is having to pass through, the weaker it becomes and the worse this interference will be. Our model is the basic 2.4 Ghz strength, but there are stronger 5.8 Ghz versions around now that claim to deal with this.

      This unit also doesn't support multiple receivers. You can buy additional receivers for some video senders that enable you to set the system up in more than one room. If this is important to you, I suggest you buy another product. When we realised how useful the video sender was, we wanted to have the facility in the conservatory as well and had to upgrade.

      It is also possible now to have a transmitter that connects to more than one device, meaning that you have the choice of two signals upstairs, i.e. one from your SKY box and one from your DVD player.

      This Video Sender is good for those with limited needs or budget and introduces you to the capability of the product. We bought ours for around £30, but having just done a quick browse, you can now get a 5.8 Ghz unit with support for additional receivers for a fiver more (additional receivers are extra).

      * I have also written this review on Ciao


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