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Philips Wireless TV Link SLV3220

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    1 Review
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      01.01.2009 18:40
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      Great idea...Useless product!!

      I bought a Philips Wireless TV Link to replace my Magic Eye TV link that I use to view Sky in another room, and could no longer use as it would not fit into my aerial socket on my new TV. With the Philips Wireless TV-Link working through the scart sockets it was the perfect solution. With the wireless box connected to one TV via scart cable in my living room where I have a DVD player, VHS player and the Sky Digi Box, and the second wireless box on my TV in my kitchen via the scart socket, I found that I was able to view my Sky TV, VHS, DVD player on my second TV through wireless signals from my other TV and control them too from the second TV. "Great idea"..... I hear you all shout... well yes it is a great idea but unfortunately it didn't work for me.

      The whole idea was brilliant but it was difficult to set up as you had to place the wireless box, on the second TV and the main TV, in a place where it doesnt pick up interference which was impossible for me as I had a constant annoying line flickering and crackling up and down the screen. The Scart cable from the wireless boxes to your TVs are not very long so you are limited to where you place them and they are best placed away from other electrical items which is a dificult task when the cable is so short. I even tried to use it on a TV upstairs and I had the same thing happen with the interference.
      Before you buy this product you are not told that certain things that we use, daily in our households, can affect the product in a way that it becomes completely useless!!

      Wi fi signals from a wireless internet connections can cause a serious issue with interference.

      Digital household phones have an affect and can cause interference.

      Using the microwave was definately out of the question while using this product. As soon as I started the microwave or the neighbours used theirs the TV screen went wild with horrible cracking noises which souded so intense I switched my TV off for fear of blowing it up!

      Mobile phones seriously cause interference with the reception also when using this product.

      The interference that I got through using this product was fairly bad so I wasnt able to use it. Without the funny line going up and down the screen, the quality of the picture was fantastic and the whole idea was fantastic so it was a real shame to have to put it back in the box and not use it.

      I would definately NOT recommend this product to anyone that owns a mobile phone, digital house phone, microwave, Wireless internet connection etc or to anyone living next door to people with these sorts of things as it can cause this product to be useless.



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