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    1 Review
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      27.08.2009 06:53
      Very helpful



      It's a must have especialy if you have other neigbours on similar systems.

      Ok, so no wires it has to be? Right then, here it is, the Vivanco AVS 2020 . Some other video senders only have one channel ( or mode ) to send and receive a signal. That would be a problem if your neighbour has a similar system, which my neighbour does!, and being on their channel messes up yours and their signal, which basically gives you a ghosted zapped effect on your picture. So no worries about that with this set, as you can simply try another channel, so take it from me, four channels is not too many, as I appear to have not just one, but two neighbours with a wireless system! There is just one thing, If you or your neighbour is having a microwave dinner, be prepared for black out!, the microwave just kills the whole thing, It doesn't matter what frequency your on because the sheer surge of power the microwave cooker throws out is immense! So you know when their having chicken tonight! (You will be waiting ages to get your signal back). Mind you, the same is going to happen whatever system you buy, so putting microwaves aside, for arguments sake, these are pretty helpful having four channels (or modes), and a directional antenna. Moving the antenna will in some cases be required as you get what I call the snooker shot effect; the transmitted signal will get soaked up a little and bounce of high density walls and through doors so you need to aim to get the 'ball in the hole' kind of thing'. A must have also, is the remote control relay system, which means you can control devices that you have in that other room.


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