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Kitchen Craft Le'Xpress Cafetiere

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Brand: Kitchen Craft / Type: Manual / Capacity: 8 Cups

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    1 Review
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      15.11.2010 09:20
      Very helpful



      Four out of five stars

      Kitchen Craft Le'Xpress Cafetiere

      I own far too many cafetiere's and coffee related machines and gadgets. I believe my family and friends think that I am addicted to the java stuff, and they are probably correct. I love a nice cup of coffee and more often than not I use one of my cafetiere's for a quick fix.

      The majority of cafetieres are glass walled and it wasn't until I was sitting in a nice garden centre coffee shop with my mum that we were given one of these stainless steel cafetieres, which I was rather taken by how it looked. My mum remembered this and earlier in the year on my birthday I received this Kitchen Craft Le'Xpress stainless steel cafetiere.

      I own this in an 8 cup (1 litre) size, it is also available in smaller sizes if you prefer. Although it says that it should make 8 cups of coffee it is worth bearing in mind that this does mean cups and not 8 mugs. I also think I have become accustom to larger mugs as well, so although this might seem like a rather large cafetiere it isn't really depending upon what mug size you are used to.

      The stainless steel double walled function was really the selling point of this Cafetiere for me as sometimes with the glass ones by the time you have waited a few moments for your coffee to brew it can cool. Personally I prefer a hot, as hot as I can get it cup of coffee and I liked the idea that this would help that. So does it work? Well, yes. It isn't as obvious or as fantastic as I would have liked, but it does keep the coffee hotter than the glass ones and it is most noticeable if you make enough for two mugs, the second is far more enjoyable at a hotter temperature thanks to the double walled feature.

      I am sure that most of everyone will know how to use a cafetiere, but just in case here is how I tend to do it. Fetch your ground coffee beans, add the appropriate amount, then add the hot water (be careful to give the boiling water a second or two to cool ever so slightly so that it won't burn the coffee grounds) I then usually give mine a quick stir and wait. After a couple of minutes or less if you don't like strong coffee plunge the plunger and the coffee is ready to be poured and enjoyed. It really is simple and easy to use and when you get the knack of how much coffee and strength you can make a great cup of coffee tailored to your own tastes nearly every time.

      Personally, I think that this cafetiere looks really smart, stylish and I like the mirror shine quality to the stainless steel. This is pretty easy to keep looking clean and sparkling. However, it can attract fingerprints and mine after quite a few uses doesn't look as perfect as it did when it was new. However, I personally think that a few scratches makes it looked loved and used, I don't think it really detracts much from the overall look. The cafetiere has a rounded sort of shape to it and it does look really nice when used.

      Functionally, this cafetiere does pour well and although it is heavier to hold than the glass beaker versions it isn't overly heavy. However, it is worth bearing in mind the extra weight as I wouldn't buy one of these to replace my Gran's lighter version, which she finds easier to pour.

      This cafetiere isn't quite perfect, mine tends to wobble ever so slightly and isn't as stable as I would like it. However, that being said I don't worry about it tipping over. The plunger in this also does tend to let a few coffee granules into your coffee mug when poured, more than some of the other cafetiere's I own. However, any of the problems it has are small and it is still a good choice for the price.

      Beside from looking good, it is also very importantly, easy to clean. I tend to just give it a quick wash with some hot soapy water after I have used it, but it is suitable for dishwashers. I have put this in the dishwasher and it came out without any scratching. Unlike the glass cafetiere's it really isn't as fragile so you don't have to be as delicate when cleaning it.

      I am not exactly sure what my mum paid for mine or where she bought it from, but I did a quick internet search for the purpose of this review and trusty Amazon have these in stock for around £20. Generally, I think that for the price you do get a good quality cafetiere that will last you for a long time, especially in comparison to the sometimes cheaper but far more fragile glass beaker cafetieres. When I got mine I also got a ten year warranty with it, and I did notice that this was also noted as a key point on the Amazon site. This is one of the cheapest stainless steel double walled cafetiere's that I have come across.

      This gets a four out of five stars from me. If I didn't have a similar stainless steel Cafetiere that I like more than this one then I probably would have given it the full five out of five stars. It is worth bearing in mind that this is a great stainless steel double walled cafetiere for the price, I own another one that is by far my favourite, but then it cost more than double the price of this one.

      I would recommend this to other people, but if they really do use it all the time then it might be better spending a bit more and buying a slightly better quality version. However, for light or less frequent use then this is a great choice.


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