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Samsung VP M 50

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    3 Reviews
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      27.02.2008 13:42


      • "Ease of use"
      • "Ease of use"


      In hope of a kind soul

      I wish this was a review but it's a cry for help!
      I have just bought a Samsung VP-M50 Camcorder off of E-bay and from what has been said about it by the 2 members here I'm itching to get going .
      Guess what ? there was no Guide Manual .
      I'm a Silver Surfer so not technically minded at all .
      My son will tell me off for not checking the contents of the sale properly but I'm so keen to record my 15 month old Grandson who has just started walking that I went ahead on a whim.

      It's more compact and much lighter than I thought it would be , initially I was only going to use it indoors but as it's not even as heavy as my handbag !!! I'll use it outside.

      And now to my problem would any kind soul send me a copy of their manual so I can record my Grandson before he reaches puberty that's how long it would take me to decipher all the little thingy jigs.
      I'm more than willing to pay for your time or the manual if you are clever enough not to need it any more

      Please can anyone come to my rescue
      Thank you

      I've given 5* as I know it will deserve it after I find out how to use it !!! I not I'll be back


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        14.01.2006 23:58
        Very helpful


        • "Ease of use"
        • "Ease of use"


        Cheap and chearful and easy to use.

        If you are looking for an inexpensive Video Camcorder with lots of features then this might be the one.

        I bought this Video camera about 4 years ago in a sale from Comet, so I have had plenty of use from it and have found it very easy to use.

        The Samsung VP-M50 HI8 Camcorder uses 8mm size tapes with 90 minutes recording time.
        The 550x Digital Zoom is really quite amazing, I've used the zoom just to get a close -up look at things and not just for recording.

        There are lots of functions which are really quite easy to use and the manual is very easy to understand with lots of diagrams to make it even easier.

        As this is one of the older Video cameras there is no LCD viewfinder......so if you want to watch playback immediately after recording then you have to view through the soft rubber eyepiece.

        The quality of the picture and sound recording is very very good.
        and comes with T.V. adapters which allow you to watch what you've recorded through the T.V.

        The playback on T.V. is really good, the sound is clear and the picture quality is equal to if not better than T.V.

        This little camera is really lightweight and easy in the hand and comes in a mettalic bluey grey colour and darker grey round the eyepiece and cassette area. and measures 18cmx10cmx8cm.
        When I purchased it, it came supplied with...........

        Ac power adapter - for recharging the battery
        Battery pack - fits onto the camcorder
        Audio/video cable -connect to TV or video for viewing and recording.
        Remote control
        Shoulder strap
        Instruction Manual
        Lithium battery

        As I said there are many features including some excellent display effects
        Fade in...Fade out
        Character title generator....ie "happy Birthday"
        Black and white image
        Sepia effect
        All easy to use.

        Other features include

        Manual/auto focus
        Date/Time setting
        Battery level indicator
        Tape counter
        Zoom in and out button
        Play black mode
        Self-timer mode~you can record yourself.
        DIS - (digital image stabilizer) - helps to compensate hand shaking.
        Manual or auto focus

        Basically this camera is very easy to use and to playback through T.V.
        Also with the proper software the camera can be connected to a computer and transfered to C.D.( although have not done this yet but planning to!)
        I bought this 4 years ago and have had no problems as yet.

        £220~Comet-probably a lot cheaper here and elsewhere now.
        Replacement batteries and accessories are readily available online and high street shops.


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          10.03.2002 22:47
          Very helpful



          Many years ago we would of never thought it possible to watch ourselves on TV, until the brilliant invention of the camcorder.Most house holds either own or know someone that they can brorrow one from for that speical occasion. These are excellent for recording all your cherished memories on, and I wished that I had owned one when my children were babies. I decided to buy one about a year ago, to video my two lovely grandchildren,so that I can film them growing up and one day be able to show them. If you are thinking of purchasing a video camcorder then I can certainly recommend this smart little Samsung.It is very compact and is silver and grey in colour. It takes 8mm size tapes, which are only about £3.00 to buy, which is very reasonable. You get a basic accessory kit supplied with the camcorder, which consists of the following: Ac power adapter – can be used for recording in side and recharging the battery Ac cord – connects to the camcorder and to the wall socket. Battery pack – fits onto the camcorder. Audio/video cable - used for connecting to TV or video for viewing and recording. Shoulder strap Instruction booklet Lithium battery- this is for the clock function and memory I usually have problems when I purchase gadgets, trying to understand how they work. The instruction booklet is very easy to follow, with diagrams to help, so I was really pleased that even an idiot like me could work out how to operate the functions. The camcorder has many features which make this well worth the money I paid for it only £230 from my Freeman’s catalogue. FEATURES : On screen display through the viewfinder, which shows you the date/time, battery level indicator, programs, tape counter, basically everything lights up for you, which is great. Zoom in and out button Play/pause/stop Play black mode Fade in and out mode. Self-timer mode- you can record yourself, great ah! DIS – (digital image stabilizer) - helps to compensate hand shaking or movement for a better picture. Manual or auto focus button Six automatic exposure modes to choose from. DSE (Digital special effects) mode, there are 12 of these such as: EMBOSS which gives a 3D effect. CINEMA – movie like effect. MIRROR- cuts the image by half MOSAIC- gives a checkered design, B/W - black and white image SEPIA effect- GHOST – gives image a dragging effect. I forgot to mention that this camcorder is light weight so is easy on your hands when taping for a long period.The picture quality is very clear and the sound is excellent, it picks up noises from a long distance, really brilliant. The only down side that I could think of is that you are not supplied with a carry case, that is an additional cost. I have had great fun with mine and use it regularly. I now have a vast collection of home made movies, Lol. It certainly was worth every penny spent and I would definitely recommend this for anyone on a low budget. So if you are looking for one then you can’t go wrong with this brilliant one. Thanks for reading from Cinystar


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