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Crumpler Daily XXL

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2011 03:51
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      Excellent bag which should last for years!

      I bought the Crumpler Daily XXL 2 years ago when I started to get back into photography work and needed a bag big enough to carry my main kit plus a back up camera and lenses just in case of any problems as there's obviously no way you can tell a bride and groom sorry the camera seems to have packed in can we come back and try again next week!

      The Daily is 3 bags in one there's a padded sleeve at the back of the main compartment for a laptop and the photo bag is removable so you can take your camera gear out in one go and keep it all together safe in the photo bag it rather than lying around if you want to use the bag as a laptop or courier bag.

      The photo bag comes with padded dividers which have velcro attached so you can move them around and arrange the bag to suit your kit. For weddings or music gigs I can fit my 2 cameras with medium sized lenses attached usually a 2.8 24-70 and a 2.8 105mm along with a flashgun,memory cards,batteries and 50mm and 55-200mm lenses. For sports photography I can fit the 2 camera bodies a 300mm and a 200mm 2.8 although not with both lenses attached.

      The Crumpler Daily XXL is huge maybe slightly too big in all honesty if you do fill it the chances of being able to carry it for more than a short distance without a trip to A&E with a wrecked shoulder are pretty slim unless you're into weight lifting. I've used the bag as a laptop bag without the photo gear but it's far too heavy for me if I put both in.

      Although rucksack style bags are better for distributing the weight evenly I prefer shoulder bags due to liking having my kit to hand without having to remove my bag to get to my gear. The nice thing about this bag is it also has the removable extra strap usually found on courier bags which goes across you from the main strap to stop the bag moving around and help balance the weight then just unclips so you can get to your gear easily without removing the bag from your shoulder. The Main strap on the bag is wide with a quick release clamp for easy removal or adjustment it also has an added padded strap cover which is attached by velcro so you can remove it if you want.

      The Chicken Tex material the bag is made of is strong, water resistant and on darker bags like my dark charcoal coloured Daily it's easy to keep clean just wipe off any marks with a damp cloth and it cleans up fine. My other Crumpler bag which I use for cycling is red and looks grubby after a while so it's been chucked in the washing machine a couple of times although I'm not sure if Crumpler would recommend this it doesn't seem to have caused any problems with the bag!

      The main bag fastens with velcro and two straps with quick release clips this is handy as the bag stays shut when you close the main flap even if you don't fasten the clips but the downside is it's noisy when you need to open it which is ok if you're outside or at a gig but not so good if you need something out of the bag in the middle of a wedding!

      The bag looks pretty good it's smart enough to turn up at a wedding or christening but still cool
      enough to turn up with at a gig or wander around town with it's also great for carrying my photo
      gear or laptop on the bike as the extra strap keeps it in place. My Crumpler is still in great condition which is pretty good considering in the 2 years I've owned the bag it's suffered work in all weathers,bike rides in the rain and stray beer at gigs and survived them all.

      There's no option to carry a tripod or monopod on the Daily although there are a couple of loops for attaching accessories so you could probably find a way of attaching a monopod or tripod if you really wanted to but on the rare occasions I need a tripod or monopod I just carry them in their own bag.

      The greatest thing about this bag is it doesn't look like a camera bag and that was my main reason for choosing it. If I am carrying camera kit around I really don't want to advertise the fact especially if I have been working at music gigs and walking back through town on my own late at night. Most people looking at this bag would think it was just a bag full of work gear, sports kit or laundry rather than camera kit.

      Overall I really like this bag and would happily recommend it although I would advise checking the sizes in a shop rather than going by the Crumpler declaration of what will fit as this seems to vary a bit from the reality with some of the Crumpler bags I've looked at!

      Crumpler bags come in a range of sizes with plenty of different models and colours to choose from.The downside of Crumpler is they aren't cheap I got my bag in a sale for £75 the original price was apparently £130 but the bags are well made and should last a good few years which is something that should probably be considered before buying that bright orange one! 90% of them have ridiculous names the Daily definitely got off lightly in that respect when you consider Budgie Smuggler,Muffin Top,Pretty Boy and Banana Hammock are examples of previous models so you can expect to get strange looks from the other customers if you have to ask for one in a shop!


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