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Fujifilm Universal Zipped Case

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    2 Reviews
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      24.02.2013 23:51



      A great universal camera case that can be very handy.

      When I first bought my digital camera I was against the idea of buying a camera case was a big waste of money.

      But something changed my opinion immediately.....

      I had a close call with my Sony cyber-shot digital camera as I forgot to put on the wrist strap, but luckily the lens was retracted and it fell on the sofa. This made me realise that a suitable protective case is necessary (better safe than sorry!).
      So I immediately bought this camera case from the local electronics store because it looked nice and simple and it had good padding thickness. I like how the camera case is not made from a cloth material as they seem to get dirty very quickly when comparing to the "plasticy" texture of this camera case.
      The "universal fit" is true as both small and big cameras can fit tightly without movement that can cause any harm.
      The zip on this case is extremely long lasting comparing to the Velcro ones that seem wear down with frequent use.
      The padding is also very sufficient as I have dropped the camera once or twice with great results as the camera has not been affected in any way thanks to the padding which is around a few centimetres thick.
      What could have been better is added pockets and slots to put things such as SD cards and extra batteries, but this is not a major problem at all.
      Overall, this camera case is very good at protecting the camera without causing a hassle.


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      24.01.2013 12:53
      Very helpful
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      Value for money Fujifilm camera case

      At first glance, it's clear that this particular camera case has been designed specifically for Fujifilm's Finepix range of cameras, small and durable cameras that generally don't take up much space and have good connectivity in terms of transferring your pics and videos to a storage device. Camera cases are very much individual things, what suits one person will not suit another, so it's important to have as many facts and desires at your disposal when you decide.

      The product design here is technically done very well. The fabric is aesthetically pleasing with a grey strip down the middle of the body adding to this somewhat, and the 'rough' look actually hides a soft exterior that is well padded and is actually nice to hold in your hand. The softness also applies to how flexible it is, as you can squeeze this into gaps where perhaps other harder cases would not go. Of course, these harder cases are so designed for extra protection for the devices inside them, but this softer case actually has good padding to absorb the shock of most clatters and knocks. Even so, I wouldn't trust the case to absorb everything, so it's important to not drop it really!

      One issue I generally have with camera cases is the zip design often goes quite quickly. In an ideal world, I'd be slow and deliberate every time I want to unzip my camera case and zip it back up, but I use cameras a lot and often need to use them quickly. For safety, I do use cases when transporting them or out and about, and this one has a very smooth zip. It has caught a number of times and I always have a slight panic that it's going to have ruined the zip, but as yet I haven't had to fiddle with it too much. The teeth seem well designed and a closer look shows sturdy fabric held together well either side of the zip. Nor is there a slight flap overlapping, reducing the risk of this getting caught. So far, so good!

      The main issue I have with smaller cases such as this one is the interior size. While this one will hold the vast majority of compact cameras, which I concede are getting smaller all the time, I am constantly aware that all these tend to hold is the camera itself - there is no room for any accompanying cables or instruction leaflets, or if there is you end up squeezing them in and this puts extra strain not only on the fabric but also on the zip, which will inevitably over time stretch and split as the teeth become distorted by being overextended.

      Sadly, this case falls directly into this category. Even when using a Finepix there is a certain amount of stretching required to get a USB cable in the case with it, and so this is where it depends on why you are looking for a case. I'm strongly aware that most people will just need something to keep their camera safe, and if you're one of these people that is content with just the camera and you worry about attachments once you get back home and have the computer, etc, then this will not be a concern for you. However, for those who do need this extra albeit small bit of storage, this probably isn't going to work.

      I have used this for work purposes as well as personally, issuing equipment to people needing to use it but also needing to have the attachments, and the case does come back looking a bit stretched at times, to the point where I've researched different ones. I will say in its defence though that it's just not designed to have anything in it other than the camera. The flexible fabric does take the strain out of the zip somewhat, but ultimately this has an impact on the fabric itself.

      If, however, you're just after something that'll give basic protection to your compact camera, then this is probably a good purchase. Other than a harder case with padding inside, this is one of the better affordable options I'd go for. It's well designed, produced with quality materials that will last and can be easily cleaned, and has a well made zip. It's easy to get the camera in and out at speed (so far!) and makes me feel like my camera is protected. If it had a separate storage compartment for cables etc, I'd be using it more for work as well. Prices range but are generally between the £5 and £10 mark depending on where you look. Recommended, but as I said to start with, you really need to know what you want a camera case for to start with before taking the plunge.


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