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Fujifilm WP-FXA500

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    1 Review
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      25.08.2010 18:44
      Very helpful



      A waterproof case to hold your Fujifilm A400 / A500 camera.

      I'm always reluctant to take my camera on holiday, especially if we're going anywhere near a beach or a pool as I have a bit of a history for damaging them. On a recent holiday to Turkey my friend and I booked to go on a boat trip that also incorporated some diving and snorkelling so I knew I would be leaving my camera safely in the hotel room. When we got on the trip my friend pulled out her camera, much to my horror, as it flew out of her hand and straight into the water...

      As my heart almost stopped beating (and I also tried to fight the urge to laugh) my friend completely surprised me by leaning over the side of the boat to retrieve her camera which was bobbing away quite happily in what looked like a clear plastic box. She explained to me, after my panic had subsided, that it was a waterproof case designed by Fujifilm to hold their FinePix A400 and A500 camera models. The actual model number for the case is the WP-FXA500 case.

      The waterproof case consists of a clear glass shell in a sense which holds your camera and prevents any water from damaging it. The majority of the case is clear in colour although the ring around the lens and the buttons on the top of the camera which you use to take a photo with are encased in a lime green colour which makes it look a bit more eye catching. The case is 12.5cm by 6.4cm by 7.9cm, it weighs just a mere 146g and is made from silicone and reinforced glass.

      The waterproof case comes in two halves which are joined down one side, you simply have to place your camera in one half and then close the other half over the top. Once you place the camera inside the two halves simply clip together, you do need to apply a little pressure here to ensure that it clicks shut and therefore prevents any water from damaging your camera. Once it's in the case it actually looks quite cool and it doesn't really add any bulk or weight to the camera.

      Once my friend's camera was in the case the camera was safe to use in water with up to a three metre depth. It also offers full camera functionality meaning you can do pretty much everything on the camera that you would want to do without the case on such as taking pictures, viewing pictures, deleting pictures and zooming to name just a few of the options on offer. The picture quality is just as good as above the water and the case has no negative effects on the photos.

      I'd never thought of buying a waterproof case for my camera but it's certainly something to consider, especially if you've got an expensive model. My friend paid around £25 for her case which she managed to find on Ebay but if you're not as lucky as her then Amazon offer it at £40.76. Arguably it's not a cheap accessory to buy but she's already used her numerous times on different holidays and at Alton Towers too. I think I'll still keep my camera away from water!

      Thanks for reading.


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