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Lowepro Edit 140+

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2010 09:19
      Very helpful



      Very handy camcorder bag from Lowepro, with detachable bottom compartment

      The mistake I had made with my previous camcorder bag purchase was in not doing my research well enough. As I had ordered it as part of a larger online order, I hadn't the opportunity to actually try it on for size, as it were, so when I received it, I found it was much too small for my Canon MV750i, now a rather old machine with filming quality less than most normal Digital Cameras. This also means it's rather bulky.

      However, what I should have done is gone for something like this Lowepro Edit 140+, as the first thing that caught my eye was the separate storage area at the bottom of the bag, which is detachable and is used for the purpose of including such things as extra cables, batteries, remote control, memory cards, instructions, etc.

      The bag itself is a decent size, and comes in at bigger than the Lowepro 110 that I have. As with most Lowepro bags, the best feature is the protection it gives your product. These bags are designed to give substantial padding all round for that all important clattering and banging contact you often get when wading through crowds or accidental dropping, etc. The padding makes me feel that anything I put inside is going to be well protected.

      The bag has a few extra compartments, most notably the two side pockets, which are small and somewhat less padded, which are ideal for things such as spare batteries and memory cards. The bag itself has a flip top lid that seals very well, and opens up to give you good access to all the contents. I find that, because of the padding, you have to be very careful about ordering this sort of thing online, but the 140+ just about accommodates the larger than average camcorder I have comfortably, without it feeling like too much of a squeeze.

      The bottom compartment is what makes this an ideal purchase, though, and as I mentioned above, the key factor is the storage of those extra bits and bobs, especially cables, that you often need with camcorders. If you're just out and about for the day, then you may not need them, and you just want the camera itself along with the spare battery and cards, in which case the bottom compartment is completely detachable, making it so much more practical to carry around. For those trips away where you'll be needing the whole thing, it attaches again very easily, and can accommodate a couple of cables such as the power lead, any scart attachments for immediate DVD download, or even a USB lead for storage transferral onto a computer.

      It's also comfortable to carry, something which I have found that Lowepro do very well as a general rule. There is a handle on the top of tha case if you're just want to carry it by hand, but it also comes with a shoulder strap. It's adjustable, and can easily fit across my shoulders and comfortably too. It then nestles nicely by your side, and the padding means you don't feel like something hard is knocking against you as you walk.

      Overall, then, it's a very good product. As with all products like this, I'd advise trying to look at one before you buy, mainly for storage capacity reasons. The outside view will always be deceptive when you encounter a product that is keen on protecting your contents, and the padding here does reduce the apparent size inside somewhat. Other than that, you should have no worries about this case. It'll cost you over the £20 mark, more than likely, but it's a purchase worthy of the price tag as it'll last a long time and is very flexible in its usage. Recommended.


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