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Lowepro Rezo TLZ 20

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Lowepro Rezo TLZ 20 - Holster bag ( camera ) - microfibre, TXP, nylon ripstop - black

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    2 Reviews
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      05.10.2011 13:20
      Very helpful



      A good quality small camera case

      The Lowepro Rezo TLZ 20 is a great little camera bag which comes in a standard black colour with grey inner trim and a wide black shoulder strap for carrying. I chose this brand when purchasing my camera as I was aware how reputable Lowepro products were in the photography industry. It is particularly useful should you only need to carry a single digital SLR camera with a standard size lens and mine has been useful for carrying my Nikon D3000 around with me, however it has to be said that it is a tight fit. A key benefit of this bag is using it as hand luggage for your camera when travelling or catching a flight as it offers protection whilst taking up minimal space in hand luggage.

      Price and Comfort

      This camera bag is reasonably priced, and I got mine as part of a package with the camera for £17. In addition it is very comfortable to wear. Being that it is small in size the bag is relatively light even when housed and the wide strap means that it does not cut into your shoulders as other bags do, a feature which I find really handy when wearing strappy tops on hot holidays abroad.

      Practicality and Protection

      The bag is great for housing a single camera however the space inside limits this to just that. However there is a zipped up storage pocket at the front of the bag which is very useful for taking a spare memory card or a lens filter with you. The bag offers the camera a good deal of protection. The fabric is water resistant and therefore you are rest assured when the weather changes. Inside the bag has soft padding which means that the camera is kept free from scratch or other damage. In addition the inside of the bag contains a Velcro strap which means that the camera can be 'strapped in' at all times, particularly useful when moving around or travelling.


      The fabric of the bag is of a high quality with a hardy finish that prevents damage when bumping around. However the flap of the bag is fastened by a plastic buckle. Whilst this buckle is useful for securing the flap it is not the best quality and I have found it difficult at times to fasten, especially when in a hurry.

      To surmise, although this is a great bag for housing a singular camera and lens it is just that and is therefore not useful should you require a longer lens on shoot.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under the same user name.


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      19.05.2011 14:37
      Very helpful



      A light weight case that provides complete protection for photographic equipment

      I brought the Rezo TLZ 20 in January 2010 from my local Jessops store after my hubby brought me an Olympus SP-570 UZ the previous Christmas. It cost me at the time just under £30.00 which admittedly is pricey for a basic camera case but in my opinion a small price to pay for the safe storage and transportation of a £300.00 camera.

      I wanted a case that would provide style, comfort, durability and of course protection for my camera and I already had Lowepro in mind before I purchased as I had previously brought a smaller version to house my Nikon Coolpix a few years ago. Lowepro are a reliable brand, providing quality cases for photographic equipment, laptops, video cameras and other digital equipment. Lowepro's storage cases differ greatly in size and price and the amount you decide to spend really depends on your personal requirements and the kit you are storing. Having viewed and handled a number of camera cases in their range it was clear that Lowepro don't compromise on quality and their high standards are universal through out their range regardless of the price of the product you purchase. They also don't appear to compromise on colour either and just as Henry Ford said of his first automobiles, Lowepro promote with their range. You can have any colour as long as it's black! as almost (if not every) case in their range is in some shade of black or dark hue.

      At the time of purchase Jessops had several other camera cases in the Lowepro range but the Rezo TLZ 20 appealed for numerous reasons. Firstly, this case has been designed with the larger camera in mind providing adequate internal storage space without being over sized. This particular design is specifically (although not limited) for digital SLR's making it ideal storage for my Olympus. The main internal chamber measures an adequate 13.5cm wide x 10cm deep x 17.5cm high but the main frame also stretches slightly to accommodate bulky items whilst still keeping the contents tightly secured.

      The case itself is made from ripstop nylon, a light weight, material woven into a crosshatch, providing extra Resistance against tares, snags and rips making the external tougher and far more resilient than other cheaper alternatives on the market. I have to admit that when I chose the bag I did feel that it not only looked solid but it felt a lot stronger than others I viewed whilst remaining light weight (just 250grams empty and so this was a definite plus as I wanted a case that would provide a great deal of protection for my camera. It was also noticeable that a great deal of attention has been paid to the stitching, especially around the seems. Tugging and pulling appears to have no detrimental effect to the stitches which remain intact and tight to the fabric, again reiterating the tough durability of the product. The main case will absorb mild shocks and impacts without allowing the valuable contents to be damaged largely thanks to substantial padding and soft internal lining but also because the main body of the case has a stable structure meaning it is able to hold it's shape without being completely rigid.

      The actual shape, which is slightly wider at the top allows my camera (which measures 8.5cm wide x 8cm high x 8.5cm deep) to sit snugly at the bottom whilst other accessories can fit comfortably on top without being squashed or causing damage to the camera underneath. In fact this case also has adequate space for all manor of other accessories such as removable lenses and the like although mine is now used to store my Nikon Coolpix as there is more than ample space for both cameras allowing me to use one universal bag for storage. Even full, my Lowepro only weighs in at just under 1.2KG so muscles won't be toned carrying this around.

      Apart from the main chamber the Lowepro also has an additional pocket at the front which stretches outwards to allow easy access although limited to smaller accessories such as batteries and the like as it's quite a narrow shape and the casing is flimsier than the main body. It's the most disappointing aspect of the case as it's made with nothing more than strong un-padded fabric but the real downside is there is no way of securing it closed to the main case. A problem that would easily be solved by adding a small strip of velcro. As it stands at the moment contents are only secured into this compartment when the lid is closed and, if I'm honest I don't use it as I don't feel confident the contents won't spill out as soon as the case is opened but I also appreciate that room inside the main chamber would be compromised if the pocket was to be relocated. It really is a minor flaw that for all intense purposes could be pretty much overlooked unless you specifically had a need for it.

      An important consideration for me was that the case be waterproof as it seemed fairly pointless to spend thirty pounds on a case if I would need to purchase an additional carrier or cover for poor weather. The Lowepro's fabric is waterproof and the flip top lid also offers a good, snug fit ensuring that the contents are secured by means of an adjustable plastic buckle clasp. Not only does the lid prevent contents from spilling out but it also provides a tight fit around the opening that although not air-tight is highly unlikely to allow water to seep through unless the case was entirely submerged!. Which leads me to quickly point out that the bag can be sponged down to keep clean. I haven't attempted a cycle in the washing machine as I'm not convinced that it wouldn't ruin the padding (even on a low temperature) so best to seek advice first if your bag becomes heavily soiled. Certainly a damp sponge and soapy water was adequate to remove the light surface dirt that adorned mine.

      The lid provides a good sized carry handle that stretches across the entire length rather than just being secured in the middle. This means that the case remains steady and balanced when carried but there's also an option of a detachable shoulder strap. The strap is size adjustable (152cm when extended to it's full length, althought this measurement does include the plastic grips which again are thick and durable) but could do with a small shoulder pad for extra comfort although it's by no means uncomfortable at the moment. My preference is to carry diagonally (over shoulder to hip) as I find this provides the best comfort for me. At the back of the case has a fabric strip that will allow a belt to be threaded (or at least I think this is what it's for) so the case can be secured to the waist. For me, this particular feature is useless as I find that the case is too bulky and with it attached to my waist it's awkward to open the lid and access the contents.

      ---- Overall ----

      The lowepro TLZ 20 can be purchased from Amazon and other retailers on line such as Jesops and PC World and prices vary little from what I have seen. Lowepro's Rezo TLZ 20 is the ideal carrier for a larger sized camera. Almost everything about the design is near perfect (the exception being the near pointless front pocket) and for that I dropped a half point from my overall score. The build quality is superb and I find that the case gives me peace of mind that the expensive equipment contained inside is going to be protected from the elements as well as the expected wear and tear and occasional and unavoidable impacts it's almost certain to endure over it's life time and with due care there's no reason why this bag couldn't last several years.

      I would recommend that this item be viewed in store first to ensure that it is completely suitable for your needs and more importantly that it is an adequate size for your camera to fit. However, if you don't have the luxury of this option then I can highly recommend the product if you prefer to buy on line. My personal thought is that if you are willing to invest several hundred pounds on a camera then you may as well invest in a high quality case. Consider my overall score four and a half stars for this product because I think the high standard of quality and design makes the £30.00 investment well worth the money and it's a small price to pay to ensure your photographic equipment is protected.


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    • Product Details

      Designed specifically for distinctive, optical zoom digital cameras and compact digital SLRs, this holster-style bag has stretch-to-fit lid, quick-release buckle and SlipLock attachment tab. Soft, brushed-tricot lining protects the camera and LCD screens.