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Tamrac Express 7 Camera Bag Model 3537

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    1 Review
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      10.08.2008 22:58
      Very helpful



      An excellent bag for all your photography needs!

      As a professional photographer I use thousands of pounds worth of high tech equipment every day and when I am working in the studio doing portrait work that's fine but what about those outdoor shoots? Whether it is outdoor portrait photography, landscape photography or city photography I always need a good bag to carry all the equipment I need for my shoots.

      It is good to be able to travel as light as is physically possible so I have a carbon fibre tripod and a very comfortable camera bag that has room for everything and I mean everything. The bag I am using at the moment and have been for around a year now is the Tamrac express model 7, it not only has room for all my equipment and more but is also lightweight and very comfortable to carry which is of major importance, I mean imagine carrying an uncomfortable heavy bag for a distance then expecting your arms to be ready to shoot tack sharp images.... It just would not happen.

      The Tamrac model 7 bag weighs only 1 lb when empty which is great because your camera and lenses will tend to weigh an awful lot between them as mine do. The bag has room for a professional size DSLR camera and two lenses which is typically all you need, usually a 55 - 120mm and a 80 - 300mm but you will find that if you wish to carry a macro lens too then it will fit in with the 55 - 120mm lens no problem. It also has pockets designed to carry any cables you may need such as USB cables to connect you to your laptop or battery charger cables and indeed the charger itself.

      I always carry an Epson back up machine which is about the size of a deck of cards which also fits into these front pockets and there is side pockets which can cater for pens, mobile phones, MP3 players and the likes, so as I said you really can get everything you need in one bag and in an organized manor. I also carry two flash units and although the bags description says that it has space for one, you will find as I did that you can get two in no problems at all.

      Call me vain but I also like to look the part and this bag has real style, well if you buy the black version it does, it is also available in khaki but it looks awful. The bag looks like a very stylish laptop bag only fatter and it oozes style, class and professionalism which is a real plus for me.

      Each and every pocket either zips or clips closed so there is no danger of the things inside ending up moving compartment or ending up knocking together and damaging your camera or lenses which of course is of maximum importance. The main compartment of the bag is separated by adjustable dividers which allow you to set them to suit your camera size and lens size so no need to worry if your equipment varies from the equipment I have mentioned.

      Tamrac have been producing camera bags for many, many years but I have to admit until purchasing this one it was not a brand I had used but it will take a very special bag indeed to drag me away from this one I have now.

      I am unsure of exactly how many places this bag is available from but it is available from the Tamrac website at a cost of £52.99 which is a little more expensive than the £44.89 that I paid for it. I ordered mine from a mail order catalogue that I get through my business and is only available to professionals so maybe that is the only reason it was cheaper so you may have to look at over £50 to purchase this but in my honest opinion it is worth every penny of that.

      This bag has made my outdoor photography experiences much more enjoyable and is beyond doubt the best bit of non technological kit I have bought in years, when your camera, lenses and flash units are worth nearly £4000 you want to look after them and this bag helps me do exactly that and it is so durable and well made I doubt I will need a new one for at least a few years so you are looking at just over ten pound a year to look after £4000 worth of equipment, makes sense I think!!

      Thanks for reading!

      ©2008 thebigc1690


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