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Nikon L37C, 77 mm

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    1 Review
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      01.02.2012 21:37
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      Excellent filter

      The 'L37C' is a Nikon UV filter with a 77mm thread. "What's a filter?" I hear you ask - well, it's simply a circular piece of glass that screws onto the front of your camera lens and allows you to change the appearance of the final image in some way or another. This particular filter is designed to cut haze from your photos when you're shooting in sunny conditions - although I use it for protection as much as anything else.

      Price & Availability
      - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      In terms of its cost, the 77mm L37C is actually quite tricky to get hold of - I think it may have been discontinued by Nikon as I haven't seen one in the shops or online for quite a while. I purchased mine a couple of years back on eBay for £19, which I feel is good value for money considering the use I have had from it - i'm always keeping an eye out for another one.

      Specifications & Performance
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      This particular filter uses high quality coated Nikon glass its construction - because of this, it won't have any detrimental effect on your final image whatsoever. The anti-reflective coating does a great job, and the overall build quality is excellent. When i'm not using Nikon filters, I also use Hoya ones in the form of their Pro1 digital variety - In all honesty there's little difference between the Nikon and the Hoya in terms of their performance, both of which I would recommend wholeheartedly. In practical terms i've done a few test shots to trial the L37's effectiveness in reducing haze, and there's a definite reduction - so i've got no qualms there.

      Final Word
      - - - - - - -
      Overall, the L37C is a high quality product which serves its purpure very well. Haze is visibly reduced, and there is no detrimental effects on my photos - the only downside is the fact that the L37 is so difficult to get hold of! The filter is easy to maintain and keep clean, just give it a wipe with a clean dry cloth once in a while and you're done - that said, it's probably best to ensure there's no grit on the lens first - so if you've got an air blower, give it a quick pump with that. Recmmended.


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