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Camping Sites in Slovenia

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    2 Reviews
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      14.06.2008 15:56
      Very helpful



      A beautiful site in fairyland.

      Camping Bled - not a very imaginative name but a very picturesque campsite. This is a site we used when travelling through to Croatia in the Summer month of July. We went in our small but compact campervan travelling from Carlisle in Cumbria to Croatia. We had a few overnight stops en route in Belgium, Germany and Austria. We had looked at a couple of smaller campsites in the Lake Bled area but they were all full so we were really pleased that we could actually get in at this site. I have been told by my husband not to mention him any more in my reviews as he thinks all the doo yoo readers will have him down as a bit of a loon but the stories wouldn't read the same without him so I am going to take no notice and put him in this review.

      On arrival at the campsite we had to book in and tell the reception staff how many nights we wanted to stay - all the usual stuff. They took our passports and then gave us a ticket with the plot number on. We were a bit knackered that afternoon as we had been on the road a long time so we were a little irritable to say the least. We just wanted to park the van, crack open a beer and relax but before we could do this we had to find our plot.

      The site is very large and has a complicated system of marking the plots out. We couldn't find our plot in the beginning so we spent at least 30 minutes driving round the site. When we did eventually find it, we saw that it was near the loos which my husband wasn't over the moon about as people would be toing and froing all the time. Anyway, we sat down on the grass had a beer and thought about the plot. No, this is no good, we will have to find another spot, my husband said but taking in the panoramic view of the whole site it looked pretty full. I was quite happy to stay put but he is very fussy - one of these people when you go to a bar or restaurant he has to have his seat in the right position. He can't just sit anywhere and he won't stop fidgeting until he gets it right. It was the same with the camper that day.

      So in we climbed and went on a trip round the site. After trying to manouvere into a few spots we were shooed off but we did find one eventually which had a great view of the site and you could see the lake in the distance. At last he was sorted and could get his luxury camping chair and table out to put on the grass so he could relax with the second beer of the day.

      In the next plot was a Czech family in a rather small tent. The guy was about 6 feet going on 7 feet tall and with him was his wife and two small children. Obviously the tent was too small as he spent the whole two nights with his legs and feet sticking out . You would have thought he could have got a bigger tent. In the morning he looked exhausted as if he had had a twenty beer hangover but he hadn't - it was just that he hadn't had any sleep. I am not surpriised. Nice family though which always makes camping life easier if you get on with your neighbours.

      Okay I will cut the banter and tell you about Camping Bled.


      Lake Bled is situated in north Western Slovenia surrounded by the Julian and Karavanke Alps. The campsite is within walking distance of the lake which sits at the foot of the Alps.

      How do you get there

      Bus - all regular buses connect to Lake Bled from major towns in Slovenia

      Train - Lesce Railway station is about 4kms away.Trains going to Munich, Salzburg, Villach, Ljubljana, Belgrade, and Athens can be caught at this station.

      Road - By car: Bled is only 47 km from the borders with Italy and Austria.

      Air - Ljubljana-Brnik airport is about 40km away

      Site Facilites

      This is a five star campsite with the following facilities:


      Always very busy. Internet facilities. Telephones in seperate telephone booths and fax machine. Staff are multi-lingual and very helpful. Numerous brochures and leaflets on display advertising attractions and local festivities.

      Toilet/Washroom Facilities

      These are quite funky in decor, Bright yellow or green with lots of mirrors. Spotless and cleaned often throughout the day. The rooms are heated and you can always have hot showers. Toilets are in seperate cubicles and very clean. Dish washing facilities are also here.

      Disabled washrooms have showers, sinks and toilets

      Laundry Room

      washing machines and tumble dryers are available. You will need a token from reception to work these.


      This was very busy when we were there so we only had a beer outside. I believe that the menu on offer covers a variety of International as well as Slovenian dishes. They try to cater for any special needs and there is a discount for large groups or parties.


      The store is open every day and has a very comprehesive selection of foodstuffs as well as fresh produce being delivered every day including bread, vegetables and fish.

      We used the supermarket and cooked our own food but I did think the prices were high.

      Other facilities are:

      Car washing area

      Basketball/volleyball court

      Table tennis

      Bicycles/ sports equipment for hire

      Other sporting activities can be arranged and organised in reception. They can include horse-riding, rafting, canyoning, golf, mountain biking, hiking, Don't forget swimming - the lake is there to be used but does get busy.

      Children's playground and centre for games/ Mini club for children to go along

      Dogs are allowed

      Area for campervan service

      Evening entertainment takes place on the campsite which usually includes traditional folklore evenings.

      Lake Bled and other sightseeing opportunities

      If you just want to stay on site and not travel very far then there are plenty of things to keep you amused. The site is situated in a beautiful area for hiking and walking through the forests. If you want to have a cool dip then the lake is a short walk . The road leading from the campsite to the lake is very busy and can be dangerous so not a good idea to let small children go unsupervised. However the water is shallow and suitable for small kids.

      You can always be rowed across the lake to Pletna island in a traditional boat. On the island is a medieval chapel with a wishing bell. If you ring the bell all your dreams will come true (or so they say).

      In the town of Bled there are a selection of bars, cafes and restaurants. Even a casino.

      Other attractions are:

      Bled Castle

      The famous postacrd picture is the one of the idyllic island set in the lake with the fairy tale castle looming on the cliff top behind. The scene is perfect.

      You can reach the castle by foot and car and if you are feeling flushed and want to be a romantic, you can hire a horse drawn carriage to take you to the castle and back.

      Here at the top of the cliffs you have the best view of the lake and area. There is a museum and a restaurant with an outdoor terrace.

      Everyone loves a waterfall so I suggest you visit Vintgar Gorge. The gorge is surrounded by steep slopes which are covered with beech trees, and the waterfall, pools and rapids of the River Radovna sprinkle a trail of sparkling water through the gorge.

      Other places to visit are Ljubljana - a beautiful city with a lively market and endless coffee bars. Cobbled streets and various architectural styles making this city a must for every visitor to Slovenia.


      Bohinj which is the largest glacial lake in Slovenia, and is popular with hikers and nature lovers.To reach the Savica waterfall, you will have to climb 500 steps. St. John's church is worth seeing which is next to the lake. It is interesting and very spectacular with it's 13 century frescoes. Bohinj is just as pretty as Lake Bled with its' stunning mountains, alpine meadows and old traditional farmhouses.

      These are two of my favourite places in the area. If I was to mention more then this review would go on forever so I am going to finalise by giving you list of prices and a summary.


      I thought the site was expensive but saying that, it was 5 stars.

      Per Person - Low season - 8.50 euros, High Season - 11.50

      Over 60's - Low season 5% discount - High Season - 11.50

      Children 7-13 30% discount both seasons

      Children under 6 - Free

      Reductions for Caravan Club Members - 5%

      Golfers - groups of 26 - 10% per person

      Regular visitors - 5% per person

      6 nights stay - 10%

      Electricity 3 euros per night

      Dogs 1.50 low season - 3 euros high season

      Washing Machine - 4.50 euros

      Refrigerator - 2.50 euros


      Camping Bled is in a really beautiful situation, the site is very attractive and all areas are spotless. The facilities on site are excellent. Price wise I thought the site was expensive but it is 5 star. It is a very busy site especially at the entrance when arriving and leaving - you always have to queue. It does have security and is safe. It is well situated for excursions to other parts of Slovenia. If you are a sports fanatic then this site and area is suitable. On the other hand if you just like a swim and a walk it is fine as well. I would mark it 95 out of a hundred.


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        12.11.2001 23:32



        Slovenia is one of Europe's hidden gems, and this campsite is ideally placed to give you a taste of it. It's set on the shore of Lake Bohinj, a bigger, wilder lake than its more famous neighbour Lake Bled. When i visited in summer 1998 the rates were very reasonable - about £5 per night for a tent, plus £1 per person, and it also accepts motor homes. There's a bar and restaurant, good showers, and they rent out bikes and rowing boats - taking a trip on the lake is great fun and very peaceful. One trip not to miss when staying here is the walk up to Slap Savica, a very impressive waterfall and the source of the Sava River (the water emerges from a crack halfway up a cliff face). The walk is not too strenuous and takes about 2 hours there, a bit less on the way back. There are great views back over the lake as you climb higher. You can also take a cable car up to the top of the mountains to the south of the lake - in winter it's a ski resort, and there are some nice walks here in the summer (although the ski lifts are a bit of an eyesore in summer). Getting there: It's in the hamlet of Ribcev Laz, at the western end of the lake. The nearest big town is Bohinjska Bistrica, which also has a train station. If you're coming by train, you can get a bus from Bohinjska Bistrica.


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