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Lgking I433 UV Blacklight LED Camping Torch

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Brand: Lgking / Type: Torch

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2013 15:55
      Very helpful



      A brilliant device with unlimited potential for fun and education.

      This torch is technically sold for camping. I have not personally used it for camping. I've used it for science projects and bacteria detection, but I thought I would least briefly mention some of it's intended uses as well. My understanding is that this torch emits long wave ultraviolet light. The torch itself is 4" long and 1.75" wide. It has 21 small but extremely bright UV led lights and uses 3 AAA batteries. I have owned other black lights, but none were like this. This lights up a room and the intensity of so much stronger than any other black light we have owned.


      This will pick up even older urine stains - making this quite handy for tracking some animals. It will also attract several insects, and hence bats if you just want to hide somewhere and watch them swoop about. It is recommended for night fishing as well, and many fishing lines will glow under this light. It does glow with bacteria so might be worth having a peak at food communal food preparation areas before setting out your own meal, or to ensure dishes have been properly cleaned when you are short of things like hot water. It is recommended to search for scorpions, but as we don't have scorpions here, that seems a waste of time. It may pick up other insects as well though. UV light is also used to sterilise drinking water - but I don't think I'd try that with this torch as it is not recommended specifically for this purpose. But the best use for this outdoors is really that it produces enough light to easy light up a tent or campsite and is very small, light weight and easy to carry. I own two of these, both are using older ( perhaps 5 years old - ni cad) rechargeable batteries, but both are still going strong with several days of use, for hours at a time. This leads me to believe a good set of alkaline batteries could easily provide light for a whole camping trip - and this really does put out a lot of light. I hoping we'll be spared the power cuts - but if not it's nice to know we can still read, cook or go about daily activities with this. I would note though, that while this will light up the immediate area very well, it does not cast a beam as far as many other flashlights. I would not recommend this for things like keeping an eye on a dog romping well ahead of you.

      I have found a zillion uses for this


      If you use this light in a darkened room, bacteria will glow brightly when hit with the black light. I wasn't pleasantly reassured that this did not show any signs of bacteria in my bathroom, but I nearly died when we tried this in the kitchen. I honestly thought my kitchen was clean, and while I don't spend a lot on cleaning supplies, I thought bleach and boiling water adequate to keep most bacteria at bay. The outside of my fryer was horrible, and there were spots of bacteria all up the splatter guard behind the cooker. The most shocking offender however was the inside of my toaster. I empty the toaster regularly but never thought of germs growing on the wire that holds the bread in place. Needless to say these have been well scrubbed now. There was also a horrible amount of fluorescence indicating bacterial presence at the bottom of my refrigerator. Finally I found wee bits on the refrigerator door handle, the plastic top for antibacterial soap, cabinet doors, and also my living room door handle. This definitely ranks as the most disgusting science experiment ever with the possible exception of the stink bomb from hell. I didn't even want to eat out of my own kitchen and would have ordered a takeaway that night if I didn't suspect the takeaway would fair just as badly. I haven't eaten toast since though, despite scrubbing the inside of the toaster until the glow disappeared.


      The children and I had a contest for the dirtiest teeth. I lost. I have to say they cheated though and ran up and brushed their teeth thoroughly and used mouthwash making sure not a spot remained. I brushed my teeth as normal and found I had not cleaned the gum line area properly - five more points for the gross factor on this toy - but worth knowing all the same. They now brush their teeth and then check for germs. The same principle applies for washing hands - and I'm buying nail brush now as well.


      My original reason for buying this was a science experiment. I had a black light already, but nowhere near this strength. My kitchen looked nice and tidy with the old one. But my son wanted uranium for Christmas, and bought him a small bit of Uranium glass for an advent calendar surprise, and some fluorescent minerals for my youngest. I have sodalite, fluorite. hackmanite, scapolite and Manganoan calcite . I bought my specimens from a fellow on ebay who specialises in this type of thing + fossils - a true match made in heaven with our interests. If anyone is looking for minerals to use with a black light, I'd recommend contacting him as he is very happy to offer advice ( ebay id - natural.philosopher ). I do have other specimens of some of these minerals that do not glow, so it is important to check before buying. I would have loved to have bought the pitchblende, but the gentleman did not recommend this for children to play with as it will register on Geiger counter. The uranium glass is considered safe - at least for handling. Some fossils will glow as well. We found our amber to glow very nicely. My children found this fascinating and now have even more interest in rocks and minerals. The specimens are beautiful and we have been reading more about these minerals online.


      My son came in delightedly to inform that pee will glow a bright and luminous green when exposed to this light. Apparently it was better before diluted with toilet water - and I won't be trying this myself, but they did bring me up to see the loo and sure enough it was glowing brightly. Perhaps not of much interest for adults, but this is an absolutely fascinating topic for children. I just hope they don't drop the torch in the loo. I wish I had known about this back when they were learning to use the toilet though.


      These all look wonderful in a darkened room with the black light shining on them, and they will continue to glow with far more intensity after the light is extinguished then they would if charged with an ordinary light.


      Most highlighter pens work beautifully with black light, but at least in our experience, blue does not work. Yellow is brilliant because you don't really see it until the black light is on. My son currently has a skull drawn over his face and skeleton bones on his hand and arms. You can't see at all until the lights are off and the black light on. I so wish I hadn't shown the kids the video on this before trying it. It would have been so much fun to have done it myself, turned the lights off during a scary story and turned into a skeleton. My son has been desperately hoping the neighbour would visit after dark so they can flip the lights off and transform. You can draw beautiful light up pictures as well. I am also planning a treasure hunt with one map drawn in yellow highlighter, so they will have to figure out how to make the map appear ( the others will be in various codes and one map always leads to another until the final map reveals the treasure - done right it can take an hour or more and really brightens a cold winter day).


      We found a few highlighter pens which had unfortunately dried up. I pulled the felts out of the pen and dropped them in a bottle of bubble mixture. You need to let this sit at least overnight and preferably longer, shaking occasionally. The bubble fluid should be coloured the colour of the felts you dropped in - if not wait longer. I am using two tips per bottle, but I imagine with fresh pens, you could use one. Once the bubble fluid is nicely coloured, wait until dark, turn the lights out and one person blows bubbles while another shines the black light. Absolutely magic!


      Tonic water will fluoresce beautifully, so if you fancy green glowing cocktails you might consider mixed drinks with these. You can also use tonic water with regular jelly cubes ( light colours work best - we used green) for glow in the dark jelly, but the tonic water has a bitter taste, so rather than eat the jelly, they used it for a jelly fight in the bath - messy yes, but plenty of fun. You can also use the tonic water to make ghostly signs or footprints.

      We've also found a number of household items and toys that really jump out under a black light. It isn't quite as extreme as the uranium or bacteria, but the clear plastic parts on lego, bionicles do glow, as do all the nerf darts we own and several parts of the nerf guns. I even found some of our pipe cleaner art projects glowing nicely, and my sons action man sleeping bag. I strongly suspect that we have only just scratched the surface with this wonderful device. With a price of only £4.99 new and delivered from Amazon, these really have offered an incredible amount of value for money.


      This isn't as much fun as the other uses, but if a bank note is legit you can see an invisible water mark like symbol appear when you shine this light in the lower left corner.


      As mentioned, this is bright. Very bright. I have warned the children they will not be able to play with this if they shine it in anyone's eyes. I find the beam from this torch painful if directed towards my eyes, especially in a darkened room. I have read several conflicting statements on the safety of these lights, but most sources do consider them safe. They are really just ordinary led bulbs with a violet filter. However better safe than sorry, I do believe some caution is advisable.

      My only other issue with this light falls under the old "what you don't know - won't hurt you clause". This isn't necessarily true, and detecting and therefore removing bacteria in the kitchen, on hands, and on teeth is certainly a good thing, but it really did make both my husband and I sick to our stomachs when we saw the bacteria in our kitchen. I found the toaster bit especially disgusting as our food comes into direct contact with the area which was covered in bacteria. All the same - I do recommend this - it is too much fun not to recommend.


      I have now purchased a 3rd light as a spare this is so popular and getting so much use. I wanted to note that the one from amazon costs £4.99, but it may take a few weeks to deliver due to the fact that it ships from Hong Kong. I had originally bought just the one, for the rocks and then, when I saw how good it was I wanted a second so both boys could get one. Rather than wait I ordered what appeared to be an identical item from ebay - but cost £7.50 as it was in the UK and next day post. It is almost the same, but a bit lighter, the switch doesn't feel as sturdy and one of the led was out on arrival . It still works just as well with one led missing, but I'm not quite as comfortable with this item, and have ordered another from Amazon so they both have the best one possible. I'll just keep the extra one as a spare. In general though, despite one light on the ebay torch having a single cell d.o.a., both of these have been fairly sturdy. The torch from Amazon survived a drop down a half flight of stairs as the boys were racing upstairs once, and both have had a few drops - just thankfully none into water as of yet. If nothing else, I'm happy to have the extra one as an additional emergency light source in case of blackout. If you can afford to wait, I strongly recommend buying from the link at the top of this ad to make sure you get the exact same torch we have. And while it can take 3 weeks, I have been quite lucky and had most of my items from Hong Kong in less than two weeks later. In fact I've had post from Hong Kong beat the post from England.


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