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TurboFlame Turbo 2 Twin Jet Windproof Lighter

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2 Reviews

Turboflame / Windproof Butane Lighter for outdoor pursuits enthusiasts and craftworkers

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    2 Reviews
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      28.08.2011 03:00
      Very helpful




      I have had this lighter for five years now and I bought it from the Gadget shop in Glassgow. I was attracted to the box and after reading the back to see what it did I bought it. The turboflame 2 lighter cost me £6.99 pricey for a lighter but it look promising.

      The turboflame 2 lighter come in a clear box with a cardboard insert holding the lighter in place. It gives some warnings about safety on the box but no real instructions not even how to refill it I had to work that out for myself.

      The lighter reminds me of a rocket , the way its shaped and the way the flames come out of it. I find its quiet heavy and solid too. The lighter is made from solid metal, it has a flick up lid that over time has become slack, this does not effect the use of the lighter though.
      You can buy these in different colours, I have the silver one but you can get them in shiny bright red or metallic blue.

      When the lid is up you push the button down and the flames powerfully come roaring out of the top so care should be taken. Turboflame turbo 2 runs on butane gas and refilling is easy just pushing the nozzle of the gas can into the hole and letting the butane flow in, the only thing is i don't know how full of gas the lighter is so its a waiting game until it runs out.

      I feel it is good on gas as i only need to refill it once every 3-4 months that's with me using the lighter everyday. I am a dirty smoker and use the lighter for this and lighting my candles, and starting my coal fire.

      What makes this lighter special is the two jet flames, these are powerful flames that heat up to 1300 degrees. You can use this lighter in gale force winds and the flames stays alight and does not move about. Also if this lighter gets wet or damp it still works.

      This turboflame 2 lighter is perfect for camping due to the features stated above. As my husband goes camping in winter he takes his turboflame lighter (he has the older version) as swear by it. Its ideal for everything really and is very strong and durable. I feel the price tag on the lighter was a small price to pay and i would have spent way more on disposable lighters over the last five years so it was a bargain really and its showing no signs of packing in yet.

      Turboflame 2 would make a great gift to for the campers or outdoor lovers.
      Highly recommend the turboflame 2 lighter currently can be purchased from Amazon uk for £5.99


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      17.12.2010 19:12
      Very helpful



      Five stars from me

      I bought this lighter four years ago, and have found it to be one of my most useful gadgets. I use it almost daily (and no I'm not a smoker/pyromaniac!) and have found endless situations where it comes in handy.

      What is it?

      The Turboflame Turbo 2 is solid, metal, press button butane lighter. It is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, and as such is windproof. It achieves this with two laser jet burners which blast away with a blue flame at 1300 degrees centigrade (think Bunsen burner on the highest setting). It is about 5cm tall and due to the nature of its metal casing pretty heavy compared to the plastic lighters you find on the counter of your local tobacconist, (but this is no 20p lighter after all).

      You can choose from four different metallic colour options - red, blue, silver or dark grey. I have the turbo lighter in red (see picture) to perfectly match all my other bits of camping kit (yes, I know it's a bit pathetic really). I've had a gander at all the other colour options though, and they are equally pretty.

      How does it work?

      Just like any other lighter it uses a spark which ignites the butane gas, producing the flame. The spark is not produced by a flint like the classic Zippos. Instead, a click of the button causes Piezo ignition from an electrode within (it's worth noting therefore that damp conditions may make this unsuitable for use). The good thing about Piezo ignition over flint sparks is that they will last a lifetime and not wear out... a bit like this lighter really.

      And the brand?

      Turboflame solely specialise in lighters. They have not branched out into gimmicky products and from a little look around on the web, I've found that they seem to be market leaders in lighter technology. Their range is constantly expanding and improving, but in my opinion the Turbo 2 is the best one they produce. They also do lighters specifically for home use, engineering use and military use. As well as accessories for their lighters such as a pod which allows hands free use. Their website is also packed with handy information for getting the best out of your product.
      Where can I get it?

      It's available from Amazon, outdoorsy shops like Outdoor GB, and Gear Zone and of course from the Turboflame website. In fact if you go to their website there is a long page of suppliers listed, which proves quite handy. The Turbo 2 retails between £6.50 and £9 online and I've seen in-store at Go Outdoors for £8.50. I think this is a veritable bargain considering how well made it is and how long mine has lasted me.

      Is it effective?

      Absolutely. The solid blue twin jets are no wafty orange flame, they mean business! It gets extremely hot - 1300 degrees to be precise (and for this reason it's important to remember that the heat extends at least 20cm above the actual flame).

      In a particularly joyless stint on a rural island in the rainy season myself and my colleagues had to cook rice on a fire made from soggy coconut husks. After getting through several packets of matches attempting to get the fire going the first time, I pulled out my Turbo flame and once everyone had had a play around with it (it encourages this sort of thing from all ages, women and men alike, I'm afraid!) we got the fire burning in seconds. Soggy fire wood is no match for this lighter.

      The twin jets are 'laser' (ooh exciting!) which means they are precisely directional. As a result all the heat gets concentrated into a fine point. This is really handy for DIY fix it jobs around the home and when travelling. I've used this lighter to fashion all sorts of useful diving accessories out of fishing wire and bits of plastic and metal. It has also come in handy for fixing rucksacks, quickly melting the nylon straps and plastic buckles on them.

      The nice thing about this lighter (and in fact all Turboflame lighters) is that they burn cleanly. Basically this means instead of getting whatever you are lighting/melting all sooty and blackened, they will not leave these carbon deposits behind, because they 'clean-burn'.

      When would I use it?

      I've found myself using it in all kinds of situations. Obviously it's great for camping and cooking. But when I'm at home the rest of the time, I use it for lighting tea lights, incense and the barbecue and stove too. It can take a bit of a learned knack to light a candle with this as it's so powerful it tends to blow the flame out as it lights it - slightly impractical! But as long as you angle this slightly above the wick of a candle and only press the button for a short burst it does the job very well. It's great for lighting candles in jars or oil burners, which can often to be hard to reach with matches or normal lighters. Because this flame gets so hot, it will light the candle without even touching it.

      The Turboflame website suggests this is ideal for craft workers and many kinds of outdoor building/engineering work. I've never actually used it for these purposes but if the comments on their website are anything to go by it seems fairly invaluable to anyone in this line of work. A quick look also confirmed this lighter is a favourite in the armed forces and with professional expedition guides, which doesn't surprise me at all.

      Is it durable?

      This is no flimsy, plastic lighter; it's built with the outdoors in mind. The casing is all solid metal and I've found it doesn't dent at all, although the paint has scratched off in a few places. The cap is hinged onto the side of the lighter well and I've no worries this will ever fall off or break. Furthermore the cap offers total protection to the fragile bits of the lighter. Being solid metal it will not get crushed or deformed and so it prevents dirt or foreign objects from entering the lighter perfectly. The only plastic bit is the press button. Mine has never melted or broken.

      Is it easy to refill?

      Very easy indeed. Like any other lighter all you have to do is turn it upside down and hold the gas canister nozzle onto it briefly to fill it up. The Turboflame website has detailed instructions on how to fill it up should you be a tad confused. The valve only allows gas to enter when it is depressed so you will have to ensure the nozzle size fits correctly - but I use the standard size that comes with the canister and don't need to place any attachments onto it. The tank is only small so it will take around 10 seconds to fill this up, and that can be done in one burst. I always do this in a ventilated area as sometimes the gas seeps out the sides if I get a bit carried away!

      There is a glass window on either side of the lighter which clearly shows you how much gas is left. As mentioned, I use my lighter daily, and I find one tank of gas will only last about three or four weeks. The tank is not massive and being such a powerful lighter this little gadget will get through fuel at quite a rate. But it's very easy to refill and very cheap to buy fuel so I'm not too fussed about that.

      It's absolutely vital to use quality pure butane with this lighter. It must state 'Near zero impurity' or 'Double/triple refined' on the canister to be suitable. I've heard accounts from enough friends to know that if you scrimp on fuel and only buy cheap lighter fluid then you'll end up with a stuttering, problematic Turboflame lighter. I've never used anything except for premium butane gas refills from my local hardware store. It's only around £3, and a can will last up to a year, so it's worth it in my opinion.

      Is it adjustable?

      Yes the flame height is easily adjusted. It's very easy to do and just requires a simple turn of the base of the lighter using a screwdriver or pen knife or something similar. There are clear engravings on the base which show you which way to turn for a larger or smaller flame. The range is perfectly adequate, going from about a 0.5cm tall flame, up to 4cm tall.

      Adjusting the flame height is important if you want to take this lighter with you to very hot or cold conditions. If the ambient temperature is very cold then you'll need to turn up the flame height (and warm the lighter in your hands) as the butane will not form a gas as easily as it would at warmer temperatures. Conversely in very hot climates it's an idea to keep a lower flame height as the butane will form a gas more readily.

      Such a glowing review... surely there must be some negatives?

      Unfortunately yes there is one negative point - this lighter may fail if you do not follow the guidelines for refilling to a tee. Six months into the life of my lighter I began to notice it stuttering slightly when I pressed the button. Sometimes it would not even ignite at all. Fearing the lighter had come to the end of its useful life I looked up replacements on the Turboflame website. Here I found that this was actually a fairly common problem - so common in fact that Turboflame felt the need to put a link to it on the front page of the website. It appeared that the problems stemmed from not bleeding the tank before refilling. Nowhere in my instruction booklet was this mentioned (and I'm a stickler for reading every minute detail in these before even taking a product out the box!).

      Apparently the butane gas and air need to be in a precise ratio to create a stutter free flame. As the gas is burnt it gets replaced by air - and thus problems begin if this is not rectified at the time. I promptly got a ballpoint pen and pressed the gas inlet on the base of the lighter (in a well-ventilated area of course) until whooshing noises ceased. I then refilled the tank, et voila my Turbo 2 was restored to its former fail-free glory. I've since made sure I bleed the tank when gas gets low and always before refilling. I've had no problems since then.

      Oh and it's also worth noting that you should bleed the tank of air if you take this on an aeroplane, as otherwise the pressure may cause it to explode!

      Anything else I should know?

      * The instructions advise that the flame should not burn continuously for more than 60 seconds. This is because the tip of the lighter will become extremely hot. Being solid thick metal I don't think anything would melt in this situation but unless you want burnt fingers I would recommend following Turboflames' instructions. It also probably goes without saying that this lighter should be kept away from children, clothes, faces and anything else you don't want to fry to a crisp.

      * You can buy specially made cases for your Turbo 2 lighter from Turboflame. I don't have one of these and think they're probably a bit unnecessary. The cap on the top stops dirt, sand and other particles from entering the important bits of the lighter. And the rest of the lighter is built very solidly so I can't imagine knocks and scrapes would do it much harm (mine has been trodden on by a camel and escaped unharmed - but that's another story altogether...)

      * The Turbo 2 has a little lanyard attachment on the side, but does not actually come supplied with a lanyard.


      I'd recommend this lighter for anyone who enjoys a bit of occasional camping, up to a full blown 'Into The Wild' existence.

      I'm giving this lighter five stars. As long as you follow all the instructions from Turboflame I think you'll find it a superb product that will last many years.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review, I hope you found it useful :)

      This will also be posted on Ciao under my username sbeach000


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