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Betterware Ice Scraper

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    2 Reviews
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      24.11.2013 14:38
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      Give Jack Frost the whatsit...????? and keep your hands warm whilst your doing it.

      It's winter time once more. It only feels like a few months since the last one??? But we all know what winter brings. High bills, low moods, dark night, cold morning and lots more. With those cold mornings bringing the nasty Jack Frost with his fingers of ice, all eager and ready to cover your car windows in the white layers of his name... no, not Jack, I mean Frost.
      We all know what that feels like, fist thing in the morning, stood outside the house, layer upon layer of coats, a scarf or two and more gloves wrapped around your hands than they sell in the local glove shop. So there you are, about as warm as an ice cube in a deep freeze, shivering away like a monkey on a tightrope in a wind tunnel, as you stare at the thick layers of ice that have totally encased you car. You need to get to work so you know you have to get the car out of its tomb of ice as fast as possible, even though you can barely move under the multiple layers of cloth that you have donned in the hope of keeping Jack from your delicate skin. You have a decision to make. You could just call it a day, go back in the house, dive under the duvet and settle back down for a few more hours of warmth and sleep. This sounds the best idea but you know you won't get paid from another day off, and you know you're boss is not going to believe that it's your great grand mother funeral, again. So this choice isn't going to be one of your best ones. So you know you really have to de-ice the car, but this is not something you are looking forward to doing, but it needs doing, and fast.
      You could get out the can of de-icer, start spraying all the windows, hoping that the spray doesn't run out mid way through the first window leaving you with only a few gaps in the thick double window of ice for you to see through. This idea isn't one of the best one either. For one, it's a bit dodgy to drive whilst trying to look through a hole in the windscreen that's the size of a golf ball, and two, it's illegal which will attract all sorts of blue lights and shouting policemen in your direction.
      Now, with the de-icer can all empty, and only a fraction of your cars windows are clear enough to see through, you could use the old fashioned method of hot water over the windscreen? But you remember what happened the last time you tried that one? watching in horror as a lovely spider web design began to appear on the glass, getting bigger until the ice was the least of your problems.
      So, now, you have no choice but to start scraping the ice, using what ever flat headed tool you can get your hands on. Be that a tape cassette case, taking it apart, using the flatter half, trying not to shatter the rigid plastic as you slowly scrape away the ice.
      And all this time you have been telling yourself to go out and buy a proper scraper so that you can get the job done properly. But you never seem to get around to actually buying one. And you wish you had bought it now, as you're stood staring at your ice covered car on a freezing cold dark morning.

      So, every morning, standing out in the cold, you're adamant that you will go and get that scraper, later that same day, and you will. Only have I got a scraper for you that will not only scrape away the ice, it will also keep your hands warm at the same time, which is a bonus in itself.
      But what is this wonder scraper then?
      It's not a wonder, although it should be, it's simply called a glove scraper, which means that it is a scraper within a glove, with its full name being the Betterware Car Ice Scraper.

      * So what does this car scraper look like..?
      If I said it was a flat piece of plastic wrapped in a cloth then you'd probably become bored very soon, (and that's if you're not bored already). But that's really what it looks like, in a way, although the cloth is a glove. Yes, a glove.
      Allow me to explain.
      I'll start with the scraper part as this is what this thing is all about. This scraper is made of a single piece of plastic, with a flat headed blade type section being about 100mm wide, tapering into the glove section to about 75mm. The actual blade, the part that scrapes across the ice, is thin and looks about as strong as the Euro, but it is very misleading, unlike the Euro, and can take a bit of hassle from those more stubborn bits of ice that seem to be welded to the glass. The flexibility of it also allows for the smooth contours of the glass around the vehicle, making scraping the ice from all the windows quite easy.
      The scraper has two sides, one side having a bit of a rougher edge, serrated sort of. With the other side being as smooth as the marble floor in Buckingham Palace. This gives more action power to the scraping motion so that you can use it on both thin ice and the thicker ice that seems to want to cling onto your car.
      But it's not just a blade, no, if it was then you may as well stick with that half of the cassette case you used to have knocking about the car. This blade head has a handle, which is again plastic and is hidden inside the 'glove' so that when you are holding it your hand stays as toasty warm as a cat in front of the log fire.

      There's also a rubber section on the scraper for when you have got rid of all the ice and are left with all the little white flecks and damp parts. This rubber part acts like a window cleaners washer thing. You know the ones? The window cleaner throws a dirty wet cloth onto your window, rubs it about a bit and the gets out his long tool...???? (Ahem).. He then scrapes all the dirty water away using his special rubber bit on his tool... you know what I mean?
      This is the sort of thing on here, sort of, in a very small way. But it does the same thing, taking away anything that is left on the glass with a smooth, gentle motion.
      (Now, I bet some of you are still imagining the window cleaner and his 'long tool' in hand standing at your window...??!! Stop that now and concentrate please).

      So what's this glove then? I can hear you ask.
      It's a glove, or more a mitten as it has no fingers or thumbs. So it's not really a mitten then, it's more a small sack that is wrapped around the handle of the scraper. But I'll call it a glove as it sounds better than calling it a sack.
      So, this glove is stitched around the handle, all the way to the blade area, right to the top where you push your wrist thought the one and only hole. This hole is kept tightly wrapped around you wrist by a strong yet gentle piece of elastic so that it doesn't keep slipping off no matter how vigorous you become with your scraping.
      Inside the glove is a lovely lining that feels fleece like, which adds for extra warmth, keeping my little pinkies warm as I scrape away at mother natures revenge on car users.
      Plus, to stop the fleece from getting wet from the ice that you're scraping away the outer part of the glove is actually water resistant so you don't even feel the wetness one little bit.

      * So how do I use it then..?
      It's like using a scraper with a glove on. And that is exactly what it is really.
      You simply push your hand into the opening on the glove, allowing the elastic end to wrap around your wrist, or forearm, depending on how small or big your hands are. You grab the handle of the scraper, which is inside the glove and is nice and dry. Then you simple go about scraping the ice from the glass, using the rough side for those naughty bits of ice and the smooth side for the friendlier bits. Finally, if you want to, you can then use the 'rubber' but to clear all the white fluffy debris from the glass to finish the job off.

      All this scraping is made easier by firing your engine up, turning the heating on full and aiming all the heat towards the windscreen. Maybe pressing the air circulation button as well. Then shut the car door.
      This means that as the car slowly warms up inside the ice on the glass becomes less troublesome. Although you'll probably have most of the ice off by the time the car warms up enough.

      Caution though....
      Do not leave you car unattended with the engine running as there's some right little villains about and your insurance company will not pay out if you leave the keys in the ignition and pop inside for a warming brew.
      And secondly, some engines on certain cars don't like warming up on 'stand still' and may become a little upset if you do this too often. These cars like to warm up their engines whilst on the move. So consult you car manual just in case.
      But anyway, that's nothing to do with this scraper is it....

      * And what do I think..?
      Out of all the scrapers I have used this one is in the top five, maybe even being numero uno for keeping my hands dry and warm on those ice scraping mornings, which, as we now, we had a lot of them last winter, and the winter before.
      And this is why I am glad that my wife bought me this scraper during the cold that was last winter as she was getting a bit sick of me constantly moaning about the ice on my car on those many mornings. I wouldn't mind, it only took her about five minutes to clear the ice off the car each morning so why she was sick of my moaning I don't know? But when she bought me this I was quite impressed, even if, at first, it did look like a scraper in a bag sort of present.

      The glove fits, well, it fits like a glove really, as the saying goes and I find the elastic edge around the opening of the glove to be so comfortable with no chafing at all as it manages to keep the entire glove wrapped around my hand as I scrape away at the ice. This not only stops the glove falling off but it also means that no little flakes of ice fall into the glove and cause my fingers to become wet and cold. Which is the last thing you want first thing in the morning.
      I do have to say that if you've got smaller hands, more feminine hands maybe, then these gloves may be a little on the bigger size. But if you wear a pair of gloves inside this glove then this should avoid any 'bagginess' and any slipping about. But I don't think it's really necessary, unless you've got hands the size of a Barbie doll, (other small plastic dolls are available).
      The handle feels nice and firm in my hand inside the glove and I have never lost grip of it as I push and pull along the windows of my car.
      The scraping head, or blade, is as strong as it needs to be, even if it doesn't look it, and can handle the thicker of the ice covering without shattering into a million pieces all over the driveway.

      The only downside is that this glove-scraper contraption thing can only be bought from the people of Betterware. But, there are other such similar glove-scraper things being sold elsewhere. Although I don't know if they are the same structural design aas this one but they look very similar.

      * What about the price..?
      It's a bargain at about £5.00, or less, which, is not much more than you'd pay for a bottle or two of de-icer and a lot less than you'd pay for a windscreen if you decide to throw a kettle full of boiling water over it.... DO NOT DO THAT...

      * Would I recommend this..?
      I would have to say, with a large warm hand and smile on my face. Yes, I would more than recommend this, I would insist that people go out in large groups and buy this glove/scraper. If not for yourself then for the planet as all that de-icer being sprayed about, infiltrating the air, dripping into the water system, can not be good for the planet. But a scraper is as green as you can get it, maybe not in the making or the material it is made of, but as for the usage, what could be more Earth loving than simply scraped ice? No chemical, nothing.

      Go for it, you'll be glad you did when you wake up and see you car looking like a giant ice ball, knowing that even though you've got to scrape all the cold ice away from the windows your hands are not going to be as cold as your neighbours hand as he stand there at his car, crying with near frost bite, hands turning blue, covered in white flecks of ice.
      So smile away as your neighbour curses, watching you in envy as you finish scraping your car and head off on your daily drive with nice warm, and normal coloured, hands
      Only don't look too smug as your neighbour may just decide to let the air out of your tyres one dark night...! Leaving you with more than scraping your windscreens in the morning.

      PS... I haven't got a clue what the 'Quick Rating' section means on this one so i've just given full rates all down... thanks

      ©Blissman70 2013


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        29.01.2013 18:15
        Very helpful
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        Ice scraper

        My nan bought me lots of car related items when I first passed my driving test. One of the things she purchased was this ice scraper from Betterware. She orders lots of things from here as she gets on well with her Betterware lady, even though most things are quite expensive for what they are!

        After a quick google, I can see that this ice scraper currently sells at £2.99.

        The ice scraper is different to cheap basic ice scrapers as it has an added 'glove'. This glove is a godsend in ice cold conditions. You don't have to mess around trying to find your own gloves before getting to work on the stubborn ice. Simply slip your hand into the warm fleece material glove and you can set to work. The glove has a waterproof outer layer so as you are scraping away, if any ice lands on the glove it will simply drip off instead of making it's way through normal fleece gloves. The glove has an elasticated end so it fits snug on your wrist without an ice or water dripping down around your hand.

        There is only one size of glove available. I have tiny wrists and the glove feels quite roomy when it's on. However, the elasticated end means that it doesn't slip off. Although it is quite roomy for me, I would imagine people with large hands have quite limited room with this.

        The scraper itself is 10cm wide so it can cover a nice sized area in one swoop. This is perfect for people that are trying to de-ice a windscreen quickly as you don't have to spend all day trying to scrape with a smaller scraper. There are two different sides to the scraper, a ridged edge and a plain edge. The ridged edge makes it easy to tackle tough ice, whilst the plain edge scrapes thin ice with ease. There is a rubber end on the scraper so that when you have finished tackling the ice, it still leaves the windscreen nice and ice free without any residue obscuring views when sitting inside.

        I've only used the scraper a few times during last winter and it tackled thick ice well and left my hands nice, warm and dry, a total opposite to what my hands feel like with a plain basic ice scraper. I'd definitely recommend paying a little extra and buying this ice scraper just for the comfort factor!

        Written June 2012


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