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California Scents Car Scents

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3 Reviews
  • Reusable
  • Compact
  • Some smells don't last as long as others
  • Sharp Edges
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    3 Reviews
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      31.07.2015 11:22
      Very helpful


      • Reusable
      • Compact
      • "Lasting Smell"
      • "Strong Smell"


      • "Some smells don't last as long as others"
      • "Some smells are stronger than others"
      • "Sharp Edges"

      1# Car Air Freshener For Me

      Everyone wants their car to smell nice, but what smell is going to last? If I can go for any brand it would be California Scents.

      > Packaging <

      It comes in a small tin which can easily fit anywhere in the car (I normally put mine in a compartment above the rear view mirror or in the cup holder.

      > Use <

      Simple to use, just take off the lid like you would do a tin and place it wherever you want. These come with a protective vent that goes on top of the tin to prevent you cutting your fingers on the tin and for scent control.

      When you've finished with your car scent take out the pads (please be careful because I cut my fingers on the edges) and put them in the filter in your vacuum cleaner. Your carpet will smell just like the scents (I have tried it and it works).

      > Smell <

      California Scents Car Scents are very strong and will cover up any smell. I smoke in my car and no one can tell I do. They come in a variety of smells such as:-

      • Laguna Breeze
      • Monterey Vanilla
      • Coronado Cherry
      • Desert Jasmine
      • La Jolla Lemon
      • Shasta Strawberry
      • Capistrano Coconut
      • Santa Barbara Berry
      • Gardenia Del Mar
      • Newport New Car
      • Napa Grape
      • Golden State Delight
      • Ice
      • Cinnamon Apple
      • Malibu Melon
      • Palm Springs Pineapple
      • Pomberry Crush
      • Strawberries & Cream
      • Verri Berry
      • Route 66
      • Emerald Bay
      • Hawaiian Gardens
      • L.A. Lavender
      • Mojave Mango
      • Citrus Splash
      • Melon Mango
      • Smoke Away
      • Fresh Linen
      • Squash Blossom
      • Concord Cranberry
      • Balboa Bubblegum
      • Orange Blossom

      I normally go for Coronado Cherry as my usual or Monterey Vanilla if I fancy a change. Cinnamon Apple I use as my Christmas one (although this one doesn't seem to last as long as the others.

      Depending on the smell you use I have found that some of them are not as lasting as others, Coronado Cherry lasts me months. It got to 6 months when I decided to get a new one.

      However you get a scratch and sniff at the top so you can have a sniff before you buy.

      > Value <

      You can pick these up on market stalls for about £2 - £3 (depending where you go).

      I normally get mine from EBay for about £2.50 - £3 or from my local garage for the same price. On EBay you get find some good deals (2 for £4.99 or 4 for £6.99.

      > Conclusion <

      If you want a good smelling car California Scents Car Scents is the one to go for.


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      04.08.2013 12:31
      Very helpful



      Worth taking a plunge to see if they suit your needs.

      I first came across these when I rented a sports car a few years ago. I was impressed by the smell coming from these. I cannot remember what the smell was now. I had never really be one for car scents before this. I don't smell, have kids and do not eat in the car, so I never really got any smells that needed to be covered up.

      I did my research and found these for sale on Amazon, which I found to be the cheapest I could get them. I found them at a market being sold for £2.50

      Its a small tin the size of a tennis ball. It comes sealed and pull the ring pull back to reveal the linen pads inside. You instantly get a hit of the smell.

      What I like about them is that they are not like the febreeze holders which sit on the dashboard vent which I think look ugly. These can sit in the cup holder or a slot between the seats, or in the back of seats. Something that is abit more discreet.

      So lets get down to business with the scents themselves. There are plenty available and having had a number of them in the past, I can safely say that some last long and some do not.
      Available: Coronado Cherry, Balboa Bubblegum, Monterey Vanilla, La Jolla Lemon, Citrus Splash, Malibu Lemon, Mojave Mango, Orange Blossom, Santa Barbara Berry, Strawberries and Cream, Verri Berry, Capistrano Coconut, Fresh Linen, Golden State Delight.

      Some sound great don't they? You could almost smell them now. Be warned, some of these can last no more than a week or so before they smell just stops. Out of all of them, I can really only recommend Coronado Cherry. This goes on for months and months.

      They say to rotate the pads every couple of weeks so that you get the use of all sides. This does work, but as I say, once the pads have finished, you do not get anything.

      As I say, Coronado Cherry has been going for months now. Maybe 4? I got in the car the other day and due to the warm weather, found a blast of the scent within the car.


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      19.05.2011 12:31
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      My new favourite air freshener

      I like to have an air freshener in my car, and usually use a Magic Tree type hanging card one. In previous cars I've hung them from one of the grab handles as I prefer not to have them hanging from the rear view mirror, but in my latest car it doesn't have any grab handles. One day I was searching ebay for a strawberry scented air freshener for my car, when I came across the California Scents range of air fresheners. The company was founded in 1993 and introduced an air freshener in a canister.

      Although it was slightly more than I would normally spend on an air freshener for my car I decided I would buy one and see what I thought of it, so I ordered one in the Shasta Strawberry fragrance. I liked the idea that being a can I could place it somewhere in the car rather than have to have it hanging from the rear view mirror. It also claimed that the fragrance lasts for up to sixty days.

      When it arrived the can reminded me of a tin of gourmet cat food as it was quite small. It came with a ring pull lid to open and a little sticker on the lid which is a scratch and sniff to give an example of the scent contained inside. The lid was easily opened and inside there were three fibre pads, it is the pads that contain the fragrance oil which is 100% organic.
      The one I ordered also came with a black plastic lid which is vented, so once open you place the lid onto the can so that the fragrance is released. The vents are adjustable so you can control the fragrance strength to some degree.

      Measuring 6 cm in diameter and 4 cm tall, I found that it fitted perfectly in the cup holder in the back of my car. Although they can also be placed in glove boxes or under seats if required. I think this is great as you can place them somewhere discreet if you like, and also they don't flap about in the wind if you want to have your windows open when driving.

      When I first put the can in my car I thought the fragrance was a bit weak and slightly chemical, so I opened the vents slightly more and after a few days I noticed it more and it started to smell like the strawberry lace sweets you can buy which I think is really nice.
      After a couple of months the scent did get less noticeable so I rotated the pads as advised and this revived the smell again.
      I find that you do get used to the smell and you don't notice it as much, but when people have got into my car they all notice it and say that it's got a really nice scent to it.

      After four months of being in the car you can still catch a whiff of the strawberry aroma so it is well out lasting the sixty days fragrance claims. I'm really pleased with how long lasting is it is, although I have got another fragrance to try now so I am getting a bit impatient wanting it to run out.
      This is definitely the best air freshener I have bought, some can be really strong and overpowering and I find they give me a headache but this hasn't happened with this particular one.

      I think I paid around £3 with free postage for mine which is more than I would usually spend on this type of thing, but giving how long it is lasting I think it's a reasonable price to pay. You can buy these from Halfords for £3.50 however if you search around the internet you can pick them up a little cheaper and some sellers on ebay do a "pick 'n' mix" deal where you can choose a number of different ones for a set price, some of these work out at about £2 per can.

      One thing to be careful of is some sellers do not always include the vented lids with these, and although they aren't a necessity for the air freshener to work the smell can be overpowering without them - it also makes it look a bit nicer if you have it somewhere visible. It also prevents the pads spilling out, which as the tin advises not to place the pads on fabric, plastic or painted surfaces this is probably a good thing.

      The car scents are available in the following fragrances:
      Laguna Breeze
      Monterey Vanilla
      Coronado Cherry
      Desert Jasmine
      Orange Squeeze
      La Jolla Lemon
      Shasta Strawberry
      Capistrano Coconut
      Santa Barbara Berry
      Gardenia Del Mar
      Newport New Car
      Napa Grape
      Golden State Delight
      Malibu Melon
      Palm Springs Pineapple
      Hawaiian Gardens
      L.A. Lavender
      Mojave Mango
      Citrus Splash
      Melon Mango
      Smoke AwayTM
      Fresh Linen
      Squash Blossom
      Concord Cranberry
      Vista Grapefruit
      Cinnamon Apple
      Arctic Ice

      So there are plenty to choose from, having read about them on various forums some do seem to have a stronger fragrance than others with Newport New Car being listed as one of the weaker ones. Coronado Cherry and Golden State Delight (bubble gum) seem to be very popular and I have chosen Golden State Delight as my next one.


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