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Dolphin Audio Reversing Sensors

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    3 Reviews
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      16.03.2011 22:24



      over all good basic kit

      The <a href=http://www.wirelessparkingsenors.com>Dolphin Parking Sensors</a> kit is basic with high price but does the job.
      Not over the moon when we received our Dolphin Parking sensor Kit. The 22mm sensors look cheap and the display is dated.

      One thing I liked about the Dolphin kit is 'swap socket' feature which is a new watertight swap socket 6 inches from the sensor head. If you ever had a problem, crash etc you could replace the sensors without removing the bumper. Also have optional angled wedges which can be used to ensure the sensors signal is being sent out parallel to the road surface.

      No maintenance is required- clean with soft cloth and warm soapy water and never jet wash them. The sensor heads can be colour coded to give an exact match to your bumper. Dolphin supply the sensors in a choice of 22 different colours.

      7 out of 10 as these sensors actually work very well and picked up a broo at 2 meters


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      24.02.2011 11:47


      • Reliability


      I am amazed and bold over with the features and the sleek look of this car. I would like to know the role of parking sensors. I have installed one for my car recently. So it would be great, if some one can give me a user manual for <a href="http://www.backup-sensor.com" rel="dofollow">Parking Sensors</a>


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      14.01.2009 20:57
      Very helpful



      A lot cheaper than factory fitted versions

      Having got my shiny new car a few months ago and still feeling very protective of it I asked hubby to buy me a set of parking sensors for christmas. These are the little discs which are attached to the back of the car which beep closer and closer together the nearer you get to an object when reversing, until at about 10 inches there is a continuous beep signaling you not to go any further.

      The car park I use at work is barrier controlled but there are some lazy people who wouldn't walk the length of themselves and ignore the marked out spaces and park anywhere and everywhere. This means at times I have to do a 9 point turn to get out of my parking space as someone has parked lengthways along the wall behind the parking space. I hoped that the beeping of the parking sensors would allow me to maybe cut this down to a 3 point turn as I would be more confident about how much room I had to move in.

      (WARNING) - Anyone writing comments about women drivers or indeed women parkers will be severly punished - "Its not big and its not clever, and definitely not original !!!!!!!!!" (I realise someone will get round this warning in some way)

      I asked for the JML sensors which I had seen advertised and which are only about £30.00 but hubby decided to be a man about it and went online to investigate one of my desired gadgets which he actually had an interest in and could see the use of. He returned saying that the JML sensors aren't wired in and just hang down the back of the car and he wasn't buying them.

      The dolphin brand which he wanted to get where inserted permanently into drilled holes in the bumper of the car and due to being wired into the engine came on automatically once you placed the car in reverse. The website and packaging all bear the logo explaining that this gadget won the autoexpress best buy award in 2008.

      I was a little worried about him drilling holes in the back of a new car but figured it would be better than me crunching it. On opening the box on Christmas morning I have to admit it was well presented and did look well-made and expensive.

      - - Whats in the kit - -

      4 Recess Bumper Fit Sensors
      1 Control Unit
      Buzzer Unit
      1 Cutting Tool
      Fitting Accessories
      Instruction Manual

      On investigating the website afterwards http://www.parkingsensors.co.uk/ I discovered that they offer a choice of 18 colours to match your paintwork. The red which my husband had ordered was a perfect match for my Vauxhall Corsa car and once inserted are not obvious until you are up quite close.

      - - How does it work - -

      The system works by sending out ultrasonic beams at the area directly behind the car. The beams are then reflected by any objects in the way and are returned to the sensors. This reflection is then processed to calculate the distance to the object.

      The system begins to work (with a loud beep) as soon as the vehicle is put into reverse gear. As you reverse, if the sensors find an obstacle there are several loud beeps which get closer together the nearer you get to the obstacle. When the vehicle is less than 6 feet (1.5 metres) from the obstruction the beeps begin slowly, as the car continues to reverse towards the obstruction the beeps get closer together until at about 10 inches away the beep is constant warning you not to go any further.

      - - How to fit it - -

      The instructions claim that this little bit of kit only requires a 2 wire connection for installation. The red power cable clips on the cable that powers your reversing bulb in your rear light cluster, therefore when you put your car into reverse and the reversing lights power up, the parking sensors also switch on. You then just have a black earth wire than needs to be attached to the chassis of the vehicle. I wrote that like I really understood it, just in case your impressed with my knowledge its taken from the instructions.

      In real life hubby managed to drill the holes and fit the sensors in less than two hours including a bit of soldering at the end. There is no mention of soldering being necessary in the instruction booklet but he was happier just to finish it off properly. While he didn't find the fitting too difficult he is admittedly quite good at diy, fixing TVs, washing machines etc. A complete novice at cars or electrics would probably require someone with a bit of experience to help. He did say that the instructions weren't brilliant.

      To fit the sensors you need to work out the correct place in the bumper to drill the holes to put them in. Some cars have pre-drilled holes but unfortunately mine didn't. There is a drill bit included to make the correct sized holes.

      The sensors need to be about 50cm above the ground and facing straight behind. There are small wedges included to help you to get the correct angle.

      - - Using the sensors - -

      As soon as they were fitted I was off into the cul-de-sac raring to reverse into the driveway. As soon as I put the car into reverse there was a really loud beep and I admit to jumping out of my seat but you do get used to the instant beep when you go into reverse and it shows its working. As I began to reverse the sensors started picking something up even thought the driveway was clear and the beeps were quite close together. Once I was on the driveway and going towards the garage door the beeps got closer together.

      Hubby tried it and announced that the extra beeps before I had even got to the garage door were due to the sensors angle as they were pointing a little low and therefore picking up the driveway. He adjusted them up a little and we tried again.

      This time apart from the initial loud beep there was no more beeps until I was about two feet away from the garage door and as I inched closer to it the beeps got closer together until they turned into one continuous beep.

      The neighbours must have been twitching their curtains as I then reversed in and out of the driveway while hubby kept walking out behind the car to see how quickly the movement would be picked up. As soon as he stepped behind the car the beeps started, had I actually wanted to run him over the continuous sound of the beeping would probably have been a little offputting.

      I have been using the sensors for a couple of weeks now and so far so good. They have picked up anything behind the car while I am reversing giving me the confidence to edge a little closer to parked cars, walls etc. than I would have previously. There have been a few times when a few beeps have gone off while I couldn't see anything immediately behind me but as they stopped quickly I imagine it could have been papers etc. They also seem to be a little affected by heavy rain.

      - - Further Info - -

      If one of the 18 colours doesn't match your vehicle the sensors can be coloured using a thin non-metallic spray paint. Dolphin will also provide different colours of sensors within one box if your car is two tone at the back. The sensors can also be fitted to the front of the car and connected to the ingnition.

      - - Professional Fitting - -

      You can pay to have the sensors fitted professionally which should cost around £80 - £100.00

      - - Maintenance - -

      There is no routine maintenance or adjustment needed although they warn that dirt, frost or snow accumulated on the sensors may cause the system to activate incorrectly. You need to clean the sensors carefully with a soft cloth and warm soapy water - do not use chemicals or spirits. They also warn that applying hot water in frozen conditions may damage the sensors.

      - - Price and availability - -

      For the four sensor version which I received it was £49.99.

      You can also buy sets with six or eight sensors with either an audio, lcd or video display unit for extra confirmation of distance at a higher price.

      The systems come with a 14 day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty.


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