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Playboy Car Visor Organiser

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Brand: Playboy / Type: Organiser

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    1 Review
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      22.11.2010 10:33
      Very helpful



      A must for Playboy fans!

      When it comes to buying gifts for my bestmate/flatmate it's a relatively simple task thank goodness! She loves anything Playboy related even at 33 years old (in my opinion this brand of stuff is aimed at far younger people) and so for her birthday I treated her to this to go in her new car!

      I purchased this from Kays (www.kays.com) for £15.00 though checking the price on this just this morning on that site it has now been reduced to £7.50 and is in stock (google this item if interested too).

      The Playboy Visor Itself:

      No size is given for this but it is quite wide and not too long and it has two horizontal thick black and slightly elasticated straps to the back of it which pop over a standard sized car visor.

      It is made from 80% polyester and 20% viscose and is mainly made from a dark grey material which is slightly rough textured to the touch. The bit that goes flat against your own car visor is a dark grey with a thin black criss cross pattern and it has black and grey lettering on it which says Playboy and the obligatory bunny heads are dotted all over it. On the back it has a stitched on bright pink bunny head which lets you know it is the real deal too!

      What you get on this is lots of black leather look sections. Starting from left to the right you get a place to store your pen and you simply shove a standard sized pen in there and it stays secure. Next to that a large open ended black leather look area with fancy grey lettering in it saying Playboy which is where you are meant to store a mobile phone. Its quite a large mobile phone case this bit so with little mobiles you are going to have to fiddle about a bit to get it out but it stays in there secure. Under that you get a little, real oblong mirror of decent size which you can remove from the holder if you want to, then next to that a small open ended black leather look pouch and then next to that a zip up pocket with a grey bunny head on it (for popping change into and things like that) and then at the end of the visor there are two length-ways down squiggles which are rather deep to shove in pieces of paper and things like that.

      This is a well made car visor. Well stitched and not flimsy however the sections look a bit wonkily put on. The small pouch looks a bit offset and not too neat and the mobile section is big making small mobiles a bit insecure in there and of course it doesn't do up as its open ended.

      All in all though my friend loves this and to be fair it looks nice enough in her car. The straps on the back of the visor are secure and the whole thing stays put and it certainly is handy and she uses it all the time. Of course this isn't washable or anything but you can wipe it down if you want to!

      Its not my type of thing but if you grab at it for £7.50 any Playboy fan should love it!


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