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Think Pink 4 Piece Heavy Duty Rubber Car Mats Set

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    1 Review
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      25.02.2012 00:35
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      Nice girly car mats

      For as long as I can remember I have had pink mats in my car, however the ones I had originally were made from a strong pink fabric meaning that they did get rather dirty quickly, I would wash them on a regular basis however they got to the stage where no matter how often I washed them and how much I scrubbed them they just wouldn't come clean, I decided it was time for some new ones. After hunting around I came across the Pink Heavy Duty Revelation Car Floor Mats, the mats are actually pink and black but they were perfect for what I wanted, no parts of them were made from fabric so they would be very easy to keep clean.

      The set of four pink rubber car mats did not actually come in any sort of packaging, they simply came pinned together with a card attached to the top, this doesn't actually contain a lot of information about the car mats themselves and simply says Urban Street Wise Car Mats, this is written in a graffiti style. The car mats as I have mentioned come as a set of four, there are two small rectangle mats for the back of the car and then two larger shaped mats for the front two seats. The Pink Rubber Car Mats come in what is stated as universal size, basically the two small back seat mats are just one size as they are just a rectangle shape which would fit into pretty much any car, however the two front mats come with imprints showing you where you can cut the rubber part to make the mat fit the well in the front of your car. You do not have to cut the mats if they fit in the size they come in, personally I didn't, they fitted pretty well and actually covered the whole of the carpet area either side meaning that the carpet in your car keeps cleaner for longer. I think if you did trim the mats to fit your car it would be quite difficult as the rubber the mats are made from is rather thick, you would definitely need a very shape pair of scissors or knife, personally I would not have dared trim them and if they had of needed cutting down to size I think I would have got my husband or Dad to do it for me. I do think the universal size is quite a good idea though as it means that you can buy these mat no matter what car you have and they can be quickly made to fit, also you could buy these as a present for someone without the worry of whether they are going to fit their car.

      For me it was the design and colours of the mats that attracted me, I will always go for the pink option if there is one and I partially like the combination of pink and black together so for me these mats were perfect. The front of the mats are mainly made from a black coloured rubber with pink oval shaped rubber studs within it, the very front of the mat is plain black and textured so it is non slip, however you cannot really see this plain black section once the mats are in place. The second half of the mat is made from a metallic pink metal type material, this is also textured so that it is not too slippery in wet weather, the whole mat then has a pink rubber border going around the whole of the outside.

      The back mats are a little less detailed, mainly because they are a lot smaller, they are basically made like the second part of the front mats, there is a small black rubber border with the majority of the mats being taken up with the metallic pink metal material, in the same style as the front mats this is textured so that it is non slip. I particularly like the combination of the metallic pink with the pale pink and black rubber, the mats look girly without being tacky and they make the inside of your car just that little bit different.

      What I particularly like about the Pink Rubber Car Mats, other than the fact that they are pink, is how easy they are to keep clean, as I have said with my fabric only mats they became very hard to clean and looked very faded and stained by the time I got rid of them, however with these particular mats if they get muddy or something split on them I can simply remove them from the car and wash them down with soapy water and leave them to dry, although the mats are textured cleaning them is very quick and easy and they look as good as new each time. One thing you do need to watch is that if you use soap on the mats which I do tend to do it is important to make sure they are rinsed properly before you put them back in the car to prevent the metal section from becoming slippery.

      I purchased my Pink Revelation heavy Duty Car Mats online from aoeperformanace.com, this is not a website I have used before but I just happened to come across the pink car mats on it, although I have since seen these mats being sold on various Ebay shops. The set of four mats cost me £27.95 and the post was free, I thought this was quite good value for money as these sort of mats in the high street shops are often more expensive. I also think they are good value for money and worth what I paid for them as they are so hardwearing and durable, the rubber is reasonably thick so will not split easily and the pink sections are either made from a pink coloured metal or pink rubber meaning that the colour will not fade, discolour or wear off. I have actually had my mats nearly a year now and they really do look as good as the day I bought them, they are showing no signs of wear and tear and are still in perfect condition, these are definitely going to be long lasting.

      I would definitely recommend the Pink revelation Heavy Duty Car Mats, they are very well made and very hardwearing and durable, they are the ideal car mats in that they are easy to clean, textured to make them non slip and look good. For me the fact that they are pink and black makes them the perfect car mats for me, however if pinks not your colour then these car mats would not be suitable. They mats are universal and can be made to fit any size car, they may be a bit tough to trim down but you can buy these and know that they are going to fit. I have been extremely happy with my car mats and can think of no disadvantages at all, I would recommend them to anyone.


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