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    1 Review
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      03.08.2009 16:15
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      Super Sony speakers

      If you are looking for some great 6 x 9's then the Sony range of Xplod speakers are for you.

      The Sony xsf6932 were my first purchase after much debate with brands and style.

      Both speakers are red and black in colour and feature the Sony logo in white on them both. They also come with speaker covers as well. These are black metal mesh which cover the redness of the speaker. They clip on and off very easily.
      They are both 25 + watts which is ample enough even without an amplifier when turned up to literally deafen your occupance with realitive ease if you like that sort of thing.

      They are easy to install as well. Make sure your headunit can cope with an extra set of speakers and then attach a few spade connectors to the speaker wires and in turn to your stereo and speaker and thats it!
      Sony give you ample speaker wire too, which means you dont need to buy more or extend what you get given. The length of wire is around 2.5m to 3m long. which is more than adequate for most cars.

      The build quality of the speaker is secind to none, Sony make electronic equipment to an unbeliveably high standard and these can show that.
      They are reliable and have never given me any problems at all.

      These 2 oval speakers are very very good value for money when attached to your head unit. They are the usual size 160 X 240mm and are unbeliveably described as passive speakers. However when i had these in my car they sound a lot more like active speakers than passive ones.

      Alhtough these are now old models there is a lot of choice for speakers, yet from owning these i would not hesitate to buy more Sony Xplod ones due to their amazing quality and amazing sound which is crisp and clear no matter how loud you turn them up!


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