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August CM200 Car MP3 Player

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Manufacturer: August / Type: Car MP3 Player

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2012 10:10
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      I bought one of these little contraptions for my Other Half last year as he desperately wanted an mp3 player for his car and couldn't afford to update the stereo in the car. I looked on Amazon and found this one that says you just plug it into your cigarette lighter socket. I was not too sure how it actually worked but for a price that was less than £15 at the time I thought it was worth a try.

      The device came and it was packed in a plastic case with a cardboard backing and it looked quite small and a weird shape but as I know next to nothing about these kind of things I thought I would just wrap it up and give it to him for his birthday and then we could sort out what it did from there.

      Once he saw what it was at first he was a bit skeptical about it but he got me to read the instructions (typical bloke) and once I explained it to him he thought he would have a go. You can put music onto a memory card and he already had a 2gb card spare so he copied some mp3s onto it and took it out to the car.

      I had bought him a double socket adapter for the cigarette lighter in the car as he likes to plug in his sat nav so would need an extra socket. Once plugged and switched on he just had to tune in his fm radio and there were his mp3s playing over the car stereo. It was really clever how it worked, the device was transmitting the songs like a radio station or something and the car stereo was picking them up and playing them.

      My Other Half was pleased as punch as he has lots of old drum and bass tapes that he used to record off the pirate radio stations years ago when he lived in London and he used to play them in the old car which had a tape deck in it but the new cars don't have this so he was constantly trying to copy the tapes to mp3 and then burning them onto a cd which is fine if they are not long tapes. Now he can just put the mp3s onto the memory card and Bob's your uncle!

      You can also plug in an mp3 player to the device via a lead that came with it but we don't have one so the sd card was a much better option for us. You can put a card in up to 4gb but the 2gb was big enough for now for him. You also get a remote control for it which lets you put in which number track you want to play but once driving it is best to just let it play. The buttons on the device itself are very basic with skip and replay etc.

      For the money I think it is a really good device the sound is as good as the car stereo and the quality of the mp3. The quality of the item feels a bit light and plasticy if there is such a word but it seems to work fine, he has been using his for nearly a year now and still finds it working well.


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