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    1 Review
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      21.08.2010 09:57
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      Not a unit I'd recommend.

      This came as standard when I bought my new car which I was very impressed with! I'd not bought a new plate car before and was pleasantly suprised to see something other than the usual cheap, plastic, 'manufacturers own' CD player that you usually receive as standard. As a plus the unit could play mp3 discs which I was very happy about!

      To actually play a cd is very simple, insert a cd, listen etc. The track skip forward/back buttons are quite inconveniently located under the volume control dial however making life a little trickier than it need be. They're also on the opposite side to the driver (assuming you're in the UK/Trinidad/New Zealand/somewhere else that drives on the proper side of the road) which is annoying. The cd player is not the best I've had in a car and I'd go as far as saying I was disappointed following my initial enthusiasm. Tracks really do skip more than they should with original, shop bought cd's. With mp3 discs it's hardly worth putting the cd player on as they skip that much. Not what I'd anticipated from the a unit.

      To switch between input sources (eg. from cd to radio) you have to press a similarly small button on the left. It's quite indistinguishable from the other small buttons on this side of the unit so to start off with you quite often hit the wrong button. Not a major problem and something you just get used to. It'd be nice if it were a little bigger and more obvious for ease of use however.

      You can preset lots of stations (I think it's 24) which is great if you travel a lot as you can preset stations from areas you visit as well as your local radio. Changing station is simple and, for once, the number keys are on the driver's side and easy to access.

      The head unit has many functions of varying use to the user, traffic alerts for example. Bass boost is a good tool, allowing you to deepen the bass on cd tracks to varying degrees. It does actually make a bit of a difference and I tend to leave this on. Speaker balance, treble etc is variable also but the buttons on the unit itself aren't clearly labelled.

      The unit has a whopping great manual with it that I'd keep handy. I've had more than one moment when something bizarre has happened and I have to crack it out in order to solve the problem. The buttons on the head unit itself aren't exactly self-explanatory! Don't be suprised when traffic alerts magically switch on/only the speakers on the left continue to work/the CD player alarm clock goes off. I'm bemused by this last one - why on earth would anyone want an alarm clock on their CD player in the car?? The only use I've found so far is for scaring the bejesus out of myself and nearly crashing the car when I've switched it on by accident!. Anyhow, it's very easy to make all of these things occur without ever knowing you've done anything to cause it - mostly whilst driving and trying to operate the head unit I imagine, something I wouldn't advise on safety grounds obviously.

      Finally the head unit is removable to deter potential theives, not something I've ever done .I'm sure theives aren't that desperate they'd want to steal a cd player that skips - stranger things have happened though so it's nice to have the option.


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