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    2 Reviews
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      03.07.2010 12:20
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      good quality

      This is an affordable car audio system and will set you back £79.00 from Halfords where i bought mine or you can buy it online for the same price, although its a little more expensive on Amazon you can buy one second hand from Ebay.

      For your money you get a nice looking car audio system which has a detachable face for when you stop the car and go shopping or are parked up taking the face off your car sterio reduces the temptation for anyone to steal it.

      You also get a good styled car sterio system which is easy to install and there is a easy to follow user manuel which came with it.
      Once you have connectd your car sterio you can tune it into the radio via the auto search button, once you have found your radio station to listen to you can press one of the numbered buttons at the front at the bottom to save the station, this can be done for other radio statins too, so that you don't have to keep seaching you can just press numbers and it wil play your favourite station.

      It has a built in amplifier which is a good quality and the sound is clear, there are treble, midrange, and bass controls to customise the sound and the front display lights up so you can see the control buttons whilst driving at night.

      This also plays CD's but once they get scratched or are old it will begin to skip, sometimes whilst driving if you go over a bump int the road the CD will skip. I think this happens with most car audio systems but playing new Cd's in this machine is a good sound.
      It does say that you can play the Cd's that you ahve made on your computer but sometimes these don't play or don't last as long as pre-recoreded CD's.
      You can also skip the CD to your favourite track or put it onplay or repeat and shuffle.
      the sound quality is good and you can alter the treble and bass to your own taste depending on what you are listening to.
      It has the standard play and eject buttons for the CD or you can just turn it off when you get out of the car and turn it back on for it to play the CD on the track you were last listening to.

      This also has a MP3 player. Take your USB Flash/HDD Drive and load it with up with your favorite songs. Plug it in and listen for hours through the front USB input. You can also plug your portable music player into the front-panel auxiliary input.

      JVC KD-G441 Features
      *CD/MP3/WMA/USB player
      *4 X 50 Watt
      *RDS HS-IV Tuner
      *1 x 2.5 Volt RCA Preout (rear or subwoofer)
      *Aux input on front panel (for iPOD, portable MP3 etc)
      *USB port on front panel
      *24-bit Resolution 1-bit DAC
      *3-band EQ
      *Steering Remote Control Ready (optional adaptors required)

      If your looking for an affordable car audio system this is a good brand name to think about, it is a good sound and has lasted me for nearly two years now. I had to get someone to connect it up for me as I was scared of getting the wires wrong but it does have a good manuel and diagrams to follow to instal it.
      The sound quality is good and it has a good bass on it, sometimes you can hear me coming home as I turn into the road or so i have been told.

      I like this machine it does what it says apart from being a bit temprimental with home burned CD's.


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        10.01.2009 00:56



        If you want all of these features then this stereo is a good buy

        This stereo is a good buy for those of you looking for just that little bit more than a budget stereo. At £80 it certianly isnt the cheapest stereo out there, but there are plenty around for a lot more money and with JVC you know that you are buying a reputable manufacturer.

        It does have a fair amount of features; an aux input which allows for connection of an mp3 player or an ipod, a USB connection which means that if you dont have an mp3 player, you can simply put all of your music onto a USB stick and it will play everything. This feature is very good as you can control all of your music from the stereo itself, however, one downside that I have found is that if you have a large amount of files on the stick, it can take quite a while to read them all before playing them. Obviosly there is a cd slot and this too will play either an mp3 or wma CD as well as copied ones. You also have the am/fm radio whereby you can tune 18 pre-sets into it so you dont have to worry about constantly re-tuning the radio.

        The sound quality is as you would expect, much better than standard, but could be better, you can use the equaliser to adjust the balance and quality of the sound to suit your taste.

        I find it very easy to use, even withthe USB stick which some stereos are complicated to control. It looks adequate and will do the job. However, cheap end JVC's do have a tendancy to be quite error prone, and for that reason I think that you would be better saving your £80 and spending it elsewhere. If your not too bothered about the usb function, maybe try the Pioneer DEH2000, cheaper and much better quality.


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