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Sony Xplod CDX F5500

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3 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • Good sound quality
  • A basic stereo regardless of flashing lights
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    3 Reviews
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      27.06.2015 03:02
      Very helpful


      • "Plenty of settings to adjust the music quality"
      • "Easy to use"
      • "Easy to fit apparently"
      • "Good sound quality"


      • "A basic stereo regardless of flashing lights"

      Music On The Move

      We have several vehicles as my partner works for himself so while I have my car he has a van and Land Rover plus his own car as and when he decides he needs one. I'm insured to drive his works van and do occasionally, the last time was on the day he took out this stereo to replace it with a more up to date Sony model.

      The CDX F5500 has been a good stereo, it's been installed in the van for a good two years and possibly longer than that as I seem to remember it being in there when our (now) four year old was very small.

      Mark tells me the stereo was simple to fit, he had to buy a plate as the fit wasn't compatible with the great big hole left by his original Ford stereo but the finish is practically seamless and after so long I don't notice the minor irritations of joins in the plate.

      Sound quality is pretty good, in the van there are only standard speakers and those are enough to convey good sound - although after listening to this compared to the stereo in my car (with much better speakers!) it sounds a bit naff. CD playback is excellent with no skipping or slipping of the disc, there are various functions to choose from relating to the playback so you can adjust the sound easily (I tend to leave it just on the one setting but my partner does swap and change between them to get the best possible sound).

      Recently I've started using my phone more to store and play music and irritatingly there's no USB socket on this stereo, one reason I sowed the seed in Mark's head about replacing it as I found it so annoying to have all my music on my phone but having to listen to the radio or a CD while in the van!

      You can pick this stereo up really cheaply now, I've seen used but perfect working order models on Ebay finishing at under £20 which is a bargain - although to be honest now we have our new stereo in the van I can see this one isn't as good as I originally thought!


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      29.09.2011 01:43


      • Reliability


      Could do with more features but good value for money

      This was originally purchased by my brother and he had it in his old car, when he got rid of that he decided that he was going to keep the audio that he had installed in it but then when he purchased a new car he decided that he wasn't going to bother getting everything fitted in it and so thus was handed down to me. For free it already seems like a very good product but really it needed to be tested, first of all it was pretty easy to install, just clipped into the cars fascia. The head unit itself has lots of functionality allowing you to change the effects of the music easily without having something professional and ridiculously expensive like some of the car head units out there, this teamed with my other items; Legacy Amps, 6x9's and some tweeters created a wonderful audio experience inside the car, i would recommend this to anyone, very good value for it's money although I do think if you have the money i probably would spend more.

      I would definitely recommend this head unit to anyone that is looking to good a decent head unit without wasting too much money while not wanting to compromise on audio, it is also easy to get a compatible fascia for most cars as being such a common producer of these items. However if you're planning on using it with your MP3 player or iPod just remember you won't be able to plug it in and you would have to get an FM transmitter to use with it.

      Lots of features
      LCD display
      Ability to remove
      Easy to fit

      No USB/Audio input
      Can't change the brightness of the display


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      04.10.2005 09:32
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Tell your opinions and comments and I will add tons of things more if needed.

      After purchasing of New or Old car normally Accessories hunt starts from a Car tape
      We have different opinions for the car tapes.
      Friend A will say Buy a Sony and get Alpine Speakers Great effect!!!!
      Friend B will shout Sony is Hopeless,take Pioneer Pioneer is wonderful....

      And the list goes on with various permutations and combinations .But take you pick
      I thought of following companies.
      1. Sony-Good right from its Name
      2. Pioneer-Good but looks are no no(Atleast for me)
      3. Kenwood-Too many cars have this... so No novelty value!
      4. Blaupunkt-Very good but no VCD player is available..Only one DVD player model which is out of my scope and was not my requirement)

      Some Guideline for purchasing your Dhhang ching Dhikang MOOZIK SHHYSTEEM (I call it as DCDMS technology. Patented by me right from its birth folks !

      1. Keep your ears wide open.Do not listen to only dealer.They will sell you any product which is lying in their godown. Go for latest always.Now,in modern days,everything is proven.So, do not get entagled in PROVEN TECHNOLOGIES .You may get OLD box for proven technology.So, Beware.

      2. Keep the volume minimum and try to get minute details from the song. and yes.. one more thing..keep original Soundtrack CD(Not MP3 WAV file CD).This will give you exact clarity.

      3. Big sound doesn t necessarily mean a large output. This is a trick of any sales person to fool you. (How to check this Go to any dealer and tell them abt your purchase,what these people will promptly do is to increase the volume to its fullest and will say’’ see sir,no distortion at all at such large volume’’...90% times you will come acrooss such situation if you want to buy any Audio system)
      Listen to the song on the same normal volume level which you normally use. You will get a good system.

      4. If you are buying from Grey market,try to bargain as much as possible because it comes at very dirt cheap rates to dealer.Get maximum chunk of benefit from him.Also,get written warranty from him.Be very strict in putting your warranty terms.

      After lot of technicalities and Woofer, Tweeter terminologies , I purchased In Dash Sony VCD player.....
      For all techie gurus in Audio here are the specs.
      <CDX-V5500 >
      - 1-Disc-VCD Changer
      - VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW Playback
      - MP3 Playback with ID3Tag v1.1
      - S-MOSFET Output Power: 52W x 4
      - Pre Out x 2 (Front + Rear Sub Switchable)
      - Aux-In
      - EQ3 (3-Band Equalizer/7 Modes)
      - DSO (Dynamic Soundstage Organizer)
      - ESP (Electronic Shock Protection)
      - Karaoke Function
      - 1-Video Output (PAL/NTSC)
      - RM-X138-Wireless Card Commander (Incl.)

      XS-GT6937X Speakers

      - 350W-Peak Power
      - 100W-Rated Power
      - 28Hz-28kHz-Frequency Response
      - 93dB/W/m-Sensitivity
      - HOP Cone
      Now for all.....the sound quality matters So here is my personal experience.

      1. At low volumes,it is really good and bass quality is excellent.
      2. At high volumes, I found the speakers can handle the show but if you use original CDs then the quality improves dramatically.
      3. I suggest you to fit the Rear speakers by using some rubber packing at the back.The speaker vibrate sometimes if the fitting is poor and gives you bad sound of an additional frequeny trrrrrrrrrr...It is a rattling sound &#61514; and can be very annoying sometimes
      4. Everything is almost perfect.
      5. I don't like the DSO effect,it unnecessarily increases treble in music. But all 5 Presets are very good. Explode preset is awesome. Try it !!
      6. You may fit Additional woofer in your Ikons,Indigos.For me it is more than enough.
      7. Rotary Knob for volume and not press buttons like Kenwood and Pioneer.Excellent feature!

      Overall Sony CDX 5500 is a good package ..

      Get JVC TFT monitor instead of Necovox or Daewoo for LCD monitor .
      Excellent and rich color reproduction. I enjoy watching the movies while travelling (When I am not in Driver s seat !! otherwise there will not be next show! )

      Hope you enjoyed my review.....


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