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    1 Review
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      13.06.2007 18:24
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      Stunning all-round headunit.. unmatched unless you want DVD

      Where to begin... this Headunit is by far the best, and lets face it sexiest of anything in its price range.. only players i would dream of getting over this one are the funky DVD ones which open out at the press of a button.. But unless you have £400 lying around your not gonna want to go for one of those..

      Features: It plays mp3 and wma formats, including burnt mp3 CDs... in other words u can put 5 CDs on one disk and navigate between them at the push of one little button...
      With a detailed equalizer and adjustable precepts, you can adjust the levels of low, mid, High, and of course Subwoofer, suiting your choice of music, as well as being able to Fade, and adjust the levels of sound coming out of each set of speakers...
      i.e you can make it so that your rear speakers take more power than your front ones, giving you an adjustable surround sound effect.

      Connectivity: A front Auxiliary in!.. so with a standard audio jack to audio jack cable, about £3 in halfords or maplins.. you can connect your portable mp3, ipod or whatever up to the headunit and enjoy your music through the car's system...
      And a rear Subwoofer preamp output!.. meaning you can connect it up to a sub and an amp and 6 by 9s (rear car speakers which slot in holes on the rack of your boot), if you want the whole driving listening experience....
      Has a radio which is always nice, (unless some chavs creep into your driveway and steal your car aerial for a laugh.. funny guys).


      Make sure you get this gun metal finish CDX-210!.. Dont get a similar model.... because some fool might sell you one without preouts without telling you.. so being a little slow i cut the cable to connect my speakers before realising.. so needless to say couldn't return it.. dont be as careless as i was.. Get this one!

      Only Negatives i could think of would be that the cable into the front auxiliary can get in the way a bit... and it will break if your little brother yanks it sideways hard enough.
      Adjusting equalizer settings can be a little awkward at first before you understand how to navigate through the options swifly..
      And if you hit a hole in the road at high enough speed it might skip momentarily.. But I'm incredibly fussy and yet i love this headunit.


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