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    1 Review
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      02.10.2011 23:15
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      A great car stereo from Sony

      I have the Sony CDX GT222 in my car and I absolutely love it. Here's my review...

      - Price and Availability -

      You can currently pick up the Sony CDX GT222 online for around £80, this includes from Amazon with free delivery. It is available on eBay also, and from independent car audio specialists.

      - Looks -

      The Sony is a full in-dash unit. It's styled in black plastic and features red lit buttons, a black / white LCD screen, a volume dial and preset buttons. Overall I would describe it as 'chunky', and ever so slightly 90s, but I love it for that - it looks really substantial. It features the SONY logo to the top right in silver plastic.

      It's 17.9 x 17.8 x 5 cm in size and weighs 1.2 kg (almost three pounds).

      - Specs -

      The Sony CDX GT222 is a radio, CD and mp3 player with full stereo sound and a 3 band digital graphic equaliser. It has a max power output of 45 watt over four channels, and an amplifier output of 25 watt.

      The radio tuner receives FM, MW and LW frequencies and has a 30 channel preset feature. The CD and mp3 player covers 10 - 20000 hZ. The unit is provided with an infrared remote control for passenger use.

      - My Experience -

      I can't really think of a bad thing to say about the Sony CDX GT222, I have only ever had positive experiences with it. I mainly use it for the radio and CD. The radio is excellent, gets a channel quickly, the display is clear and bright, and the functions easy to operate. The CD player also is very easy to use. On both, the sound quality is excellent, obviously this can depend on the speaker setup you have in your car, but I have certainly noticed a difference, I had a cheaper unit before the Sony and it sounded nowhere near as good as this.

      The build quality of the Sony CDX GT222 is excellent right through to the remote. It certainly is worth the little extra you will pay for it over similar spec-ed units, and it is sure to last a good long while.

      - Overall -

      I can't recommend this enough. If you are looking for a good all round car stereo with lots of 'oomph', then you can do a lot worse than the Sony CDX GT222. I wouldn't describe it as a budget car stereo, and yes you can get cheaper than this, but for me the unit is well made, robust, sturdy and delivers a kick in the sound that I've just not experienced with cheaper makes and models. For me it's an £80 well spent and I'll certainly be staying with Sony for my car stereos when I choose to replace or upgrade this one. Not that that will happen any time soon - I am sure the GT222 will last me a long while yet.

      Very pleased with it - five stars out of five.


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