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    1 Review
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      15.05.2013 19:05
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      I am very glad that I bought this car stereo because it is very easy to use and looks good

      WHAT IS IT?

      A car stereo that is made by Sony.


      I like the design of the stereo because it is lit up brightly and makes the dashboard of my car look attractive.  The buttons on the front of the radio are very easy to understand and they are soft touch also and that makes them very responsive.  The front of the stereo comes off and that is very easy to do so that you can keep your stereo out of the view of thieves when you park your car, it comes with a small box to put the front of the stereo then I can keep it in my bag until I get back into the car.  I think it is a very attractive car stereo and looks like it cost more money than I paid for it.  


      I bought my stereo when my husband was away so I paid a fee in Halfords and they fitted it for me, it was very quick and he did it immediate in the car park for me. It took him 10 minutes or less and he completed the first set up for me also.  I was required to buy a connection block so that the wiring would match but I was told before I bought the stereo that I might need one so I did not care.  There is instructions inside the box and I think they would be easy to follow if you was going to fit it yourself.


      I am very happy with my Sony car stereo and am glad I bought it instead of a complicated Kenwood stereo that my husband wanted me to buy.  It plays CDs and MP3 players to include iPods and iPhones, I dislike that I have to remove the front to put a CD in but am glad at the same time because there is no ugly hole in the stereo.  

      It is very easy to use and the buttons are all good in how they're put onto the stereo.  I like that everything can be done by just pressing one button because car stereos are very confusing to me sometimes.  I have set all my favourite radio stations to the preset buttons and the forward and backward arrows are easy to work so I can scan through the radio for anything else if I am bored.  

      All of the CD functions are easy to work but sometimes it will not rewind by the second only to the start of a track, this was frustrating for my daughter yesterday because she is trying to learn an Italian song for school but could not rewind to listen again to words.  The display will show the name of the song and artist and the track length sometimes but not all of the time.  The writing is clear and it scrolls across then stays static.  

      The sound quality is good but I think that is because I have got very effective car speakers because this stereo did not come with speakers of its own.  The volume turns up very loud and I don't think I would ever have it as loud as it goes, it is clear on music and speaking and I am happy for that because I like the listen to a mix of things when I am driving.  Today I listened to a play on radio 4 that had a lot of sound effects and I thought it sounded very real.

      There is a remote control but I only take that out if my children are listening to their CDs because then they can work the stereo from the back seat of my car.  The remote control is small but it works and does a lot more useful functions than you will think when you first look at it.


      When I brought my car stereo in Halfords it cost about £65 and then I had to buy the extra connecting piece and pay extra money to have it fitted.  I am happy to have paid that because it is a very good looking car stereo that works very well and has not caused me to have any problem with it.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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