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Angelwax Superior Automotive Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      30.07.2013 17:07
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      Banalicious Bubbles

      My car is my pride and joy, so I do my best to keep it as clean as I can. It helps that I enjoy cleaning it and my friends and family often joke that I'm a bit OCD as I usually wash it once a week - as you can imagine this means that I get through plenty of shampoo!

      Last November my boyfriend and I were visiting the Classic Car show at the NEC in Birmingham when we came across the Angelwax stand. My eyes lit up and my boyfriend grasped his wallet a bit more tightly. The guys on the stall were very friendly and I ended up buying a few bits and pieces. One of which was the Superior Automotive Shampoo.

      As I already had some car shampoo I was using it was only earlier this year that I got round to using the Angelwax Shampoo.
      The instructions on the bottle's label say to add two capfuls to a bucket and top up with warm water. The shampoo is nice and gloopy in consistency so you don't worry that you will waste any when it's being poured. It bubbles up well giving lots of suds, I always top up my bucket with a blast of water from the hose or pressure washer and this gives even more frothy suds. The bucket always looks inviting and if it was bigger I'd be tempted to get in for a bubble bath!

      The biggest positive for me about the shampoo is that it is PH neutral - this means that it won't diminish any of the wax that I've put on my car previously so I don't have to worry about putting another layer of it on after it's been washed... unless I'm feeling that way inclined on the day - I am a bit odd and do really enjoy waxing my car! It also means that it won't dry out my hands when I'm using it!
      When washing the car my wash mitt glides effortlessly over the bodywork and the shampoo feels very slick.

      Some car shampoos have wax added to them but I've noticed that these can leave cars looking quite streaky especially the windows if they are left to dry naturally, which in this hot weather we've been having recently can happen before I've had chance to dry the car off. This isn't the case with the Angelwax shampoo as it doesn't have anything added to it, although living in a hard water area I do get water spotting. Something that the shampoo cannot be blamed for.

      As it is concentrated you only need to use a little and in about 6 months I've only used just over half of my 500ml bottle, when you take into consideration my boyfriend also uses it for his car and it gets used if we're washing our parents cars for them too then I think this is very good going.

      Another thing I really like about the shampoo and adds to my experience using it, is the delicious scent. It smells of foam banana sweeties, which I know not everyone will like but for me it's wonderful as they were a childhood favourite of mine. Of course it does nothing to help with the washing abilities of the shampoo either, but it does make washing the car a little more fun!

      A 500ml bottle can be bought directly from Angelwax for what I think is a very reasonable £4.69 (plus p&p).


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