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Asda 5W40 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

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Brand: Asda / Type: Oil

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2013 19:51
      Very helpful



      a 5W-40 motor oil

      I have been taking a lot more notice of the oil I am putting into my car and although I recently reviewed Castrol's 5W-40 oil which is amazing, I have also come across Asda's own brand which to be honest is just as good and a lot cheaper. I do normally like to pay a bit more for the best but for a few pounds more Asda were giving me 4 litres more of oil which cannot be missed, especially with me doing a lot more motorway driving now and having to be safe rather than sorry. I checked my oil at the weekend which I usually monitor every month and it was half full so I needed to buy more oil and a few people I know have been using Asda's own oil and when I saw the value, I had to buy it too.


      This oil is quite easy to spot, it is in the motor aisle of Asda and it comes in a big gold bottle which is a metallic gold and on the front it has a label saying '5W40 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil' this is in bold type and under this is the Asda logo. There is a handle at the top corner which makes it a lot easier to hold this as it is quite heavy otherwise, also on the side of the bottle is a level which is clear and you can see how many litres are left as they are marked to show you. There are warnings on the back of this bottle and also directions of how to use it and further information about the product which is all very useful, it does stand out and doesn't look poor quality.


      This oil comes with a few warnings before using it, it states that it may cause long term damage in the aquatic environment and also may produce an allergic reaction. It should be kept out of reach of children and if swallowed you should seek medical advice, also wear goggles if there is a risk of splashing and when using the oil do not drink or smoke, you should always wash hands after use. This oil has been created for use on the latest high performance petrol and diesel engines that require a low viscosity oil. It gives maximum performance for cold starts to high temperature driving. It also states that it gives outstanding engine cleanliness and protection.

      Getting all of those facts out of the way, I drive a Peugeot 207 petrol car so this is perfect for it, you should check with your manufacturer handbook first before using on your car as it should say which oil is right for your vehicle. Once you know this is right for you, you can begin to use it, at first when opening this the lid is screwed on tight, once the seal is broken there is a foil layer over the top of the bottle. You just need to pull this off and you can start to use the oil, it is a thick dark colour like all oil and you need to check the dip stick first to see if you need to top oil up. If so, you just need to pour in a good amount and keep checking the oil levels as you do not want to over fill it.

      The oil has been fine in my car and I haven't found myself needing to top this up too often which is good. If you are not sure what the 5W40 stands for, the first number is the oil's thickness at cold start up and the second number is the thickness at engine operating temperature which is quite useful to know. After a few months and if you are on the motorway daily like I am, your oil may need a top up but it is always good to maintain and after topping up my oil I still found myself with over 4 litres of oil left in my bottle which to me is great and it is handy having the litre gauge as at least this way you know what you have left in the bottle.

      Having used this product and the Castrol oil, I have to say that I have found this to be just as good as Castrol, I haven't had any issues with this one at all and it has been great. It is good to have in the boot in case of any emergencies and I feel happier knowing I have it in case it goes down quicker than expected. The oil is quite difficult to pour in at first when really full as it is so heavy to lift but once you have used a bit, it is easier to tip in as I felt I had more control over pouring. I definitely will be buying this Asda oil again but my 5 litre bottle is still going strong and for what I have paid it has definitely been very good value.


      You can buy this 5 litre bottle of 5W40 full synthetic motor oil for £20 at Asda which is great as Castrol charge £37 and that is for only 4 litres so Asda are definitely doing a competitive rate here.

      The official Asda website is http://www.asda.com/.


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