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Ecover Car Glass and Interior Cleaner

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Manufacturer: Ecover / Type: Cleaner

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2012 15:25
      Very helpful



      a car cleaning spray by Ecover

      I am lazy when it comes to keeping my car clean but the other week while in Home Bargains I came across this bargain by Ecover, their Car Glass & Interior Spray. I am not normally bothered by car cleaning products but this price was so good and Ecover are normally quite expensive so I thought I'd give it a try. I have used Ecover products before quite a few times and have always been pleased with the results and so I had high hopes for this to get my car sparkling inside again.


      This, like most Ecover products comes in a clear plastic bottle with a white level head on it to spray. The bottle has a label on the front which has the Ecover logo and a small image of a leaf and then it has a picture of the inside of a car, it is very simplistic. The bottle holds 500ml of product which is quite a good size and the reverse has a label with information on how to use it, ingredients and a few warnings on how to use it. The bottle looks nice to me, very natural looking and apparently made from 100% recyclable material.


      This spray promises to clean and shine effectively by using natural power, it is made from plant and fresh perfume based ingredients. This spray is chrome friendly and can be used on all glass and interior car surfaces as well as leaving no smears on mirrors or windows which is quite a big thing to promise. The product is against animal testing and it is biodegradable and has minimum impact on aquatic life. This product should be kept out of reach of children for safety around the home.

      So, the product has a nice smell when spraying it, it does remind me typically of cleaning products by having that sort of pine like smell to it but I quite like that. It is a clear bottle so that you can see how much product you have left and it is a clear liquid also, so you don't need to spray too much. The spray is easy to spray onto surfaces, you just pull back the lever and it comes out really quite easily. I use this mainly in my car on the mirrors, windows and general dashboard area where it gets dirty the quickest.

      I just spray gently onto surfaces direct and then take my cloth and just wipe the surface clean, I find dust lifts easily when using this and after cleaning my car had a lovely pine like scent and the car did look a lot cleaner. It removed all dirt and left the car in an almost new condition catching all dirt just by wiping, it really is a reliable formula to use. The windows and glass were the parts I was unsure of but it is true the product is smear free and there were no marks left after wiping my cloth along them.

      If you do like to keep your car looking quite clean and don't like to let the dust gather up then this is a good product, we can't always clean our cars but using this every month or so or even more frequently will keep your car in good shape and the dust will be gone. It doesn't take a lot of time with this and a good cloth as just running it along surfaces will make a noticeable difference right away. It smells nice too and being natural and good for the environment are just added bonuses.


      You can buy this in supermarkets but I got mine in my local Home Bargains where it cost me just £1 for this 500ml bottle which is great.

      The official Ecover website is http://www.ecover.com/GB/EN/Index.html.


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