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Granville Autosol Metal Polish

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    1 Review
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      08.05.2011 16:00
      Very helpful


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      Versatile metal polish that deserves it´s gold medals.

      I got into trouble this week because if this polish! I was supposed to be cleaning the stainless handrail on a motor boat and the Captain found me reading the back of the Autosol tube so that I could do this review. "Less reading, more polishing please ", came his surprisingly polite rebuke. Well if it is one thing I know how to do it is polishing and this is the time of year when boats get a serious cleaning before the season starts in earnest.

      My weapon of choice for any metal cleaning is Autosol, it is , in my opinion, simply the best polish around. it has won lots of international awards snd gold medals in its long lifetime, (since 1929) and is always easy to spot on the shelf due to it´s black , gold and red distinctive packaging with small photos of things you can use it for eg trucks, bikes, boats,(looks like a Sunseeker to me), watches ,sinks and strangely enough a Buddah.

      My Experience

      It is so easy to use. It comes in a fat toothpaste type tube ,with a white screw on top. The colours are the same as the box and the photo above with Autosol clearly written on it. Undo the top , and if you are like me you will then instantly loose, the top. It doesn´t matter where you put it it will disappear, mostly over the side. Squeeze a little, little bit (about a third of what you would put on your toothbrush) of the thick paste on a soft cloth, or, I actually use paper towel, and rub it over whatever it is you are polishing. The rust or tarnish will disappear and be removed as a black residue on your cloth. Rub up with a clean cloth or paper towel and that´s it! Shiny metal. The stainless I am polishing at the moment has been left all winter in a salty atmosphere and looked awful but the Autosol just gobbled up the rust and I think the owner will be well pleased.

      My Opinion.

      A great polish which makes my life a lot easier, a little goes a long way and it leaves a protective layer over the metal which helps it to keep shiny for longer. I also prefer it to liquid polishes as these tend to dribble and splash particularly when it is windy. There is also no risk of knocking it all over the gleaming white teak deck or the owner´s favourite deck shoes. It is just as good on tricky little fittings, for this you use an old toothbrush but try and be careful not to get the black residue onto any fabrics as it is very difficult to remove. The same goes for the actual polish paste, try not to get it on your clothes or just wear something old that does´t matter. I seem to have a lot of those outfits!. I would also advise wearing gloves to protect your hands or they will end up black and with all this type of product keep it away from children.

      The last tube we bought cost 4euros (3.90pounds approx) for 75ml from a local chandlery I would think that it is easily available from bike and motor care shops.

      Made in Germany more info on www.autosol.de

      Thank you for reading my review, happy polishing!


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