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Poorboy's Natty's Paste Wax Blue

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    1 Review
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      16.09.2009 15:24
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      Until earlier in the year I had never used wax on my own car. Years ago my Dad had asked me to wax his car for him and to be honest it was hard work!!
      For me washing and giving my car a quick coat of polish was more than enough, it gave a nice shine and lasted until I washed it next.

      When I bought my new car I knew with it being black I would need to put a little extra work in and set about looking for a wax.
      I logged on to my favourite online car cleaning product stockist, and clicked on to their waxes section.
      Natty's Paste Wax caught my eye for three reasons, the price, that it was specifically for dark paint and the promise of easy on easy off application.
      Okay I admit being called Natalie the name was also a bit of a draw too.

      This wax is made by Poorboy's World a company which was established in 2002 with the aim of economy, ease of use and the ability to apply in direct sunlight.

      Wax forms an invisible barrier on your paintwork and protects it against the elements such as tree sap, bugs, rain and for me most importantly when that cute birdy decides to use your nice clean car as a public loo which then destroys the paintwork if not removed quick enough.

      It is made using caranauba wax which is a natural product so it won't harm your paintwork.

      The first thing you notice about the wax when you open the pot is the gorgeous bubble gum smell it has.

      I applied it to my car after washing and giving a coat of polish & sealant. I followed the instructions and put it on using a damp microfibre cloth, it says to apply in thin layers using a circular motion or by going back and forth. I tried both methods but found going back and forth made it easier to apply evenly.
      It says you can apply in sections or to the whole car, and to wipe off once it has dried to a haze. The best way for me was to apply to half of the car, wipe off and then apply to the other half. People with bigger cars may find it best to do a panel at a time.

      Application was most certainly straightforward, I kept a small bucket of clean water next to me so I could keep my cloth damp (application gets difficult if the cloth is too dry). You don't need to put too much of the wax onto the cloth to get a good even coverage on application.

      To remove the wax I used a clean microfibre cloth and found this to be easy to do as well, the only time I found it difficult to take off was an area where I had put too much wax on in the first place.

      The finish this wax has given is fantastic, the shine on the colour is brilliant and really deep and glossy. The reflections are almost that of a mirror. When it rains the car almost repels water and it beads up nicely.

      The last time I used this wax I washed it about five times before applying it again. After each wash, all my car needed was a chamois down and the shine was still as good as when I had just waxed it.

      Natty's Paste Wax can be applied in the sun or shade.
      It is also available in white which is suitable for all colours of paint or red for red paintwork (although this appears to be a limited edition).

      I paid £12.75 for a 237ml pot from http://www.theultimatefinish.co.uk/

      I believe this product is only available from online retailers.

      Thanks for reading.


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