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RainX Rain Repellent

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    4 Reviews
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      27.08.2013 16:40
      Very helpful


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      A product to clear your windscreen without the need for wipers

      I've noticed that earlier on this year when we had a lot of rain, that my auto wipers were abit all of the place. As in the wipers might work quickly and clear off the water or act slowly and not clear them off enough.

      I had used rain-x many many years ago but could not really remember if it was any good or how it worked.

      So the bottle says "rain repellent" and shows a picture. Shows a front windscreen and in the rain with and without rain-x. With rain-x a much clearer windscreen. So the idea is that by applying this liquid to your windscreen, in the rain you will have a much clearer windscreen to look out of and less likely to use the wiper blades.

      How to use:
      Pour a small amount onto a microfiber cloth. In small circular motions, apply to your windscreen. You will see it haze over as you apply and work the product into the glass. You will see where you have applied it, so no need to go over old ground. Allow it to dry and the haze will disappear. Won't take much more than a 5 minutes. Then they recommend to use a fresh cloth and wipe over or pour water over the windscreen. I use the cloth.

      It will depend a lot on the weather, IE if you have rain. They state that it will last from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. I found that the product was still doing its "thing" nearly 2 months in.

      So what happens?
      When you are driving along at over 35mph when it rains, the rain will turn into droplets. By turning into droplets it allows for a clearer screen. Also the turbulence from the wind hitting the screen means that the droplets do not stick to the windscreen but immediately fly off, thus always allowing a water free windscreen. The idea is that technically you do not need to use your wiper blades at all.

      It does what it says. No doubt that the water disappears from the windscreen and you can see out without any problems. You can see the beads of water just flow off the windscreen. However, you still do need the wipers to make sure that your driving safely. Especially in very heavy rain. Now the problem, I have found that when my auto wipers kicked in to clean the windscreen, they made awful smearing sound. Every time they went over the windscreen. It was almost like the wipers were in protest and hated the rain-x. I had to turn them off as it was so annoying.

      A number of reviews on the internet by people also seem to suggest the same aswell, so it was just not me. However no one can come up with a solution and a cause as to what the problem is.

      Given this, I have had to stop using it.

      So the conclusion is, when it works, it works. However you may experience a bizzare problem with your wipers which hate the stuff. You have been warned.

      Regards to the price. 600ml bottle for £7. Rather expensive if you ask me.


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      17.09.2010 00:21
      Very helpful


      • Effect


      Works well

      RainX Rain Repellent is something that is a great product to use on the windows and windscreen of your car or other vehicle. The water repelling qualities of the product are superb and the difference to the view you have when driving in wet and rainy conditions is greatly improved by its use.

      I find that a 200ml bottle of this can last a good few months even with a once weekly light usage of the product. I woudn't say that RainX Rain Repellent is at all cheap to buy, in fact for the amount of product you get its downright pricey to the point of causing pain. However when you balance the effects of the product verses the initial cost I find it doesn't feel so bad.

      The product comes in a simple yellow toned plastic bottle with a twist off black plastic lid. Its easy to spot amongst the car care items with its vivid blue label and rainX printed in bold lettering. In terms of price the cheapest I have bought a bottle for over the counter is £6.99, but I have seen it for as much as £7.99 at times.

      You may wonder what is so great about this simple to use product and unless you have actually tried it you may not be fully convinced. I have to say that having used this regularly, I feel its amongst the best, if not THE best windscreen water repellent items I have used. Water is seriously afraid of RainX an quickly runs away in fear of it. It has amazing qualities and can even be applied to car wing mirrors.

      I find RainX Rain Repellent so quick and easy to use that the windscreen, side windows and rear window can be done in less than 10 minutes from start to finish. Once applied it stays put for sometime and you can really see the difference when the rain is literally sheeting down the windows especially on the front windscreen.

      The application of the product is as simple as using a small amount of product on a clean soft cloth and then applying it all over the glass you wish to cover, then simply buffing it away to reveal a fantastic water repellent surface. Water beads very easily when RainX Rain Repellent has been used and this lasts for many heavy downpours before it needs re-applying.

      The product is a clear liquid which does come out of the bottle fairly fast so you do need to be a little careful when using this, so as not to waste any. The makers of this say that applying a coat of RainX Rain Repellent can give you a 1 second sight advantage when driving in heavy rain if the product has been properly applied.

      I find the product keeps the glass and windscreen smear and dirt free and helps windscreen wipers glide smoothly over the surface without catching. The beading remains good for at least a weeks use and I only tend to top it up weekly. To rate the product I have to give it the full 5 stars as its quick and simple to apply and works like a dream.


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      14.04.2010 14:51
      Very helpful


      • Effect


      Worth some fun!

      I'm totally hooked on my car and I've always been particularly anal about keeping a clean and clear windscreen. I thought it would be worth giving Rain-x a go.
      The premise of Rain-x is quite simple. You stick it on your windscreen and it coats the glass, giving a slippery layer upon which water cannot get a purchase (as easily). This doesn't mean that you suddenly no longer need windscreen wipers. It does however mean that at high speeds (within the speed limit) you will find that the wind is suddenly washing the rain off your screen. Its actually quite fun to watch the droplets dash across the glass as you drive. This action also means that your screen is clearer for longer, you need to use your wipers less and have better visibility.

      The downsides I have found is that in some conditions the Rain-x runs off the glass and onto the paintwork of the car, which leads to streaks of water and marks on the paint, not damage, just water marks. Which can ruin the look of an otherwise clean car.
      Application is also something that needs practice. You are meant to put it on with a cloth, then wait a while, wet another cloth and wipe off. However, I have found this doesn't always give ideal coverage and sometimes it needs to be applied again.

      Generally speaking, you will not notice much effect on normal roads. Rain-x only makes a difference at dual carriageway and motorway speeds.
      It's also not cheap. It is worth using though and provides endless entertainment for dull passengers as the drops fly across the screen.

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        04.11.2008 16:51
        Very helpful


        • Effect


        Slip Slidey over the Windows

        ~~~ RainX Rain Repellent ~~~

        RainX Rain Repellent is a product made for car windscreens (front, back and sides) and as the name suggests it repels rain, sleet and snow from the windscreen. In fact I have found that it actually stops dead bugs from remaining on the windscreen until you give the car a good old wash.

        On that note...I've never quite understood how bugs manage to get stuck but that is a whole other story. Basically this product keeps the windscreen clear.
        Nothing seems to stick to the screen, the raindrops simply slide off and if you are moving, the wind pushes the debris away.

        The product is a silicon polymer which when applied to the windscreens creates a barrier between the wipers and the screen. This allows rain, sleet snow to slide off, but also the wipers just glide across clearing the screen extremely well. It is as if the wipers do not even touch the screen, but they do as the RainX creates an even smoother surface between the two.
        This product is also available in wipe form but I cannot comment on that as I have never used it and don't see the point when I am happy with this product.

        ~~~ The Packaging & Usage ~~~

        As the picture shows the product comes in a bottle. A sunshine yellow coloured bottle with a black lid. The bottle is rectangular shape which makes it easy to hold and dispense the product. The bottle I have comes with a spout that flips out to use and folds down to store. Nowaways the bottle has a flip top lid which makes it far far easier to dispense the product without spilling anything. Much improved in my opinion.

        To use the product you need a cloth or something that does not absorb liquid too much. (Otherwise most of the product will end up on the cloth and not your windscreen). I use kitchen towels which are definitely the wrong thing to use but convenient, so I would not recommend their use.

        You need to ensure the windows are cleaned before you apply this otherwise you will end up using RainX to clean the windows instead and thus end up using more than need be. You apply some of the product to your cloth and wipe over the windscreen in circular motions. The instructions say you should apply this twice to ensure even coverage but it is not always necessary if you are happy that you have provided enough coverage from your first coat. It also says that you should drop a few bits of water to ensure it performs up to scratch, but again I don't think that is necessary either.

        I'm not a car enthusiast so I don't bother with that step and the product works fine for me without all those steps so I'm happy with that.

        The packaging is recyclable - PET-2 - wahey :O)

        ~~~ How Long Does it Last? ~~~

        I rarely wash the car. In fact I never do. It could be something to with the size of the car and me being 5ft2 can't reach the top without a ladder or it could be lack of car love. I prefer to let the car be washed during a service or if I can wangle a free repair from the dealer it usually gets a free wash...bargain.

        So, on average I probably wash the car every 6 months - shocking I know. And I apply RainX after the car comes back from a wash in the way I describe above. I find that this product lasts the duration so I have not had to apply it more than every 6 months. There are rare occassions when you can feel the wipers squeak or smear when they wipe. I know then it is time to re-apply the rain-x.

        I also try to apply after heavy rain or snow/ice. I don't think it is necessary as I have sometimes refrained from doing so and it has been fine.

        Of course if you are a serious car enthusiast, I imagine you will be washing the car quite often and you should re-apply each time, though it does not take too much time and provides much clearer vision when driving.

        ~~~ Other Benefits ~~~

        Apart from the much clearer vision in any weather, I have not needed to use my screenwash. I'm not a big fan of screenwash and I don't know how much it would cost, but this product leaves my windscreen really clear. When I have had to use it, I find the screenwash leaves smudges and eats away at my wiper blades. This means the MOT place telling you, you need to replace the blades to pass an MOT and then they charge you extortionate prices for the blades and the subsequent labour. No thank you I say. My RainX prolongs my blades and I have never had to replace wiper blades since I started using this.

        So, no screenwash charges nor replacement blade or labour charges - top dollar!!!!! :-D

        Also, you know that extremely annoying squeaking sound you get when there is not enough rain on the windscreen? Well, with RainX it does not matter how much is on the windscreen it will clear it up without any sound.

        ~~~ Other Information ~~~

        RainX do so many other products for car maintenance like:

        - Rain Repellent Wipes
        - Anti-Fog
        - Foaming Glass Cleaner
        - Glass Cleaner Wipes
        - Windscreen Washer Additive
        - 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner & Rain Repellent
        - Wiper blades

        But I only use the main RainX product so will not comment on these.

        ~~~ The Blurb ~~~

        This is what is written on the back of the bottle:

        "RAIN-X disperses rain, sleet & snow on contact...extends and expands your field of vision...reduces driving stress. It forms a super-slick non-stick coating to make water bead for aerodynamic run-off. RAIN-X is unaffected by soaps, solvents or detergents...lets you see clearly thru windshields, side and rear windows, side view mirrors and lights."

        It all sounds very technical and full of jargon, but it does keep the windscreen clear and I use it all over the car, windows, mirrors, lights as it says. I do like the way it's written though, "thru" lol

        ~~~ In Summary ~~~

        I can wholly recommend this product. I bought my bottle in the US about 7 years ago and I am still using it, so a bottle lasts ages. It is now available in the UK. In Halfords, the product is available in a 200ml bottle for £5.99. At the moment RainX are running a promotion, so if you visit their website you can get a £1.50 voucher to use in Halfords if you register. At the time of writing this voucher was valid until March-2009.

        Thank you for reading and rating.This review may be posted on other sites by me.

        © jupiter28 2008


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