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Turtle Wax Gloss Guard

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    1 Review
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      21.01.2011 10:25
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      It's good stuff!

      Landing Strip?
      Hitler's Moustache?

      However appealing these may be to dooyooers, none of these types of waxing are any good for showing off your pride and joy!

      For this, you need a Turtle Wax!

      We have a black vehicle and last year I had a bad experience using an inferior wax polish which I had found in the garage - goodness only knows how long it had been in there. The polish went on OK but it just wouldn't polish off. This wasn't necessarily just a problem with the product....of which more later.

      Last week I was out and about in the country and the car got absolutely hacky black. Given that it had been some time since the car last had a wash, I decided to treat it to a pressure wash and once I had it nice and clean, I went one better and purchased some Turtle Wax Gloss Guard and spent a couple of hours bringing the car to a really very nice glossy black finish. It was hard work but given last year's experience, I was determined to get it right this time.

      I had spotted that Turtle Wax had come top in an Auto Express poll and thought that, since the car is still pretty new, it was a worthwhile investment to buy a 500ml size for £7.50 at a local independent car accessories store. The plastic container is a distinctive deep turquoise colour and the creamy product is to be applied to clean paintwork, following the detailed instructions.

      As with so many jobs like this, the end result depends hugely on how well the surface has been prepared, so I made sure that the vehicle was properly washed and rinsed with a decent detergent. I also dried the vehicle with a soft cloth before applying the polish. Technically it is more of a top coat than a polish so whatever the state of the finish is on the car, this product will apply a coat over the top, so if your car isn't properly clean to start with, you won't get a good outcome.

      I tackled the vehicle section by section, applying the product with one cloth and polishing off with an old cotton T shirt, ensuring that I didn't let the surface get too dry. I was pleasantly surprised at how shiny the finish was when each panel was done. I had no difficulty distinguishing the before and after. I used about half of the 500ml for the one treatment.

      The problem I had had last year was that I let the wax dry out too much and also I did it in the summer when the surface of the car was hot. This was stupid of me. It was an absolute nightmare to polish off the wax that time and I was determined to not let the same thing happen again.

      Although my arms were aching by the time I had finished, I was chuffed to bits when I stood back and admired the result. The next day it rained and all the raindrops beaded up on the surface, always a good sign that your waxing has done the job for you.

      I am hoping that I only have to do this a couple of times a year and now that I've got the car looking nice, I shall try to wash it a bit more often to keep it looking smart. Other than the house, the car is the biggest single investment we have made. That would be the case for most people so it has to make sense to invest a little in maintaining the look and the value of the vehicle.


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