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Wynns Super Advanced Shampoo

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Manufacturer: Wynns / Type: Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2013 21:10
      Very helpful



      not the best

      We have always taken care of our cars in my household. My boyfriend would rather spend hours cleaning and messing with his cars than with me. Luckily he is not into changing his girlfriend as often as he changes his cars! We have tried many different shampoos for cars and he buys them on the recommendation from various car forums. This shampoo was one of the most reasonably priced he has bought but it was rather disappointing and did not give the results it promised.

      ==Price and availability==

      The car shampoo comes in a litre bottle and it costs £6.49 from car supply stores; such as Halfords and Trantools. This is a good price for a decent sized bottle but it is not as good as other shampoos we have tried.


      The blue formula has a pleasant lemon zesty fragrance and it foams up slightly. The product is designed to lift dirt from paintwork easily and leave the car with a water repellent finish. The product is designed to be used with warm water and a sponge which should be carefully rubbed over the paintwork.

      ==The effects==

      The shampoo is supposed to get all the grit and dirt off the paintwork without you having to scrub at it. When we first tried the product my car had not been cleaned for ages so put the poor performance down to the car being too dirty! On using it a second time I was certainly not impressed, it was a real struggle to get all the bugs and bits of dirt off the car. It foamed up slightly but not much and the water was soon looking grey rather than foamy and fresh. The shampoo just struggled to get all the dirt off and to get a good clean I felt I needed to push on the paintwork which it never good. Afterwards the car did look cleaner but bits were missing and it was not as sparkly as with other products. The car did have a slight water repellent feel to it as after I rinsed off the shampoo, I noticed the water dispersed like there was a waxed finish but this was only very slight.


      I would not use this again and neither would my partner. We were both expecting better results from it and it just did not do a very good job. It did not foam up enough and it was not good enough against stubborn marks.


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    Super Advanced Shampoo 1ltr

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