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Zymol Auto Wash

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Unique wash formula will not strip wax and contains biodegradable foamers and surface shining ingredients

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2009 20:20
      Very helpful



      Keep washing up liquid for the sunday roast dishes, use Zymol to clean your car.

      How do you clean your car?

      Put it through an automatic car wash?

      Wash it using washing up liquid?

      Wash it using a good quality car shampoo?

      If your car is your pride and joy (or even if you want it to last and stay looking good), then there are really good reasons for avoiding the first two methods.

      Automatic car washes utilise 'soft' plastic bristles that scrape, at high speed, against your car's panels. The bristles can, with prolonged use, cause deep scratches in the paintwork. They can also strip off any protective wax, leaving the paint vulnerable to damage by ultraviolet rays from the sun.

      Washing up liquid is better. Just. Washing up liquid is a powerful detergent and degreaser (look at what it can do to dishes from the Sunday roast!). These can again, remove any protective wax coating, leaving the paintwork exposed to UV.

      Washing up liquid also contains salt which increases its viscosity, fine for making lovely, green goo, but not good for cars. As we all know, salt is terrible for encouraging corrosion on steel, leading to accelerated rusting of cars.

      So, using automatic car washes and washing up liquid can, over time, turn your pride and joy into a scratched, rusty heap!

      For many years, I used washing up liquid to wash my cars with. I did notice, however, that I suffered from rust quite a bit! When I got my MX-5 (sadly no longer with me, sob!), I was determined to look after it as well as I could.

      From research on the internet, one car shampoo seemed favourite; 'Zymol Auto Wash'. The first surprise when using it is that, unlike other shampoos that have a 'chemical' smell, Zymol smells of coconut!

      Some further research showed that this is because Zymol contains extract of coconut bark as well as 'natural' fatty oils. The shampoo is marketed as a natural product, but with excellent cleaning properties.

      I've now been using this product for almost three years and can confirm that it is excellent at cleaning and protecting the car's paint surfaces.

      The shampoo is a thick green liquid, not unlike washing up liquid in appearance. A half capful is all that's required for the car washing bucket.

      The shampoo is used in the normal way, after washing down the car with water, the tepid water in the bucket is sponged onto the car to clean it. The shampoo foams easily, giving a good, soapy, solution to apply to the paint work.

      I found that Zymol was very effective. Dirt and grime were removed extremely quickly with little effort required. Stubborn stains like tar spots could be removed with hard rubbing, especially if the sponge was coated with neat Zymol first.

      Neat Zymol on a sponge is also very effective in removing the accumulated insect debris from a long drive (such as a 150 mile blast around North Wales in my MX-5, with the top down)! Removal of such dead insects should be performed before washing the car properly.

      After the car has been cleaned, it's possible that a small amount of streaking on the paint work will be noticed. This is easily removed by hosing down whilst rubbing with a sponge.

      The same streaking can be more evident on the windscreen. Generally, I leave this and remove it by using the windscreen wipers before the next drive.

      After drying the car with a good quality microfibre cloth, the car's finish will look almost as if it had been waxed. The product's 'surface shining ingredients' do appear to work well. Not bad for half an hour with a sponge and a hose.

      In use then, I've found that Zymol lives up to its reputation. It's far superior to washing up liquid, and better than the other car shampoos I've used. I can recommend this to anyone who wants to keep their car's paint work in tip top condition.

      The bottle holds 500ml, which is enough for over six months of weekly car washings. Zymol costs £6.49 from Halfords; not bad for having a clean, shiny car for half a year.


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