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Uniroyal Rainsport 2 Car Tyres

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      25.11.2009 01:58
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      Don't think I'll try any other tyre.

      Uniroyal make various tyres for all types of vehicles. This review looks at the Uniroyal Rainsport 2 tyres.
      Rainsport 2 tyres have been recommended by various tyre sellers and Internet forums as one of the best midrange tyres for wet conditions. After having numerous near misses with my previous tyres, mainly losing the back end whilst going around roundabouts, I decided it was time to change tyres.
      I changed all four tyres at the same time. My tyres are 205 16 50 in size, however the rainsport 2 tyres are provided in the following ranges;
      Rim diameter: 14" - 19"
      Section width: 195 - 275
      Profile: 30 - 50
      Speed rating: V (149 mph) - Y (186 mph)
      Mine cost me £80 each, including fitting / balancing, though I have seen them from as little as £65 (unfitted) to £98 fitted. I have had the tyres on for approximately 8 weeks now and am glad to say there has been plenty of rain to test them during this time.
      My opinion?
      The best tyres I have ever had. In dry conditions, your car feels like it is stuck to the road with superglue. During the recent very wet weather I pushed the car hard (for testing purposes only) and not once did I feel the car would leave the road. The grip when pulling away from junctions is great. At no point have I managed to wheel spin the front wheels, or should I say make the traction control kick in. Not that I normally pull away like Starsky and Hutch, but for testing purposes I have on several occasions in dry and wet weather conditions. My previous tyres were bad for spinning in the wet, even under a very light pulling speed from junctions.
      The tyres also seem to generate less road noise than my previous tyres. When travelling on motorways the car seems quieter now.
      I now also have confidence when taking tight corners, again, I am not one for speeding round corners, but the slightest tight corner on my last set of tyres would on occasions have the backend stepping out on me. Now the tyres feel like they are glued to the road surface.
      The grip is attributed to two key technology features of the tyre. Firstly the tyres have a v shaped tread which Uniroyal say efficiently displaces water and secondly the tread blocks have a three dimensional design which further aids water dispersal. Not sure if any of this is true, but boy something certainly keeps you adhered to the road.
      Overall, I don't think I'd buy any other tyre at the moment. Although as mentioned I have only had these tyres for approximately 8 weeks, doing approximately 2000 miles in that time, I guess I'll have a better opinion in several months time. But for now, these tyres feel like the best thing since sliced bread. I have every confidence in the tyres and feel safer since having them put on the car.


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