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Sterckeman in general

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2001 02:45
      Very helpful



      We have had a caravan for twenty eight years now and at first we owned a second hand Eurocamper at nine feet six inch long, in fact over eight years we had three. Then one day while browsing the local dealers, as you do, we were approached by a salesman who asked if we were considering a change. We weren't realy but you know how it is. Soon we were looking at used caravans. Did you consider a new one at all, he asked, because they were finishing with the Sterckeman franchise and were wanting to move the last two vans. If we were interested we could have them at the price they took them in (new). One was a 12 foot six inch Sterckeman Escale 370 and when we saw it we looked no further. A four berth with a bunk bed that could be positioned anywhere, over the single, the double or just free standing. Self contained in that the electrics, water and everything was inside the van. Clothes cupboard, loo room, double gas burner and plenty of storage. The big, big advantage was the weight of the whole unit. Only nine hundredweight, that is 112 lbs under half a ton and extremely light. I was told that it was designed to be towed by the Renault five and yes! I do believe it. That was twenty years ago and the van is still in use today and looks as good as ever. I towed it for nine years with a Metro and never had a seconds problem with either. The caravan never snaked or became difficult whatever the gradient. At all times it was warm and well insulated (sandwich construction) and so comfortable. You should see the looks of amazement I get at caravan sites when I unhitch the van, I just pick up the A frame and move the unit around like it weighs nothing at all. For me the Sterckeman is and has been superb. I did think it was a French caravan but after all these years I have just found out it might be German Whoever makes them Well done Oh! the price was the price as bought in by t
      he dealers, I would tell you but just believe me it was a bargain. OK huddro, here is an update It sleeps 4 people, I did say it was a four berth. Technical data? what more do you want? I have told you the weight, internal details, the advantage of it being so light, the construction as sandwich I don't know what more you want. If you let me know I will oblige. What does it look like? well er! a caravan, what more can I say, caravans are difficult to describe I think because the difference between them is slight.


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