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Disney Pixar Toy Story Giant Card Game

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Brand: Ravensburger

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2013 09:11
      Very helpful



      Great little first set of cards for your little one

      Last Christmas I decided to get my daughter a few little games and puzzles, something we could both play on those cold winters days. I felt she was ready for the best two games from my childhood; snap and pairs, but how could I get one that she could relate to? I had initially looked for a Peppa Pig version of this set, but I found these hard to come by. I had been trying to get my daughter into watching 'Toy Story' lately and she loved it, so I searched online and found this product, a nice little stocking filler.

      ==The Product==

      This product is based on the final installment in the 'Toy Story' series; 'Toy Story 3' and contains 32 cards with four of each card depicting Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Lotso, Hamm, The Aliens, Slinky & Rex on a single card, and characters from Sunnyside Day Care on a single card. The cards are quite large 12 x 8cm and have nice rounded edges, so no paper cuts for your child and it also makes them easy to handle. The age recommendation for these cards is 3+, and I think age three is a perfect age to teach your children some wonderful card games. I also think these are great games for teaching your child the two times table without them realising they are doing maths.


      Included in this pack is a leaflet containing instructions to four different games that you can play with these cards

      ==Woody's Round Up==

      All the cards are dealt out and the dealer places any four identical cards they have, face down on the table. The dealer then asks any player if they have a particular card they need to build a set of four, if the player has the requested card it must be handed over and the dealer places any identical sets of four on the table in front of him. If the player does not have that card, play passes onto the next person. The game continues until the person with the most sets of four identical cards wins. You can play this with two people, but it seems pretty pointless, so you are probably better playing this with 3+ players to make an interesting and more challenging game.

      ==Buzz Off Buzz==

      The idea of this game is to collect matching pairs, if you manage to get Buzz, you lose. Remove three of the Buzz cards from the pack leaving one remaining and deal the rest of the cards out. Each player takes out any identical pairs, then offers the his/her cards (face down) to the next player. If he has managed to make a pair with the card he/she has taken, it is placed face down on the table, the game continues until a player has paired up all their cards. The loser is the person who hasn't managed to avoid Buzz throughout the game.

      ==Lotso's Snap==

      This is a take on the game 'Snap', each player is dealt cards face down until all the cards have been dealt. The first player places his/her card down face up on the table and this follows with everyone laying their first card facing up on top of the previous one. As soon as a person spots two of the same card, the person shouts "Lotso!" and wins the cards from the pile, this game continues until one person wins all the cards.

      ==Hamm's Pairs==

      The cards are shuffled and then laid face down on a surface, each player takes turns in turning over two cards, if both cards are the same, the player keeps those and has another turn, the game ends when all the pairs have been collected and the winner is the person with the most pairs. This is a great game to help with your child's (and your) memory, as they try to remember where certain cards are to make a pair.


      I purchased these from amazon.co.uk for £4.99 including postage, which is not a bad price for a stocking filler. For the purposes of writing this review I went back to amazon to check if they still sold them and they are currently unavailable. They are also unavailable on play.com. I did find a site that does still stock them; partydelights.co.uk and they retail on there for £3.99 + £1.50 delivery costs, which is only 50p more than the amazon price.


      I've had hours of fun with this since Christmas, and every time I win a hand at snap my daughter always shouts at me "You cheated!!" (don't know where she gets that from). I think this is great, as there are a few good memory games that you can play with this set, although my daughter and I have only really played 'Snap' and 'Pairs' seeing as it's only the two of us I do let Lily win occasionally, but i can be quite competitive and the way I see it is, how is she supposed to learn how to become good at it if I let her win all the time. Definitely a great purchase to while away those horrible rainy days when you can't take your child out to play.


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